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EMS Corner

On Wednesday, January 14th, 2015 members of the Mohall Ambulance Service, representing Mohall, Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood, attended the pilot project for Continuous Quality Improvement. Also invited to attend were representatives from New Town, Belcourt, Rugby, Powers Lake, and Velva Ambulance Services, along with the State Medical Director for ND, Dr. Jeffrey Sather, who also serves as the medical director for each of these services. With him, representing ND State EMS Services were Ruth Hursman, State Trauma Systems Coordinator; Tom Nehring, Emergency Medical Services and Trauma (EMST) Director; Kelli Sears, EMST Training Coordinator; Lindsey Narloch, Research Analyst for EMST; and Ralph Renger with UND.

This project was formed to find solutions for EMS operations and to provide the highest patient care possible. This project is a commitment to identify what’s important, to measure what’s important, and to inform others about what you are doing with what’s important, to enable ambulance services to improve their performance. Some performance indicators we are looking at for the first part of the project are the chute times for the services, scene times, and when Patient Care Reports are completed. The committee plans on meeting every 2 to 3 months to compile data each service has compiled, then work on ways to improve on these quality improvement issues within each service. We would then tackle other performance indicators.

Attending for Mohall Ambulance Service was Diane Witteman; Shelley Iverson, Tolley Ambulance; Carl Blair, Lansford Ambulance; and Tiffany Klokstad, Sherwood Ambulance.

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