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The November high school student of the month at Bowbells Public School was Alexus Mahlum.

Mahlum demonstrates the responsibility character and is proactive.
Mrs. Kathryn Johnson stated, “Lexi is very conscientious about getting her assignments in and meeting deadlines. Her communication skills allow her to make good decisions and ask for assistance when needed. She plans and uses her time wisely.”

Mahlum says her main priority is getting her homework in and understanding the homework, so when she has real life responsibilities, she will be able to know how to ask questions and get things done by deadlines.
“In order to be respected, you need to be responsible,” Mahlum commented.

It is important to her that people see her as responsible and proactive. She commented that knowledge is power. She wants to learn as much as she can now, so she can continue deep learning in a great school later.
“If you apply yourself in school, you can get anywhere in life,” mentioned the sophomore.

Lexi’s parents, Jared Mahlum and Toni Jensen, are positive role models in her life.
“They both work extremely hard to achieve their goals. They also both show me that in order to be successful, you have to work to reach your goals. They won’t just happen on their own,” Mahlum pointed out.

Mahlum is involved in volleyball, basketball, student council, annual staff, pep club, speech and drama. When she has free time, Lexi enjoys traveling, hunting, and summer activities.

Bo Thingvold, son of Jon and Celeste Thingvold, was chosen as the November student of the month in the elementary.

He feels education is important so he can get a good job later in life.

Thingvold stated, “Finishing my homework, finishing my chores, and taking the punishment if I get in trouble are qualities of being responsible and proactive.”
His dad is a positive role model in his life who demonstrates responsibility and being proactive.

Mrs. Melby commented, “Bo is a great leader. He is dependable and responsible to finish tasks and projects to the best of his ability.”

The sixth grader is involved in basketball, baseball and band. He enjoys playing baseball and football, riding horse and riding four-wheeler.

Beeter Earns
Business Award

Nolan Beeter placed first in the Business Communication at Technology Day.
Eight students from Bowbells High School participated in events during the 17th annual Technology Day at Minot State University.

Twelve area schools participated in Tech Day.
Nolan Beeter, a senior, placed first in the Business Communication Event. He had to complete an objective test consisting of questions based on written and oral communication with the business world.

The students did an outstanding job on representing Bowbells School.

Titans Fail to Hold onto
Lead versus Berthold

The Burke County Titans jumped out to an impressive 17-2 lead against the Berthold Bombers, Friday evening, Dec. 5 in Bowbells.

The seniors sparked the team with Taylor Peterson drilling 2 treys, Haley Allen adding six points and Lakin Peterson converting a three-point play. Titans led 17-2 with under a minute left in the quarter. The Bombers scored two buckets in final twenty seconds, for a 17-6 Titan lead at quarter break.

Burke County struggled in the second. Berthold made a 12-2 run. Allen scored a layup off an inbounds play. With 55 seconds remaining in the half, Bethold pushed ahead by one. T. Peterson tied the score at 22 hitting one of two freethrows. Berthold hit two more freethrows and a three-pointer at the buzzer. The huge Titan lead at the end of the first quarter, was dissolved with BC down, 22-27 at halftime.

Junior, Heidi Knutson drove for two points. The Titans failed to score again until 2:28 as Allen made an offensive putback. The Titans converted 4 freethrows (Allen 2 and Haley Beeter 2) for the rest of the Titan scoring. BC fell behind 30-43 at third quarter break.

The Titans managed to get within 11, but lost the battle, 43-55.
Scoring for BC were Allen 14, L. Peterson 13, T. Peterson 9, Knutson 4, Beeter 2 and Taryn Schmit 1.


The Titan junior varsity struggled offensively, with quarter scores of 2-12, 8-25, 14-40, 17-52.
Aleta Gamble led the team in rebounds with 6, Haley Beeter and Lexi Mahlum 4.

Disa Koppelsloen and Mahlum each had 1 assist. Dani Koppelsloen tallied 3 steals and Mahlum 1.

Titan scorers were Taryn Schmit 4, Disa Koppelsloen 3, Mahlum, Beeter, Dani Koppelsloen, Kiah Nelson and Mariah Smart, all with 2.


BC 9 20 27 39
Sawyer 16 33 40 57

BC scoring: Lakin Peterson 19, Haley Allen 7, Heidi Knutson 4, Haley Beeter 4, Taylor Peterson 3 and Lexi Mahlum 2.

Outdoor Tales


It has been a few years since I did an outdoors gift giving piece for you. This comes up because over the past week I have been asked numerous times by friends and family what I want for Christmas and well, even I am having a tough time this year. It seems I have most of what I need and what I want might break a bank.

Here are a few ideas that are middle of the road in cost and can be super useful.

•Dexter Knives. I was recently turned onto Dexter and now own a bunch of them. From fillet knives to kitchen knives these are amazing. Made in the USA

•Kahtoola MICROspikes. These ice cleats are for more than just ice fishing. They fit well and grab better. I have been hearing about them for years and just tried mine last week. Well worth the money.

•Wool Socks. It looks like we are in for yet another long cold winter and keeping happy feet is very important.

•Tip-Ups for pike fishing. If you ice fish pike, you will appreciate some of the new designs. Frabill has bought back the old stick type tip up (very fun to use).

•Aqua Vu Micro II. A new small sized underwater camera. A great item to have for knowing where the fish are and learning to understand them better.

•We Don’t Flush the Grass. This is a shameless plug of my new book, buy them for everyone on your list.

Early Ice Fishing

Well first ice has arrived and it seems like I was one of the last to hit the ice this year even though I beat my earliest day on the ice by six days.

Last weekend myself, Braden and our buddy, Brad went to check out a new lake. We were expecting five to seven inches of ice and found a foot in the first place we stopped to fish.
The second day we found eight inches of perfect clean ice.

We were just searching for pike on this new lake. We caught a few and lost a few more.

The first time out is always an unorganized ordeal until you get everything where it is supposed to be and get the system together. Either way it was nice to catch a fish again.

Ice Skating

Living in Grand Forks you quickly realize that hockey is king. I love watching hockey but the idea of playing it has never really crossed my mind.

A few weeks back, I was informed that Braden was signed up for skating lessons for no other reason than we live in Grand Forks and a kid should know how to skate.

The jury is still out on this plan, but I find myself watching the boy learning to skate and he seems to be having fun. I also find myself being a skate owner so we can go down to the coulee behind the house and skate together. I have been out once and I did not die so that is a step in the right direction.

I’m sure there will be more on the skating saga coming as winter progresses.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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