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This event is promoted and arranged by Bowbells native, Steven Pfeifer. Pfeifer currently drives the #11 car in the modified class and was 2014 Champion of the IMCA Modified and Late Model classes in Estevan.

Another fun race is the Pee Wee Enduro. Any three to six-year-old child may bring their battery operated car, tractor, jeep or whatever and race. Please preregister for this event, Terri Morgel at 926-3871.
What a fun day of racing for all ages of fans!

The Burke County Fair Board will be giving free admission tickets to all the grade school children in Burke County. The admission will get them into either the Derby or Enduro (one free event).

The Burke County Fair Board is also holding a raffle to help with track expenses and equipment.

They are raffling off the following: CZ upland 22 ga over and under shotgun; Henry Silver Eagle 22 lever rifle; Ruger 357 Double Action Revolver; Ruger American 270 w/Red Field Scope; Hamak 16 drawer–2 piece tool box; 30” x15” Monezuma toolbox (donated by Mertes Implement); and a$250 North County Mercantile gift certificate.

The drawing for the raffle will be held on Sunday, Oct. 5 at the fairgrounds.

The Board will also have Burke County Race Track hoodies for sale.
“These were very popular at the fair but we ran out so we now have more in,” said Morgel.

Various food vendors will be available for your enjoyment as well as the Joint providing beer gardens.
Free camping spots are available if you want to come and make a whole weekend of fun.

For rules visit the coming events on

Any question may be directed to the Burke County Track promoter/official, Terri Morgel at 926-3871.Please contact Terri to preregister for any of the events.


How long have you lived in Burke County?

I was born in Burke County and have lived and worked here all my life.


Both my parents were homesteaders’ children. I have three sisters. My wife, Alice and I live on the Nelson homestead in addition to my mother, who spends time here or with my sister in Grand Forks.

Educational Background:

I attended Columbus School, grades 1-12.

Employment History:

After high school I went to work at Baukol-Noonan mine rather than going to a university, as I had my mother and younger sister to support. I’ve also always had the farm and cattle.

Why are you running for office?

I want to serve the community that has been so supportive of me all my life. To try give back as I’ve been given.
What experience have you had that qualifies you to become an office holder? Three plus decades on the township board and my time with the commission.

What group/organization are you a member of or affiliated with?

North Dakota Township Officers Association, ND Association of County Commissioners, Burke County Water Board, Weed Board, Social Service Board and the Job Development Association.

Any additional information you’d like to share with our readers:

I find the job rewarding through the people I interact with as situations arise with road complaints, water issues, and the many other problems we as a community must contend with. The commission for me is job one because I’ve asked for it and been given the opportunity to do it.



It’s possible that I’ve explored this topic in days gone by, I tend to block out painful experiences, but when they’re experienced again I find it therapeutic to write about them to rid myself of the demons.
You people are much more economical and understanding than a shrink.

Somehow I always seem to draw the short straw when that fateful day arrives that it becomes necessary to introduce our children to the wonderful world of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

My wife will fain rickets, the plague, scurvy or even dare use work as an excuse to get out of this parental purgatory.

I guess it makes up for the whole child birthing thing. I witnessed that messy ordeal, and although it appeared to create a bit of discomfort for my wife, it didn’t take nearly as long as a trip to the DMV.

I made no less than three pilgrimages to this village of the disgruntled with my daughter a couple of years ago and found myself venturing down the very same trail of tears with my son a few days ago so he could have a go at securing a learner’s permit.

My wife was kind enough to ease the pain a bit by rounding up the plethora of documentation required for this rite of passage in advance. You need less documentation to purchase an automatic weapon.

I’ve never bought an automatic weapon but I’m fairly certain the first question on the application is, “Will you be making a trip to the DMV sometime in the next 78 years,” and if you answer “yes” your application is promptly denied and you are placed on a “probable terror suspect” list.

When my son and I walked into the DMV I immediately recognized all the poor souls behind the counter who were busy explaining to people, “I’m sorry that’s not the right documentation. Those were the right documents when you arrived but we changed our policies while you were standing in line.”
My son looked at me and said, “Everyone working here looks so pale.”

Pale and unflinching while the red faced and angry rummaged through their pile of documents to try and find the elusive proof that they are who they claim to be.
Whoever they were when they came in, is not who they are now…and may never be again.

The only people smiling are the teenagers, either because they are getting a license or because their parents are being reduced to tears by some pale stranger in a wrinkled government issued polo shirt.
I suspect the latter.

I’m certain that the phrase, “misery loves company” was born in the DMV…and will probably die there as well.
To make a short story long, Jackson missed passing the exam by one point. One lousy point.

I suspect he did it on purpose as payback for me not buying him a pony when he was six. Teenagers are spiteful that way.

Maybe a pony is not such a bad idea.
I don’t think the DMV has any authority over the issuance of a pony riding license.
We’ve got a spare bedroom and our dog could use a buddy.

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