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Powers Lake FFA Teaches
“Food for America”
to Students

During second semester the Powers Lake Ag III implemented a new and exciting curriculum into their classroom: “Food for America.”
Food for America is an agricultural education program for elementary students.

Twice a week six high school students visited the first, fourth, and fifth grade classrooms to teach a lesson on agriculture.

“I enjoyed knowing that the younger generation will grow up being educated about agriculture,” stated sophomore, Sadie Maruskie.

The lessons ranged from interactive games and worksheets, to hands on projects and cooking.

Children learned where their food comes from and planted seeds to watch crops grow.

They participated in making butter, pizza and peanut butter.
Students practiced washing their hands and discussed recycling.

They even got to make their own compost bin!

Keri Hove, the Vo Ag teacher in charge of this project, explained, “Now that the elementary is in the same building as the high school, this is a great project to have the high school students practicing their leadership skills and educating the younger kids.”

The FFA Motto is “Doing to Learn, Learning to Do, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.” A project like this reflects the first and last lines of this motto.

Doing to Learn: Not only are the elementry students learning about agriculture, but the high schoolers are learning valuable life skills such as learning to teach others and public speaking.

Living to Serve: “In a way, we are serving the elementary students. We are using our time to equip them with a foundation for knowledge that they will build upon for the rest of their lives,” commented junior, Grace Hove, Powers Lake FFA President.

Micah Nelson is Burke Central’s March Student of the Month.
The freshman is involved in football, track, honor roll, speech, band, and choir.

Kyra Waide, left, and Danae Sauve, running for Kenmare-Bowbells, push it in the 100-meter run during a junior high track meet in Tioga Thursday. Suave finished the run in :16.07 seconds and Waide was two spots back at :16.60. Kayla Barral, not pictured, finished between them in :16.30.

Outdoor Tales


In early March we were thinking we were going to be off to the races with an early spring.

Everything was looking that way, to the point where we brought the boat home a month early only to sit in the driveway.

It is like a cruel joke, coming out of the winter that wasn’t, to the promise of a long wonderful spring, which was squashed by big relentless wind. I am not sure I have seen that many days of big winds in a row but it is what it is.

So here we wait for things to warm up so we can get outside and get to work.

In the catfish world we are waiting for the water to warm up just a few degrees. Besides the temps holding up the fish, it is hard to bring one’s self to go out with a big upcurrent wind blasting down at you.

So here we sit. I can’t remember a season when I was so ready and caught up, with everything in place, and ready to rock and roll when the time comes.

Other than washing and cleaning the boat out before the first trip, I am ready to get started in the ninth year of guiding.

Backyard Animals

A few years back I wrote about feeding the ducks in our backyard and how much fun it was to watch the animals. Over the years the cattails have taken off and blocked the view and path to the coulee. Last fall I put on the mud boots and took all the cattails out, clearing the path again.

This spring Braden has been the official “duck feeder.” He has two buckets on the deck, one with whole corn and one with cracked corn. He alternates what they get each day. Like clockwork the ducks started coming, even more than they have in years past.

So far we have 20 wood ducks, four mallards, three Canadian Geese, two squirrels, a rabbit, cardinal and a bunch of other various small birds. It is quite a herd back there trying to get a bit of corn. I can’t wait to see the numbers when the baby ducklings come out.

Now the big words we hear every morning and evening, “Mommy, a wood duck.” “Daddy, a goose.” And on and on and on.

The good news is he is having fun and learning about ducks and birds.

So as we wait for the heat to get here we will continue to feed birds, get yard projects done and just enjoy everything the best we can until summer sets in and it is shorts and Crocs for everyone.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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