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NDSU Extension Family
Nutrition Program

By Trisha Jessen, NDSU Extension Educator

Try This Quiz about
Heart-healthy Eating

Whether at your doctor’s office or on the evening news, you’ve probably heard this phrase: “Eat a heart-healthy diet.” You likely will hear it even more often in February, American Heart Month.

But what makes up a heart-healthy diet, and what are ways you can change your diet to incorporate heart-healthy foods?

Choosing healthful fats is one component that contributes to having a healthier diet. You may think that eating fat would not be good for your heart. However, fat is an important nutrient. Eating certain kinds, in moderation, actually decreases your risk of heart disease by offering protective benefits. Test your knowledge of heart-healthy fat with this quiz:

1. Which of the following is considered a healthy fat?
a. Omega-3 fat
b. Monounsaturated fat
c. Trans fat
d. Saturated fat
e. a and b

2. Omega-3 fats are beneficial for which of the following?
a. Lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
b. Decreasing blood clot formation
c. Decreasing blood pressure and inflammation
d. All of the above

3. True or false: Walnuts, flaxseed, eggs, and fatty fish, such as salmon and tuna, are good sources of omega-3 fats.

4. Monounsaturated fat has which of the following effects on your body?
a. Increases your blood pressure
b. Builds muscle
c. Improves blood cholesterol levels
d. All of the above
e. None of the above

5. Which of the following is a good way to limit the saturated fat in your diet?
a. Eat lean or extra-lean ground beef
b. Eat fish instead of meats high in saturated fat
c. Choose baked or grilled foods instead of fried foods
d. Consume full-fat dairy products
e. a, b, and c

Try these ways to incorporate healthful fats into your diet:
· Eat fish at least two times per week instead of meats high in saturated fat.
· Add walnuts or other nuts to baked goods, cereal, yogurt, or salads.
· Use canola or olive oil instead of butter or margarine while baking or cooking.
· Add ground flaxseed to breakfast cereals, oatmeal, yogurt, salads, or baked goods.
· Add avocado slices to salads, sandwiches or dips, or eat them plain.
· Eat peanut butter on toast or cut-up fruits, such as bananas or apples.

Answers: 1.e, 2.d, 3.T, 4.c, 5.e

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