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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

If you are like me, and have been waiting for some really nice weather, I think this week is it! We finally had a super nice weekend, without a lot of wind. The temperature started warming up by the weekís end and on Friday it was pleasant and nice to be out watching softball -- even though it did get a bit chilly by the second game. But then came Saturday and Sunday, and it was spectacular out. Nice and warm and hardly any wind. Even though I spent a lot of time inside working, it was nice to just go outside without a jacket and it was even nicer to just open up the windows in the house and let some good old fresh air in.

Both Deb and I have been fighting some sinus infection. We both got it about three weeks ago. She went to the doctor first, and then I finally broke down last week and went. I think I waited too long before going to get some medication, as I just canít seem to shake this. As a matter of fact, I seem to be getting worse. Just started with some sinus infection and then went to headaches, earaches, and now a sore throat. Weather and Spring allergies might be aggravating it, but Iím hoping I get some relief soon as it is just wiping me out. I know Iím not alone though, as I hear others are suffering from it too.

Speaking of the nice weather -- this week might be a good time to get out and enjoy some of the Spring sports. There is lots of baseball, fastpitch softball, and even some track and golf going on. Teams will be wrapping up their seasons this month, so we wish them all good luck and hope the weather cooperates with them.

This Sunday is Motherís Day. I would like to extend a Happy Motherís Day wish to my mom, Reta, as well as all of you mothers out there. Thanks Mom for all that you do -- I love you!

Also my birthday wishes this week go out to my cousin Cindy Fritz in Sidney, MT and cousin, Chad Erickson of Delano, MN on the 10th. Love and best wishes to both of you!

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