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Bird Teaching Math
at Powers Lake
The new high school math teacher at Powers Lake, Jill Bird, was raised and educated in Marcus, IA. She graduated from Northwestern College in Orange City, IA.

Bird taught high school math for three years in North Sioux City, SD.
Her parents farm near Marcus, IA. Her younger sister, Sarah is in college studying to become a Physician’s Assistant.

“My fiance, Brandon Bertagnolli is working as an engineer for KLJ in Williston,” said Bird. “I am very excited to be able to work and live closer to him and to join the community of Powers Lake.”

(back) Aaron Haggin, Trevor Wilson, Marcie Durick, [Jill Eggelton, presenter] Holly Chrest, Anita Erickson; (front) Amber Podoll, Abby Brossart and Alison Howatt, attended the Jill Eggleton Institute July 13-16 in Bismarck.

Jill Eggleton, a New Zealand author and educator, presented a four day literacy institute focusing on the strands of Written Language (reading and writing), Oral Language (speaking and listening), and Visual Language (viewing and presenting).

This institute follows the framework of the North Dakota State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy. Participants gained practical, hands on experience examining and working through strategies that encourage critical thinking, exploring language, and processing information.

Outdoor Tales


They say, get the job you love and you will never work a day in your life. Well I guess that is almost true.

Get a job you love and you will at least enjoy going to work and doing a good job is more how I view it.

I am winding down my first season as a full time fishing guide. I must admit I really like my job.
I never thought of it as a best job ever but each season has a question of the year that everyone asks or statement many people make. This year had both.

“Has anyone ever fell overboard?” The statement is, “You have the best job ever.”

I guess I never really thought of being a fishing guide as the best job ever. I never really planned to be a fishing guide so I guess I never had that thought of it as such.

Upon thinking about it, there are so many worse jobs I can think of starting with television advertising salesman. I mean really, no kid grows up with dreams of selling advertising for the rest of his life.

It is one of the cruel jokes that happens too many of us when we need a job after college.

So goes the list of things people never really grow up wanting to be. It is more, I guess, this is how I will make my living and some of the time we really do like our job.
So back to being a fishing guide.

I mostly knew what I was getting into because I had already guided part time for seven years. I just knew I needed to stay busy and stick to the plan.

When people say I have the best job ever my general answer is “Yes,” but there is a lot more to doing this than you actually see.
There is the morning prep and the evening tear down every day.

There is the constant struggle of finding and keeping enough bait on hand and my favorite, when you do get a day off after a busy stretch, you get to spend part of the day cleaning and fixing all the gear you broke so you are ready to go again.

Last, I don’t fish near as much for myself any more.
With all that, like anything else one gets very efficient at things with repetition.

It once took a half hour to set the boat up in the a.m. but now it takes about 12 minutes.
Bait collection, while stressful sometimes, is not that bad after finding all the good bait connections and knowing the tricks to finding bait in a pinch.

Those are the negatives, but the positives are far better.

I get to meet people from all over the country and take them fishing. They are on vacation and there to have fun and most people on vacation are happy.

By the time people get to me they are looking for big fish so when I can deliver that catfish of a lifetime the look on their faces during the fight and in the photo is so priceless.

It is fun to watch older men get a lifelong personal best, a little kid land the first one and a lady who is just along for the ride catch the monster and scream at the top of her lungs while trying to hold the fish for the photo.

It is so rewarding to have long time guests who come back each and every year who I get to now call friends.

How can going to work get any better than that?
Knowing I helped people achieve the dream of a big fish and gain a memory for a lifetime is so gratifying, so yes, I do have the greatest job ever.

By the way nobody has ever fallen overboard and I would like to keep it that way.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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