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City Elections Approaching
The cities of Bowbells, Columbus and Lignite each have mayor positions open. The following shows who has filed for specific positions in each Burke County city and school.  More

Easter Bunny is coming to town.......
Timmy Bartuska Memorial Easter Egg Hunt this Saturday, April 19th in Mohall

The annual Timmy Bartuska Memorial Easter Egg Hunt will be held this coming Saturday, April 19th in the Donald M. Kolbo Auditorium at the MLS - Mohall School starting at 10:00 a.m. The event is open to all children from infant through grade 6. All children MUST be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or older.

Danielle Petersen and Tiffany Strand are again chairing this year’s event, and are still accepting any type of monetary or gift donations for the Easter Egg Hunt. If you would like to donate, or help with the event on Saturday, please call Danielle at 833-2797 or Tiffany at 240-4763. They hope that this year’s Memorial Easter Egg Hunt will be even bigger and better than last year’s.
(article continued on to Renville County Homepage)   More

DeMars ‘Rises to the Occasion’
By Ginny Heth
For nearly three decades, extraordinary Americans who exemplify the themes and ideals laid out in the State of the Union Address have been invited to join the First Lady in her viewing box. This year, one of those joining her was born and raised in Westhope!
isty DeMars lives in Oak Park, Illinois with her husband, Leighton Taylor and two young sons, ages 1 and 4. At the end of May, 2013 -- just a week after purchasing the home they intended to raise their family in -- Misty lost her job of eight years due to budget cuts. Misty, who had been steadily employed since high school and who put herself through college, wrote to her congressmen and representatives as well as the President upon the expiration of her emergency unemployment insurance, explaining: "We stand to lose everything we've worked for years to build in the matter of months." Misty is one of millions who is left with limited resources, difficult decisions and an uncertain future as she looks for work without the crucial economic lifeline of emergency unemployment insurance.
The first part of January, DeMars received a letter from the White House in which President Obama said ‘we hear you and we are working on it’. She thought that would be the end of it but then, just a few days before the State of the Union Address, she got word that she’d been invited to attend the event!
Accompanied to Washington D.C. by her husband for a whirlwind trip, the couple attended a reception at the white house before Misty headed to the capitol for the address (Leighton stayed behind at the whitehouse, viewing the address in the first family’s private theater with others from the reception.) At the address, Misty sat between Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the wife of Vice President Joe Biden. “The whole thing was an amazing experience,” said DeMars. “The atmosphere was one of sharing and wanting to make a difference.”
Michelle Obama's calming demeanor made the whole trip easier, DeMars said. "When I walked up to the first lady, she opened up her arms and gave me the most genuine hug, and instantly put me at ease," she said. The first lady asked about her children and her employment struggles.
As the president read excerpts from her letter during his speech Tuesday, it wasn't easy to keep calm in her front-row seat, DeMars said. “It’s a very personal thing to be unemployed.” Having always had a job, beginning as soon as she graduated from Westhope High School, she finds it hard to be unemployed but she sees others who have worked even more years -- some over 20 -- at her workplace, who also lost their jobs. Misty tearfully recounted a story about a man who was just three years from retirement when his job ended and he left with only half of the pension that he’d been counting on and working towards for his retirement. “The economy in our area is not good,” says Misty. “It’s insulting that during this election year, unemployment is being used as a political thing instead of a personal one. Congress is saying that unemployed people are lazy -- and I am not!” Misty is looking for work in her field and has had some response to her applications but six months is just not long enough to make those connections and get things wrapped up for employment especially in these times when our country is recovering from a terrible recession but we are not ‘recovered’.


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