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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

Get ready! Get set! Ready or not, here it comes - School!

If you havenít gotten done what you wanted to during the summer, you better hurry up and accomplish it, as school is back in session soon. Glenburn starts next Wednesday, August 20th and MLS starts the following day, August 21st. That means summer is over and it is time to hit the books, practice for football and volleyball, and get back into a different routine.

Sometimes I miss those days, and other days Iím glad Iím done. I think the thing I miss the most is being able to go back to school to see your classmates and friends, and yes, the teachers. The one thing I donít miss is all the late hours I spent at night studying or trying to get the homework done.

Hard to believe that just 40 years ago I was starting first grade with my new friends and Mrs. Elaine Keith. I was so scared that day, but was ready to go back the next day. Now Iím thinking that I need to start planning that 40 year class reunion. Hopefully there are some classmates willing to help out!

A special birthday wish goes out this week to my niece, Brandi Johnson of Minot. She will celebrate her birthday on August 18th. Love and best wishes to you Brandi!

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