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By Lyann Olson

The Bowbells kindergarten has a whole new look: a new teacher, Kirsten Welk; a new room; and honors of being the biggest class in Bowbells, reaching double digits.

Welk was very busy over the summer getting her classroom ready for the 2014-15. The board moved the kindergarten room from downstairs, to the main floor with the rest of the elementary classrooms.

Welk hails from Rugby, ND, growing up on the family farm. She graduated from the University of Mary with a double major in elementary and early childhood education.

Welk has a younger brother who is attending NDSU and is engaged to Kyle Hass of Bowbells.

Prior to working in Bowbells, Welk taught kindergarten in Garrison for 2½ years.

Now she is kept on her toes with her 11 kindergartners at Bowbells School.

“I am excited to be a part of the community,” stated Welk. “Everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”

Flamingos are flying south
Kinzi Grubb and Kylie Gunderson say goodbye to the flamingos.

As the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colors, the flamingos are taking the hint and flying south out of Powers Lake.
The junior class appreciates your support during this flamingo flocking season. Be on the lookout for them later on as flamingos some times will reappear.

Submitted by Daniel Bolen, Powers Lake High School Junior Class President.

Outdoor Tales


I can’t end the summer without a Braden story can I?

This summer has been a whirl wind of life. In fact, just this week I finally cleaned out the trunk I took my supplies to Canada in. That trip was in early July.

So this summer started out slow and when it hit things were busy.
Braden only got to go fishing a couple times before July due to weather and a busy schedule.

On the fourth of July, my buddy, Big John invited us to join him in Devils Lake for a few hours. With the “Cars” rod in hand and lifejacket on Braden was there to catch fish. That kid toughed out nearly five hours of wind and cool temps to catch a few fish for dinner.

He has not been catfishing much but the last time we went out for just a couple hours he and I tag teamed what ended up being a tagged catfish from Manitoba.

That is another story all by itself, but how cool of a thing to share as catching a tagged catfish that swam to Grand Forks all the way from Winnipeg.

The big day, one he won’t let me forget and I won’t forget, was a couple weeks back in Devils Lake. We joined up with my buddy, Kenny for a few hours on the lake before we had to go home. Braden was into it this day and held the rod all of five minutes before he caught a fish. It was just a small walleye but a fish just the same.

A few minutes later he was into a small pike which he reeled up all by himself after an epic battle for a four-year-old.

After that fish the strategy became put the rod in the holder until a fish bends it over. Quite commonly known as “the do nothing technique.”

It turns out that on this day it was the preferred way to catch fish.

While doing other things like counting leeches or playing with worms, the rod would bend and I would say “come get your fish.” He would reel it in and want to keep it. This went on for many fish. I think he even caught more than I had at one point.

In the end he made his memory. He caught eight fish all by himself.
Usually it is just one as he gets bored and puts the rod down but on this day he stuck with it for eight fish. He even got the biggest walleye of the day.

He was so proud he posed for photos and wanted to eat his fish. We even had to call and tell Grandma about it.

I know eight fish is not very many but for a four-year-old I’m sure it is a ton. He still talks about it weeks later so I know a great memory was made and won’t soon be forgotten.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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