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Honor graduates announced.....
MLS High School graduation to be held on Sunday, May 29th

MLS-Mohall musicians who received a star rating at the State B Music Festival on Saturday, May 7th at Minot State University were left to right: Kayla Mortensen - member of the Mixed Woodwind Trio; Tanner Lembke - voice solo, bass clarinet solo, and member of the Mixed Woodwind Trio; Fischer Ackerson - oboe solo and member of the Mixed Woodwind Trio; and Hannah Hagen - flute solo.

Other students from MLS who participated at the State Music Festival and received an excellent rating were: Madasun Frech - voice; Gianna Genareo - voice and percussion ensemble; Kayla Mortensen - voice; Elijah Ellingson - timpani solo and percussion ensemble; Stephen Ellingson - percussion ensemble; and Deacon Johnson - percussion ensemble.

The music instructors at MLS-Mohall are Beth Roeloffs and Barb Nelson-Schach.


The top four graduates in the class, graduating with highest honors, are: Mason Nehring, son of Pam and Mike Nehring of Mohall; Allison Voigt, daughter of LoAyne and Robby Voigt of Mohall; Leandra Bohm, daughter of Dariel and Jack Bohm of Mohall; and Morgan Raap, daughter of Jennifer Fisher and Shawn Raap, both of Mohall.


Other members of the senior class include: Taylor Aasen, Tanner Driscoll, Delaine Hanson, Trey Holsten, Adam Johnson, Matthew Lafferty, Jacob McIntyre, Jesse Mott, Cameron Powell, Madison Schmidt, Becca Schoenberg, Tyler Schrupp, Jacob Smith, Seth Southam, Abagayle Tohm, Dustin Tohm, Zach Urfer, and Alexander Weight.

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