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Carl and Ronda Zeltinger are the
recipients of 2014 Achievement Award

Pictured above, left to right, are: Carl, Jackson, and Ronda Zeltinger, 2014 Achievement Award winners.

The Renville County Soil Conservation District is proud to announce the recipient of the 2014 Achievement Award to Carl and Ronda Zeltinger.

Carl, Ronda, and son, Jackson, are producers in both Renville and Ward Counties. They raise cattle and goats, and Ronda is avid in horsemanship. Carl is also the General Manager of ND Operations Italgrani USA, stationed at Renville Elevator Co. in Tolley, ND. They are very active in many conservation activities including no-till, cover crops, nutrient and pest management, along with planting over 44,000’ of trees. The Zeltingers are excellent stewards of the land and strongly believe in enhancing our natural resources for future generations.

The Zeltingers were honored at the North Dakota Association of Soil Conservation Districts’ Banquet on Monday, November 24th at the Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck. They were awarded a plaque and a large aerial picture of their farm.

Attending the banquet in honor of the Zeltingers were Stan and Linda Savelkoul, Pat and Diane Murphy, Lena Bohm, Kathy and Jeff Aalund, Donna and Randy Bryans, and Dara and Duane Abernathey.

Congratulations to Carl, Ronda, and Jackson and thank you for your dedication to the land.

71st annual Seed Show and Ag Expo winners announced

Pictured above: Outstanding Commercial Exhibitor was Gooseneck Implement.

The 71st annual North Central Seed Show and Ag Expo was held at the MLS-Mohall School on Friday, December 5th. This annual event is sponsored by the Renville-Bottineau Ag Improvement Association (RBAIA) and the NDSU Extension Service, Renville County.

As always, area producers submit grain samples for seed exhibits, which are divided into three categories - hand-picked, bin-run, and to-be-certified seed. These samples are then judged and the winners in each category are announced. Winners at the 71st annual show were as follows:

Sweepstakes Seed Winner was Gates Farms. Accepting the award is Delwin Gates, on the right. Also pictured are LoAyne Voigt, Renville County Agent, left, and Brian Michels, RBAIA president, center.

HRSW: 1. Gates Farm, Mohall (Sy-Soren); 2. Parker Gates, Mohall (Sy-Ingmar); 3. Gates Farm, Mohall (Sy-Ingmar); and 4. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood (Elgin).

Barley: 1. Gates Farm, Mohall (Pinnacle).

HRSW: 1. Jacob Keith, Mohall (Barlow); 2. Brady Witteman, Mohall (Barlow); 3. Gates Farm, Mohall (Sy-Ingmar); 4. Gates Farm, Mohall (Sy-Soren); 5. Paul Glessing, Mohall (Jenna); 6. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood (Barlow).

Misc.: 1. Gates Farm, Mohall (York Flax); 2. Brady Witteman, Mohall (Syngenta Corn); 3. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood (Soybeans); 4. Gates Farms, Mohall (Winter Wheat); 5. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood (Bothume Flax); and 6. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood (Nusun Sunflowers).

Barley: 1. Gates Farm, Mohall (Pinnacle); 2. Brady Witteman, Mohall (Tradition); 3. Paul Glessing, Mohall (Pinnacle); and 4. Jacob Keith, Mohall (Tradition).

Canola: 1. Parker Gates, Mohall; 2. Paul Glessing, Mohall; 3. Lakefield Farms, Sherwood; and 4. Gates Farm, Mohall.

Pictured above are some of the seed samples that were judged for the 71st annual Seed Show and Ag Expo held in Mohall on Friday, December 5th.

Others winners at the show included:

Sweepstakes Seed Winner: Gates Farms, Mohall.
Overall Certified Seed Exhibitor: Gates Farm, Mohall.
Outstanding Commercial Exhibitor: Gooseneck Implement.
Scholarships: Madison Southam, Madeline Solemsaas, and Nicole Hanson, all of Sherwood.

2014 RBAIA Gold Sponsors: Farmers Union Oil of Mohall and Sherwood, Hefty Seed, Production Services Agronomy, Renville Elevator, CHS SunPrairie, Citizens State Bank at Mohall and State Bank and Trust of Kenmare, Mohall Chamber of Commerce, Mohall Fire Department, Dakota West Credit Union, Wilbur Ellis Company, and FMC.

Pioneer Award: Duane Stark of Tolley.

Guest speaker at the 71st annual show was Trent Loos. There were also several programs held for both the Ag Program and the Home and Energy Program.

The noon lunch was served by the Mohall Chamber of Commerce; with Farmers Union Oil of Mohall and Sherwood serving a Continental Breakfast in the morning.

Following the show, a supper was served at The Club and was provided by Citizens State Bank at Mohall and State Bank and Trust of Kenmare.

Trinity Community Clinic - Mohall
wins the business Charity Tree contest

Pictured Above: Trinity Community Clinic - Mohall had the winning tree and will receive $75.00 for the Mohall Food Pantry, which was their charity organization.

This year the Mohall Chamber of Commerce asked participating businesses to decorate their 3’ prelit Christmas tree to be judged by those who attended the Business Social held at the Millennium Building on Friday, November 28th. Participating businesses were also asked to choose a favorite organization or charity to donate the winnings too. First place would receive $75.00; 2nd place - $50; and 3rd place - $25.00 to be given to that charity or organization.

Trinity Community Clinic - Mohall won the competition and will receive $75.00 to be donated to the Mohall Food Pantry, which was their charity group. Second place went to the City of Mohall, and $50.00 will be donated to the Mohall Beautification Committee. There was a tie for third place between Dakota West Credit Union and Heisler Auto, so the $25.00 will be split between the Playground Equipment at the Fairgrounds (DWCU charity), and the Mohall Ambulance (Heisler’s charity).

Others participating and their charity are: Farmers Union Insurance - Happy Day; Citizens State Bank at Mohall - Randy Johnson Memorial Fund; Gooseneck - Mohall Pool; Gate City Bank - Mohall Fire Department; and Renville County Farmer - Mohall Community Foundation.

All the trees are on display at their respective business. Donation boxes are available by the trees for anyone who would like to make a donation to those charities during the holiday season.

Mohall's Deck the House Holiday Lights Contest
A reminder that the Mohall Chamber of Commerce will be judging the homes in Mohall that have been decorated for the Deck the House Holiday Lights Contest on Sunday evening, December 21st.

Mohall residents will have a chance to win Mohall Money prizes for their efforts. First place will receive $75.00; second place will be awarded $50.00 ; and third place will get $25.00.

Winners will be announced on Monday, December 22nd at half-time of the MLS boys’ basketball game against Divide County.

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