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It happened to...
Kendra Enget of Stanley, ND, was recognized with the University of Mary Alumni Association’s Outstanding Senior Award for 2016 at the university’s annual President’s Recognition Breakfast Saturday, April 30 as part of the graduation ceremonies.

Enget is a social work major at the university and minors in both psychology and addiction counseling with a pre-law concentration. She is the daughter of Karen and Wade Enget.

Each year, the teaching faculty at the University of Mary nominates members of the graduating class for this prestigious award, based on their academic achievement, service to the university and to the community. The Alumni Council Board then selects the recipient from these nominees.

Enget has a 3.99 overall grade point average with a 4.0 in her social work courses. She is an active member of the prestigious Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy at Mary. Enget, elected by her peers to be the senior class social work liaison, has taken leadership in her volunteer work on campus, in Bismarck and hometown, to include: projects with South Central Juvenile Court at the Missouri Valley Family YMCA; counselor and counselor trainer at Camp Bentley, child care volunteer at the Abused Adult Resource center; worked in Bismarck for the campus-wide Day of Service;

Clothesline Project volunteer through the social work program and many more. Enget received the Liffrig Family School of Education and Behavioral Sciences Department of Social Work’s Outstanding Junior Award that recognizes students for academic achievement, leadership and community involvement, received the North Dakota Association of Counties 2016 Amy Svihovec Memorial Scholarship, named to the 2016 Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, earned the Sister Thomas Welder Scholarship and is accepted into the University of North Dakota School of Law.

“Kendra is a leader who leads by example,” stated Katie Krukenberg, associate professor of social work at the University of Mary. “She sets the bar high for her peers, and truly demonstrates leadership in the way that she conducts herself and elicits the partnership of others.”

She is the granddaughter of Ken and Arlene Peterson of Flaxton and June Enget of Powers Lake.

McKenzie Berg, a senior at Bowbells Public School, was chosen as the March Student of the Month.

McKenzie was chosen as the most improved student academically.

McKenzie stated that education is important “because it helps me go further in life and achieve my goals.”

McKenzie’s mom has been her role model who motivates her to do her best in education.

“My mom believes that I can always do my best,” commented McKenzie.
McKenzie is the daughter of Kate and Richard Ellsworth.

She is involved in pep club at school, and she enjoys playing video games and listening to music while not in school.

Katelyn Casper, granddaughter of Deb and Greg Kramer, was chosen as the March Student of the Month in the elementary.

Katelyn’s grandmother has pushed her to do her best in education. For this reason, she was chosen as the elementary most improved academic student.

Katelyn feels it is important to come to school because it is important to get a good education.

“I like that you can meet really great people and learn in really fun ways,” stated Katelyn when asked what she likes best about school.

When Katelyn is not in school, she enjoys playing with friends and doing chores.

Katelyn is in the sixth grade.

Panther Track Meet Results
On April 21, the Burke Central Panthers went to Tioga for the Northwest Conference Junior Varsity (grades 9 &10) and Junior High (grades 7 & 8).

Placing for the junior varsity were:

Jay Baumann, 2nd, 100 meters, 3rd in 200 meters, and 2nd, javelin;

Robby Cooper: 6th, 1600 meters;

Matt Yates: 4th, 3200 meters;

Bradon Peterson: 2nd, 110 hurdles and 3rd, 300 hurdles;

Josh Baumann: 1st, shotput and 3rd, discus.

The junior varsity boys finished 5th with 60 points.

Placing in the junior high was Matt Yates, 7th in 1600 meter run.

The Burke Central Panthers track team went to Tioga on April 22 for a track meet. Placing for the Panthers were:

Isaac Nelson: 7th, 800 meters;

Matt Yates: 2nd, 3200 meters;

Bradon Peterson: 3rd, 110 hurdes and 5th, 300 hurdles;

Josh Baumann: 2nd, shotput and 6th, discus;

Jay Baumann: 2nd, javelin.

The Panthers scored 39 points for 6th place.

Outdoor Tales


In early March we were thinking we were going to be off to the races with an early spring.

Everything was looking that way, to the point where we brought the boat home a month early only to sit in the driveway.

It is like a cruel joke, coming out of the winter that wasn’t, to the promise of a long wonderful spring, which was squashed by big relentless wind. I am not sure I have seen that many days of big winds in a row but it is what it is.

So here we wait for things to warm up so we can get outside and get to work.

In the catfish world we are waiting for the water to warm up just a few degrees. Besides the temps holding up the fish, it is hard to bring one’s self to go out with a big upcurrent wind blasting down at you.

So here we sit. I can’t remember a season when I was so ready and caught up, with everything in place, and ready to rock and roll when the time comes.

Other than washing and cleaning the boat out before the first trip, I am ready to get started in the ninth year of guiding.

Backyard Animals

A few years back I wrote about feeding the ducks in our backyard and how much fun it was to watch the animals. Over the years the cattails have taken off and blocked the view and path to the coulee. Last fall I put on the mud boots and took all the cattails out, clearing the path again.

This spring Braden has been the official “duck feeder.” He has two buckets on the deck, one with whole corn and one with cracked corn. He alternates what they get each day. Like clockwork the ducks started coming, even more than they have in years past.

So far we have 20 wood ducks, four mallards, three Canadian Geese, two squirrels, a rabbit, cardinal and a bunch of other various small birds. It is quite a herd back there trying to get a bit of corn. I can’t wait to see the numbers when the baby ducklings come out.

Now the big words we hear every morning and evening, “Mommy, a wood duck.” “Daddy, a goose.” And on and on and on.

The good news is he is having fun and learning about ducks and birds.

So as we wait for the heat to get here we will continue to feed birds, get yard projects done and just enjoy everything the best we can until summer sets in and it is shorts and Crocs for everyone.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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