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Family Event in
Bowbells City Park on Sept. 9

Picnic Supper, Carnival & Blessing of Backpacks
By Jodi Benge

Mark your calendars for a fun filled event to take place on Wednesday, Sept. 9 at the Bowbells City Park.

The United Methodist Church will provide a picnic supper, loads of fun, and a blessing for students, faculty and staff of the Bowbells School.

For the past several years, the church has been active in providing an after school program for any child in and around the community. Instead of Sunday school on Sunday, they are engaged in Wednesday school on Wednesday.

The whole community is invited to come to the city park in Bowbells for a meal of hotdogs, chips and a beverage beginning at 6:00 p.m.

At 6:30, Pastor Gene will offer a blessing of the backpacks and the children who will be wearing them throughout the school year. Included in the blessing will be the faculty and staff of the Bowbells School system.

A mini carnival for the young at heart will follow the blessing. Fun booths will be set up such as duck pond, go fish game, can and bottle game, bean bag toss, clothespin drop and many more.

And of course, there are prizes to win for each game.

Big smiles will surely be seen on faces as the carnival players showcase their talents. The carnival will conclude at 7:30 p.m.

The group is hoping for a nice evening to be outdoors to enjoy each otherís company, but in case of bad weather, the show will go on at the United Methodist Church on Main Street in Bowbells.

There is no cost for this evening. People of all ages are welcome to come out and have a good time, share a few laughs with your neighbors and watch the children grow in fellowship.

For more information, contact Pastor Gene or Pastor Marilyn Moeller at 756-7272.

Outdoor Tales


I have told you about various tagged fish I have caught over the years and how cool it is to actually catch one. As 2015 goes on, I find myself getting more and more involved in what appears to be a ground breaking tag study on catfish.

Last year (2014) the big Cats Incredible Tournament in East Grand Forks had four fish brought in to the weigh-in that had been tagged in Manitoba on the Red River. We had been hearing of a tag study going on up there but until this tournament had not seen any tags in the Grand Forks area.

Fast forward to August of 2014. Braden and my buddy, Brad joined me for a morning of catfishing. We happened to land two of these famous tagged catfish.

One had been tagged in Lockport, Manitoba and the other in Winnipeg. They swam 250 to 300 river miles upstream to get to Grand Forks.
The next day I had a client catch another tagged fish.

Over the winter I got in touch with a grad student from the University of Nebraska who was working on the project for an article I was writing. As it turns out the study is a team effort between the University of Nebraska and the Manitoba Fisheries Ministry. The goals of research are truly incredible as to what we will learn.

Fast forward to the spring of 2015 and all of a sudden the tags began to show up again. I started to catch tagged fish with some regularity. It is to the point now where I donít even call the 800 number but rather email the info directly to the university.

I was able to provide enough tags and information that I was contacted by the student advisor in charge of the project from Nebraska. He was thanking me for helping and asked if I could collect some heads from harvested fish for further study to learn where the fish had been in their lives.

Apparently they can find markers from different waters to tell approximately where a fish has been. So far I have been able to collect nine heads for study.

That email led to further talk about the study and a few weeks back while on the annual trip to Lockport I was able to meet up with the advisor to see how tagging was done. He collected the information he needed and put the tag on the fish. Pretty simple procedure actually.

Soon after seeing it done we caught another fish and he let me tag it. I was able to be in the tagging boat for about three hours while fishing and have personally tagged 14 catfish for the study.

So here I sit not only excited to learn more about catfish from this study but am all of a sudden a part of the study. To date I have boated 13 tagged catfish with all but two being tagged in Canada. I have been able to tag 14 cats myself and help with the head collection for further study. I only hope now I can catch one of the fish I actually tagged.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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