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Nine Speakers Qualify for State
The Burke County Speech Team comprised of students from Bowbells and Burke Central claimed the first place team trophy at the Region 9 Speech Tournament held in Bowbells, last Thursday, April 9. Nine Burke County speakers qualified for State Competition to be held in Mandan, Saturday, April 25.

Bowbells hosted the Regional 9 Speech Meet on Thursday April 9 with nine teams attending: Alexander, Kenmare, New Town, Ray, Stanley/Powers Lake, Tioga, Watford City and Burke County.

The day was a success for the Burke County speakers. The Burke County team placed first in Regionals with 156 points and second place was awarded to Watford City with 145 points.

Burke County has nine individuals who will be participating at the State Meet on Saturday, April 25 in Mandan (Taylor Peterson, Sabrina Kremer, Colton Gandrud, Heidi Knutson, Lexi Mahlum, Taryn Schmit, Robert Cooper, Dani Koppelsloen and Aleyah Fettig).

Regional Results: Sabrina Kremer, Bowbells senior, placed first in Poetry and Inform.

Taylor Peterson, Bowbells senior, placed first in Dramatic.

Taylor Peterson and Heidi Knutson, Bowbells junior, placed second in Humorous Duo.

Heidi Knutson also placed first in Entertain.

Colton Gandrud, Bowbells senior, and Taryn Schmit, Bowbells sophomore, placed 1st in Serious Duo. Colton also placed fourth in Radio.

Austin Deckert, Bowbells senior, placed third in Inform.

Austin Deckert and Madison Deckert, Bowbells freshman, placed fifth in Humorous Duo.

Anna Pace, Bowbells junior, placed fourth in EPR.

Kyle Greig, Bowbells junior, placed seventh in Impromptu.

Alexus Mahlum, Bowbells sophomore, placed first in Persuade and second in Poetry.

Aleyah Fettig, Burke Central sophomore, placed second in Persuade and fifth in Poetry.

Taryn Schmit, Bowbells sophomore, placed third in Dramatic.

Kaylee Knutson, Bowbells sophomore, placed third in Extempt.

Melanie Dean, Burke Central sophomore, placed fourth in Entertain.

Dani Koppelsloen and Robby Cooper, Burke Central freshmen, placed second in Serious Duo.

Madison Deckert, Bowbells freshman, placed fourth in Dramatic.

Matthew Hinds, Bowbells freshman, placed fifth in Radio.

Sara Nelson, Bowbells freshman, placed fifth in Dramatic.

Micah Nelson, Burke Central eighth grader, placed fifth in Entertain.

Ciera Wahus, Bowbells eighth grader, placed sixth in Storytelling.

Nicholas Lanier, Burke Central eighth grader, placed eighth in Radio.

Coach of the year went to Billy Leutzen and Paige Collette of Ray.

Aiyanna Quayle and Elise Carlson, Powers Lake, are heading to State Speech, placing 3rd in poetry and 4th in serious, respectively at regional competition last week.

Jody Olney has joined the Bismarck office of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc., as a financial advisor. His office is located at 505 E Main Ave Suite 100.

Olney will be part of Legacy Financial Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

As a financial advisor, Olney provides financial advice that is built on a solid understanding of client needs and expectations, and provided in one-on-one relationships with his clients.

For more information, please contact Jody Olney at 701.258.9735.

Third Quarter
Seniors: Haley Allen, Quinn Chrest, Avery DeMint, Lakin Peterson and Kesha Wagster.

Juniors: Brook Blom, Amy Casteel, Reese Heinrich, Kalvin LeBaron, Kassidy Marschner and Stormie Pettit.

Sophomores: Kodiee Christian, Melanie Dean, Aleyah Fettig, Jayson Knutson, Disa Koppelsloen and Maia Perez.

Freshmen: Joshua Baumann, Robert Cooper, Joshua Kihle, Dani Koppelsloen, Cole Nelson, Bradon Peterson and Mariah Smart.

8th Grade: Mia Blom, Alex Casteel, Tevin Dix, Aleta Gamble, Alexis Kreklau, Nicholas Lanier, Brandon McEvers, Kiah Nelson, Micah Nelson, Devanie Perez, Kali Smith and Dylan Yates.

7th Grade: Ethan Bakken, Morgan Heinrich, Kayleen Kihle, Brittney Kuklis and Raelee Myers.

Outdoor Tales


I turn 40 here in not so many weeks. Of course during these monumental birthdays some of us reflect back on how things went and where things are going. This seems to happen to me whether I want it to or not.

So looking back on the past few years, it turns out I wasted quite a few years in a dead end job but that has been rectified and now I am doing exactly what I want to do. Ok, so that part of it is headed in the right direction.

The next part of the look back is plain and simple. I have somehow gotten fat and out of shape.

Ok, I like food and exercise is hard.

So I have been going on a slow and steady run to take care of that problem.

I donít have any plans to lose a ton of weight quick, but rather just try to propel the trend the other direction.

This leads me to my point. Most people when they hit 40 or 50 go out and do something crazy like buy a sports car, a boat or motorcycle. Oh no, not me; I bought a kayak. So yes, I might be crazy.

This all started in 2011.

I was coming in from a guide trip and saw a guy in a kayak backed into the mud along the bank. I thought at first that he needed help but as I was idling up to check on him, he set the hook on a big catfish and was off to the races.

The fish pulled him around the river as he fought it, eventually landing the fish about 100 yards downstream from where he started.

I went home that night and started reading about fishing from a kayak and that is about it.

There were a couple times when I found kayaks on sale that the thought crossed my mind but I never acted on the thoughts. I even had a co-worker at one time who was big into kayaking and was going to teach me but didnít take advantage of the offer of lessons.

So four years later here I am, about to turn 40, wanting some exercise and a new adventure in fishing and am the proud owner of a kayak.

In the end, I didnít buy a cheap ďon saleĒ yak, I did the research and figured if I am going to go in, go all in.

I bought a fishing kayak with the hopes that it is the right one and will last a long time.

Now as soon as it warms up I will have to start at step one, learning how to get in and out of a kayak.

Should I get past that step (learn how to get around in one without drowning) hopefully by mid-summer will be experienced enough to install the depth finder and rod holders for the ultimate adventure which is to catch a big channel catfish from a kayak.

Up close and personal that adventure will be.

Hopefully, in the process I will get in shape a little and also expand my horizons in the outdoors.

I might just by crazy.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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