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Powers Lake Students
Attend FFA Conference

Grace Hove, Powers Lake FFA Chapter President and Delaney Clark, Chapter Vice President attended the North Dakota FFA Chapter President’s Conference in Carrington, July 7-8.

The annual conference is sponsored by the ND FFA Foundation, ND FFA Alumni Association, and the Carrington FFA Alumni Affiliate.

Conference presenters included Amber Haugland, past Central Region Vice-President of the National FFA Organization and past ND State FFA President. Amber is currently living in northwest ND. Vince Pellegri, past California FFA Officer, was the co-presenter. Vince resides in Chico, CA and is an agricultural education major at Chico State University.

“Reaching Upward” was the conference theme for the newly elected Chapter Presidents/Vice Presidents.

The conference is aimed at training these chapter officers to grow in their leadership skills, and in turn train their fellow officers to have a successful FFA year through goal setting, servant leadership, and making community connections.

Topics discussed included: levels of leadership, team work, relationships, conflicts, leadership through service, idea exchange, effective meeting operations, and creating partnerships with community leaders.

Conference participants also learned from presentations from the ND FFA Foundation, ND FFA Alumni Association, and interacted with sponsors and local businesses.

The North Dakota FFA Association has approximately 4,700 members in seventy-nine programs across the state.

The mission of the National FFA Organization is: “FFA makes a positive difference in lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.”

Tyler Lucy (7th), Brady Ganskop (1st) and Brandyn Ganskop (2nd) were winners at the enduro race in Wishek.

Outdoor Tales


In today’s world it seems like everything is just go, go, go. We work, we play, and we try to get the most out of life. Even when we have down time we are still going because most of us now have a smartphone and/or a computer nearby and the world is going on with this up to the second communication. Whether we want to admit it or not, it does creep up on us and wear us down.

A couple weekends ago some friends were planning to stay at my cabin when they were fishing Devils Lake. Myself, Braden and my buddy, Brad joined them for the weekend but we had no real plans. It sounded like there weren’t many fish being caught and we knew big winds were out there.

Friday the guys got pretty beat up by wind and not catching a lot of fish so we decided to sit back and relax at the cabin on Saturday. They got up early and went back to the lake while we slept in. We got up made coffee and a nice breakfast. We then made our way to the backyard where we got the campfire from the night before stoked back up.

We set up a few chairs and a hammock so everyone would be comfortable and proceeded to sit back and enjoy the fire for oh, 25 hours.

Well we did sleep again in there but we literally sat by the fire and did nothing all day. (Except getting scrap wood from the tree grove to feed the fire.)

Sunday when we put the fire out and were putting chairs and such away we started to talk about how much skill it takes to master the art of doing nothing. It really was tough to stay put. I had some projects I wanted to get done but nothing that could not wait. Of course I had some calls that needed to be returned but they had to wait too.

It was almost hard to sit back and unwind for a while but it came down to just a good relaxing day. We all need days like this sometimes. I really need some as now I am in week one of a five month season of guiding every day.

In hindsight, it was just simply amazing to sit by the fire and do nothing. It was amazing to visit my friends and play with my boy. It was amazing to just sit and enjoy a cold beverage and get some sun beating down on me.

I highly recommend you find a day this summer, shut off the phones and sit back. DO NOTHING and savor every second of it. It will be hard to do and may seem difficult but, oh so relaxing. We try to do this a couple times per year.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
Either way give it a shot and enjoy. It is truly and art to do absolutely nothing but, oh so fun.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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