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Peterson Named
Student of the Month

Burke Central
Student of the Month
Lakin Peterson, a senior, is involved in basketball, volleyball, drama, student council, pep club, band, choir, and is on the honor roll.

Burke County Speech Team
Keeps on Improving

Surrey Speech Meet
On Saturday, Feb. 14, the Burke County speech team attended the Surrey speech meet. The team did well and won several individual awards.

Taryn Schmit, Bowbells sophomore, placed second in EPR and second in Dramatic.

Colton Gandrud, Bowbells senior, placed second in Radio. Colton and Taryn placed first in Serious Duo.

Aleyah Fettig, Burke Central sophomore, placed second in Poetry.

Melanie Dean, Burke Central sophomore, placed fourth in Entertain.

Harley Bowring, Bowbells freshman, placed sixth in Humorous.

Brynlee Ganskop, Bowbells seventh grader, placed eighth in Humorous.

Berthold Speech Meet
The following weekend on Feb. 21, the team competed at the Berthold speech meet.

Sabrina Kremer, Bowbells senior, placed third in poetry and third in Inform.

Taylor Peterson, Bowbells senior, placed fourth in Dramatic.

Heidi Knutson, Bowbells junior, placed sixth in Serious.
Lexi Mahlum, Bowbells sophomore, placed second in Persuade.

Nick Lanier, Burke Central eighth grader, placed seventh in Radio.

Micah Nelson, Burke Central eighth grader, received a top novice award in Entertain.

“As other activities are ending, we are adding numbers to our team,” said Coach Olivia Barry. “We are looking forward to our upcoming meet in Garrison on March 7.”

Outdoor Tales


It seems the appropriate time for the annual talk about the winter visit.

Well here I sit on a sunny yet cold morning, wondering if it is going to warm up or ever snow.

I am one who has always said I like winter. With that, last winter was way too long for this guy. It convinced me that we should all head south at least for a week during the brunt of it. This winter however has been very easy compared to last winter. Not digging out constantly and not -20 for weeks on end.

So here I am in mid-February wondering if we are going to get any moisture to get the farmers going and get any water in the River so I can get a good jump on the catfish in the spring.

This is not a new situation.

I have had thoughts over the years of “are we going to get any snow.” Or “will this snow ever stop so we don’t have to endure yet another major flood?”

Either way it plays out, there is just nothing I can do about it anyway so I will just have to roll with the punches.

Over the years I have pretty much dealt with it all at one time of another. From water so low the boat was banging bottom, to fishing in a flood. Hot water to really cool water, it is what it is.

So here we are in mid-winter wondering about the weather and how it will all pan out, just like most farmers. Because after all, there are a lot of similarities between farming and being a fishing guide.

More Pike

The pike fishing continues to be a hoot at Devils Lake. My pike master son, Braden is still the pike king and is now teaching the trade to other kids.

Two weeks ago my friend, Loren brought his son, Lucas up to Devils Lake to try the pike on tip ups approach.

While I knew that he was new to tip ups, I quickly learned he is new to the whole guy weekend thing too.

The biggest thing was he seemed bewildered by the food and the fact that Braden just sort of did whatever and was allowed to eat pretty much whatever.

We watched hockey on TV, ate pizza and popcorn before going to bed, way past bedtime. Nothing too out of the ordinary for us at the lake.

It got me thinking though that Braden has been going on fishing trips and guy weekends since he was two and is just sort of used to it. My buddies have all welcomed him to the group and it is just common place.

Back to the fishing. Like most little boys watching a big toothy pike come out of the hole seems a bit scary at first but Lucas got the hang of it quick and by day two of our trip he was the man with the hot hand, pulling pike up by himself and smiling for the camera.

Getting these boys out has been so rewarding, not just because it is the right thing to do but because it is just so much fun watching them learn and appreciate the outdoors.

Nice to see them having fun without sitting in front of the TV or video games.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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