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Rystedt places second
at state freethrow contest

By Amanda Bjergaard Corey
Camryn Rystedt, Powers Lake, is only nine years old, but that didn’t stop her from winning second in the State Knights of Columbus Free Throw Contest.

The daughter of Chris and Chandra Rystedt, Camryn placed first at Powers Lake School and went on to compete at districts in Williston and regionals in Minot, before receiving her award at State.

Camryn made 5/25 to win the school competition, 9/25 in the district competition, 9/25 in the regional competition, and 17/25 for second place in the state competition.

Camryn continues a tradition in her family, as her father won the state contest when he was 11 years old.

Hoiby selected for

Levi Hoiby of Powers Lake High School was recently presented the school’s highest agricultural honor, the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award, sponsored by Monsanto Company.

Hoiby, the son of Lyndon and Shelley, received the award for excellence in academics, leadership and agricultural work experience.

Hoiby’s significant experiences and accomplishments have included Chapter President for the past two years, Silver in Dairy Foods and Parli-Pro Career Development events; Beef Entrepreneur, Supervised Agricultural Experience. Hoiby also attended the National FFA Convention and Washington Leadership.

Keri Hove is Hoiby’s agricultural education instructor at Powers Lake High School.

This year the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award celebrates its 67th anniversary. Over these 67 years more than 168,000 high school seniors from across the country have received the award, which has become a symbol for excellence and the school’s highest agricultural honor.
As the winner of the 2014 award, Hoiby’s name will be recorded on a permanent plaque displayed at Powers Lake High School.

Monsanto, a long-time supporter of agricultural education, FFA, 4-H and other farm youth organizations and initiatives, sponsors the DEKALB Agricultural Accomplishment Award. Monsanto is a leading global provider of technology-based solutions and agricultural products that improve farm productivity and food quality.

Burke County Dominates Region 9 Speech Meet
Twelve students advance to State –
Aufforth named Coach of the Year
Burke County brought home the Region 9 Speech Championship trophy, and the numbers sum up the win: 27 speakers earned 230 team points by placing 38 entries and advancing 12 students and 17 events to the State Speech competition.

Taking second place was Ray with 81 points and third was Watford City with 75 points.
“It truly took a team effort to earn so many points.

Sometimes hard work pays off,” said Beth Aufforth, speech coach.
Burke County speakers captured first in eight of the 14 individual events.

Placing first and re-qualifying for State were Douglas Winzenburg in Serious, Taylor Mahlum in Entertain, Taylor Peterson and Taylor Mahlum in Serious Duo, Sabrina Kremer in Inform, and Lexi Mahlum in Poetry.

Also placing first and qualifying for the first time were Taylor Peterson in Storytelling, Lexi Mahlum in Persuade, and Taryn Schmit in Dramatic.
“Taylor is fun to watch as a storyteller,” said Coach Beth Aufforth. “She uses her voice and body to bring the story to life; she performs the story.”

Schmit’s dramatic selection is from the short play “Asylum” by Dennis Bush. The character, August, suffers from agoraphobia, the fear of open places.

“It is a very difficult piece,” said Aufforth, “and Taryn has put in a lot of extra practice time to develop the character.”

“Lexi’s persuade is about saying ‘No’ not just to things a person shouldn’t do, like illegal drugs, but also about saying ‘No’ to friends and family who pressure teens into their idea of what is best for someone,” said Aufforth.

In second place and requalifying for State were Douglas Winzenburg in Impromptu and Colton Gandrud in Radio. But second place finishers who qualified for the first time were Dylan Benge in Extemporaneous Speaking and Madison Deckert in Dramatic.

“Extemporaneous Speaking is a difficult event and Dylan is up to the challenge. He is so knowledgeable about current issues,” said Coach Aufforth. Judges complimented Benge on his clear and focused organization.

Madison Deckert’s Dramatic is a short piece called “I Can’t Stop Thinking Today,” by Annie Evans. She portrays a woman who is distracted from daily life because her thoughts keep returning to the death of a friend, hence the title–I can’t stop thinking today. Judges said that Deckert did a good job of developing character.

In addition several third place speakers also qualified for state due to ties or over nine entries in the particular category.
In third and qualifying for State were Keirra Hawkins in Serious, Heidi Knutson in Entertain, Taryn Schmit in Programmed Reading, and Harley Bowring in Dramatic.

Other third place finishers were Lexi Vandegraft in Poetry, Kaylee Knutson in Extemporaneous Speaking, Brandon Kremer in Persuade, Haley Beeter and Madison Deckert in Serious Duo.
In fourth place were Sabrina Kremer and Heidi Knutson in Humorous Duo (qualifying due to a tie), Austin Deckert in both Inform and Persuade, Anna Pace in both Programmed Reading and Serious, and Colton Gandrud in Impromptu.

Finishing in fifth were Zack Beard in Inform, Aleyah Fettig and Samantha Baumann in Serious Duo, Fettig in Poetry, Sara Nelson in Dramatic, and Haley Beeter in Radio.

Sixth place awards were given to Lexi Vandegraft in Programmed Reading, Robby Cooper in Radio, Aleta Gamble in Poetry, and Micah Nelson in Storytelling.
And in seventh place were Avery DeMint in Storytelling, Dani Koppelsloen in Serious, and Robby Cooper in Humorous.

“A team trophy can only be won by being strong in as many events as possible, and we placed two or more people in 12 of the 14 events, and in Humorous and Humorous Duo we only placed one entry in each. The willingness of these speakers to try a second event that they maybe wouldn’t have chosen on their own is the biggest reason why the team did so well at regionals,” explained Aufforth.

Mrs. Beth Aufforth was also honored by her peers with the Coach of the Year award.
The State Speech contest is in Mandan on April 26.

Outdoor Tales


Not long ago Braden turned four and with that birthday has come a plethora of great stories I could tell. I have been trying to keep a good balance of outdoor thoughts and ideas, along with more Braden chronicles, the past few months.

A couple weeks back he gave me a story that any dad would be proud of and a follow up to a story from last year all in the same day.

If you recall last year I shared a piece with you called “A Star is Born” that was about Braden joining my buddies and me on Devils Lake for our annual “Pike Party.” He held up all weekend in cooler than normal temperatures and deep snow. He was featured in the Grand Forks Herald about his time on the ice and there was a photo of him dipping out a hole with a toy truck in the foreground.
Fast forward one year, the weather was awesome, unlike last year, and the boy was ready to do some ice fishing.

The first day was a lot like last year in that he was excited to dip out the holes but didn’t grasp the concept of the catching fish part. He just played on the ice and ate snacks as we were catching fish.
It was day two that it all came together for him.

I started setting tip ups for the day and he came up to me and started picking the tip up out of the box and telling me that was going to be his rod.

I set the depth and he put it in the hole. He was so excited to help his dad.

Once the lines were set he was enjoying some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fruit snacks on the ATV. I asked him if he knew what to do if a fish bit. His response shot back quickly, “We all yell FLAAGG!”
When I asked him then what the response was “WE RUN!”

Ok, that is pretty funny when you hear it (I wish it was on video).

Just then a flag popped up and someone yelled “FLAG” followed by Braden yelling “FLAG,” jumping off the ATV and running to it. I caught that first fish that day and there were many more. He chased every flag that day.

It became very apparent to everyone that he got the concept of tip up fishing on day two and he had a blast.

At one point he had laid down for a nap on the trailer and someone yelled “FLAG.” He popped right up and chased that flag too.

It is so rewarding to see a kid grasp a new outdoor concept and have so much fun with it. He was so happy to be outside and being part of the group, eating fruit snacks and fishing.

I guess the saying is true, no kid ever remembers a day in front of the TV.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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