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Peterson Awarded Honorable Mention
ND Academic All-State Team

The 2015 North Dakota Academic All-State Teams have been selected. The high school seniors are nominated by their school principal and compete for the honor on a statewide basis in both Class A and Class B divisions.

Student selection is based on overall grade point average, ACT or SAT test scores, extra curricular activiites, community involvement and leadership qualities.
Gold, Silver and Bronze Team members will be presented a certificate of merit by the ND Association of Secondary School Principals at the Class A and B Tournaments, March 13 & March 20.

Certificates of Merit were sent to the Honorable Mention Team members.

Lakin Peterson, senior at Burke Central School, was named to the Honorable Mention Team.

Titan Girls Fall
in Region 8 Opener

The Burke County Titans closed their season after the opening round of the Region 8 Tournament.

As the #4 seed out of District 16, the Titans faced the #1 seed from District 16, the Watford City Wolves, Monday evening, Feb. 23 in New Town.

The Titans kept pace with the Wolves in the first quarter with buckets by Lexi Mahlum Disa Koppelsloen, Heidi Knutson and a low post score and freethrow by Lakin Peterson. At the end of the first quarter, BC was behind 9-16.

Freethrows kept the Titans within striking distance in the second quarter. Haley Allen, Koppelsloen and Mahlum each converted 2 freethrows and L. Peterson added one. Only two field goals were made, Taylor Peterson converting a layup and L. Peterson banking in a shot for a 20-32 halftime score.

The Wolves opened the second half with a 11-0 run. Heidi Knutson hit a jumper for BC. The Titans managed 6 more points, for a 28-54 end of quarter score.

Titan scoring was mute in the fourth quarter, with only 3 points by L. Peterson. Burke County fell 31-79.

Titan scorers were L. Peterson 13, Mahlum 4, Koppelsloen 4, Allen 4, Knutson 4 and T. Peterson 2.

“Our girls came out and played a fairly well first half. We broke their press with ease at times, and at other times we struggled with it. Watford City is probably the most athletic team we faced all year. Our girls fought till the end and continued to play hard,” said Coach Haggin.
“This season was a successful one in my eyes,” continued Coach Haggin. “We definitely had our ups and downs, but the girls worked hard all season. We finished the year 11-12, and won 9 of our last 12 games. The girls really came together as a team and they were rewarded with a good end to the season.”

Haggin concluded, “I want to thank our seniors for all their hard work and dedication. They really set the bar high this year and were great leaders. They were constantly being positive with their teammates and were always the ones setting the tone for practice. Taylor, Lakin, and Haley will definitely be missed next year.”

Outdoor Tales


It’s that time again, time to go on the road for sport shows and speaking season. I know I have written about this before and the terrible weather that usually meets me along the way.
This year however is very different than the past. The past years has been to get the guiding company up and running, and get the name out there.

This year the show season is different. Different because the business is built and it is the job. Ok, it has always been a job but now it is the career.

The first was the Grand Forks Men’s Show so not a long commute compared to others. I decided to step back and show my wares to the locals this year. I have ignored the local markets in the past because I could not recoup the money spent because of the lack of catfish respect in Walleye World.

Over the past five years, thanks to social media and a love for big fish, huge catfish make the rounds and raise awareness. Just last week a photo of a 280 lb. Wels catfish from Italy started making the rounds. (I know as my inbox and news feeds are full with that photo.) It is fish like that, that raises awareness and shows people this might be fun.

I have been experiencing it with local people who have decided to try out the catfishing.

Let me tell you this show was awesome. I met many new people and a few old customers. It turns out that catfishing is on the radar now and it is a good time to be a guide for them with the new found interest.

My show special was a hit and hopefully some more calls yet to come. So far 2015 is off to a great start.

Next week, I make the first of two trips to Iowa and Nebraska. This trip is for the Scheels Catfish University. Catfish University is not new as I started it in 2010. What is new is that Scheels has brought it into their family because they see the potential of catfishing.

Like I stated earlier, this is now the job. This trip is truly a business trip to give presentations, promote products, and of course, hopefully book some trips and bring more people to the Red River and keep me in business.

Thinking back on the first few trips south, I was scared to death and was just happy at the shows that someone would talk to me. Now heading down is so entertaining because so many friendships have been built. It is a joy to make the road trip to see old friends and make new friends.

It is a joy to see spring on the way and get rolling into my job again. I am so excited to get ready for an amazing 2015. Now get some heat, end the ice fishing season and get back to work.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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