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By Trisha Jessen, NDSU Extension Educator

Nourish Your Brain
for Optimal Health
Did you know—cognitive decline can be delayed even later in life if you make simple lifestyle changes? Many studies done on brain health have indicated that improving your diet and exercising your brain can help cognitive activity.

Eating foods rich in antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E can help reduce the amount of oxidative damage caused by pollution, smoke, ultraviolet light, and inflammation. Focus on colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables to get these beneficial antioxidants!

Increasing physical activity has also been shown to help keep your brain sharp. Activity helps maintain good blood flow and dancing was found to be the number one physical activity to decrease the risk of dementia. Learning new dance moves combines moving and thinking. A great reason to put on those dancing shoes!

Also keep your brain sharp with games and learning. Try something new-- a musical instrument, jigsaw puzzle, or a card game with friends. Try to stay current with technology rather than fear change. These activities are all important to maintain a healthy brain.

Even though cognitive decline can begin as early as our twenties, not all cognitive functions decline this early. Cognitive skills refer to our ability to make rapid comparisons, remember unrelated information, and detect relationships. The good news is that vocabulary and general knowledge consistently increases until at least age 60, so we can gain knowledge even though the brain’s ability to make connections slows. We really do become wiser and can continue to learn new tricks!

Most importantly, it’s not too late to make a difference. Many studies on brain health have indicated that positive changes made to lifestyle even later in life can delay cognitive decline.

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