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Subscribe to the Burke County Tribune, by calling 701-377-2626 or e-mailing to tribune@nccray.netSaturday, April 30, 2016
City, County, School Elections Set

Some Races - Some Open Positions
The deadline has come and gone for residents to file for county, city and school positions.


Burke County has two positions to be elected, Commissioner District #1 which Allen Ryberg, incumbent has filed; and Commissioner District #3, with Andrew Jordon Dosch running.

The Primary Election is set for Tuesday, June 14, with the General Election on Tuesday, Nov. 8.


City elections will be held in conjunction with the North Dakota Primary Election on Tuesday, June 14. Mayor, city council and park board members are four year terms.

The City of Bowbells has two city council positions with Jared Mahlum and Barry Jager running; and two park board members with no candidates filing.

Columbus City has the mayor position up for election with Tim Nelson, Sandra Raines and Michael Reichert filing; as well as two city council positions with Calvin Cooley, JoAnn Lunstad and Amber Nygard filing; and two park board positions with Chris Kuklis, D. Roger Lautenschlager and D. Wes Peterson filing.

Mary Bjergaard has filed for the mayor position in the City of Flaxton. This is for an unexpired two year term. One council member is open with Tammy Halverson running.

The City of Lignite has two council positions open with Casey Lalum, Galen Kalmbach and Toni Bova filing.

Portal has two city council positions open and David Haugen is the only one who filed.

The City of Powers Lake has two council positions and Betty Ledene is the only one who has filed.

All of the cities have to vote on publishing of the minutes.


Burke Central and Powers Lake Schools will be holding their annual elections on Tuesday, June 7, with Bowbells School, the following Tuesday, June 14. School board positions are three year terms.

No one filed for the at-large school board member position at Burke Central School.

Powers Lake had three file for two positions: Jason McGehee, Brian Rosencrans and Jody Schroeder.

Two positions are open for Bowbells School Board with JR Aufforth filing for the rural position and Jill Wettstein filing for the at-large position.

Mahlum Places Fifth
at State Speech

Lexi Mahlum, junior at Bowbells High School, placed fifth in the category of Speech to Persuade at State Speech competition.

The state speech meet was held Saturday, April 23 at Mandan High School.
Mahlumís persuade speech was about being kind to others.

Farden Construction Awarded Burke Co. 8 Bid
The Burke County Commissioners met in regular session, Tuesday, April 19 with all commissioners present.


Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering went over his finding of the bids for the reconstruction of Burke County Road 8. Farden Construction was the low bidder in all cases. Surge monies were discussed. The commissioners do not want the construction costs to go over the amount left in their Surge funding ($3.5 million). A motion was made to give Farden Construction the bid for the base bid, alternate 3 (9Ē cement treatment) and some of alternate 1 (piping), with the discretion of the engineer and road foreman. A tentative preconstruction meeting was set for May 17 at 1:00 p.m.

Ken Tetrault, road foreman, found an asset management program at a cost of $2500/year which works on a smart phone, to cloud, to computer. This is a great advantage as one can enter photos/measurements on site. The commissioners okayed the program, as long as it can be taken out of his budget.

Tetrault met with Mike Glaspey about the water on Kingís Highway. They need to do some surveying and will dig the berm.

Tetrault attended the Bowbells City Council about putting up gates and barb wire fence at the culvert yard to keep people out from illegal dumping. The City Council agreed to the gating. Signs will be put up.

There is a culvert problem on Burke County 20; a three to four foot hole with a cavity under it. His crew put riprap in the hole. A culvert is likely needed between the two sloughs, one mile east of the intersection of Burke County 16A & 20. He has also flagged Burke County 13, south of Woburn, due to the recent rains.

The commissioners approved two miles of Burke County 13, south of Flaxton between 95th St. and 97th St., be reduced to a six ton per axel #80,000 gross load limit, effective immediately. The load limits will be enforced.

All the 9-1-1, weight limit and speed limit signs have arrived; waiting for spring load restrictions to go off.

Sent out 80 some letters on dust control, with only 15 returned. Costs will be significantly down, with 18,900 feet of dust control versus 44,600.

Tetrault, along with two employees, will be attending a motorgrader boot camp in Bismarck.

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler

Thank you and Iím sorry. I should have said this earlier Ė and repeated it many times over the years. To the neighbors on the left and right, kitty corner, in front and behind, and perhaps a few houses beyond that: youíve all been infinitely patient with my brood.

This morning while filling my coffee cup, I glanced out the window, which overlooks one neighborís yard, and noticed two errant tennis balls lingering in their grass. This elicited one of my deep, instinctive mom sighs. As far as I know my neighbors do not play tennis.
My boys do.

Today it was tennis balls, but on any given day any number of items could end up on the wrong side of the fence. Basketballs, soccer balls, golf balls and baseballs all have a tendency to roll outside the lines of our property limits Ė and are kindly tossed back or fetched by us in what is not always the most timely of manners.

Thankfully the balls have always landed in the grass and not gone through a window (so far). I consider myself lucky on that account. Not breaking a window is definitely worth a dose or two of parental gratitude.

As are empty and abandoned juice pouches and candy wrappers in the hedges (she said with her best jest). I guess I can rest assured my kids are staying hydrated. On the other hand, thank you, neighbors, for putting up with empty juice pouches and candy wrappers that you did not drink or eat.

I also apologize for my familyís habit of ignoring borders during raucous games of hide-n-seek and ghost in the graveyard. Oh, sure, my kids could play within the confines of our yard, but spreading the game throughout the neighborhood heightens the experience Ė for the kids, but probably not the neighbors.

Iím sorry if ever a lily or hosta or tomato plant has been trampled upon during a feisty round of kick the can, because Iím sure my offspring are as oblivious to the garden in your yard as they are to the one in mine.

One day I will have pristine flowerbeds, but right now I am thankful during the times they unplug and play outside, the old fashioned way. I find joy in their squawks and squeals, but I realize not everyone might react this way. Thank you for tolerating the squawks and squeals.

I also assume my neighbors consider it a bonus (said with as much sarcasm as I can muster) when after a night of boisterous play various items of apparel ¨Ė flip flops, jackets and the occasional T-shirt Ė are scattered and discarded in yards other than our own as a heated game required the speed that can only be attained with bare feet or a bare chest.

I send my deep regrets for that time (make that multiple times) some young member of my family picked apples from your tree (without asking permission to do so). I apologize and send my thanks for the apples. They made a great pie, which I did not regret.

While weíre on the subject of fruit, you know how the old saying goes: You can pick your neighbors apples, but you canít pick your neighbors. In that regard, they are like family. You may not pick them, or they you, but you are stuck with each other for the long haul Ė or at least until one of you moves. So far most of my neighbors havenít moved. I guess Iíll take that as a good sign.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright, author and member of the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Donít miss a slice; follow the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

(651) 264-1979 


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Dakota Prairie Creative Society is giving three, $100 scholarships to students attending International Music Camp (IMC) this summer. These scholarships are available for all camp sessions.

Please email Jane Kalmbach, for more information. Scholarships requests due by May 10.


Save the date: Harvest Hoedown will be celebrated in Bowbells on Saturday, Aug. 6.
Mark your calendars because you donít want to miss this event. More details to come!

If you are interested in being a part of the W.H.O. (Women Helping Others), the meetings are the first Wednesday of the month in the back room of the Dacotah Bank in Bowbells and join the WHO group on Facebook.


Four accounts have been set up to help Jim and Dinah Footh: Helping Hands Account at Liberty State Bank, PO Box 228; Bethel Baptist Church, PO Box 377; Country Store, PO Box 1628; and Food Barn, PO Box 334, all Powers Lake, ND 58773.


The 2016 Rancher Renegade 5K Run is set for Saturday, June 4 at Lake Park in Powers Lake. Cost is $35 through April 15; $45 through May 15; and $60 after May 15. Family discount is $120 for 3 to 6 people. Register at (search: Rancher Renegade Run).

Obstacles include mud, water, balance, strength, accuracy and endurance. Check in at 7:30 a.m. Races will begin at 9:00 a.m. with multiple heats.

All proceeds will be going to Powers Lake athletic department and fitness center.

Check out Rancher Renegade Run facebook page or email:

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