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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

I would like to begin my column this week by extending my sincere sympathy to Lyndi Thom, as well as to Marv and Harriet Thom and extended family in the loss of Kevin Thom.

Lyndi and Kevin, or as we knew him ‘Fast Eddie’ were great friends of mine. Kevin graduated with my sister, Ramona, and Lyndi was just a grade ahead of me and we played softball together for years. To them, I was known as Vonnie, and we had some great times together. Kevin was a very caring person and always had a smile or a grin on his face, and also had a very big heart. He was one of those people that always thought of others before himself and would do just about anything to help someone out.

Fast Eddie was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was two years old, but you would have never known it, because he lived a very active life. He never let the disease get him down and he battled that disease longer than anyone has. Most people with this disease die at a young age, but not Fast Eddie, he defied the odds and fought that disease for almost 58 years. I would say that was a big accomplishment.

He will be missed and I’m glad that I could call him a friend. Thanks Eddie!

A special birthday wish this week to my niece, Misty (Erickson) Mahany of Minot, on the 24th. Love and best wishes to you. Also, happy birthday to former employee, Matt Strandberg, on the 28th. Enjoy your special day Matt!

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