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NDSU Extension Family Nutrition Program
By Trisha Jessen

Freezer Meals Save
Time and Money

Do you feel like you are constantly running and don't have time to cook? Create tasty freezer meals to save time and money and take the guesswork out of meal time. In the comfort of your own home, you can make freezer meals at your convenience. How do you create these quick and tasty freezer meals?

1. Find recipes. Many of your favorite recipes can be used as a freezer meal. NDSU Extension Service and other Extension websites have great recipes. Also, check out social media and blogs.

2. Plan your menu and grocery list. Check what you have on hand and make your shopping list. Don't forget the freezer bags/containers and labeling supplies (marker, masking tape, etc.).

3. Organize your workspace. Combine similar tasks such as vegetable chopping, and divide the food according to the recipes. Label bags with recipe name, date prepared, and cooking instructions.

4. Prepare meals and assemble into bag/containers. Flatten and let the air out as much as possible to prevent freezer burn. Please note freezer meals are best when used within three months.

5. Cook as directed and ENJOY!

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