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Okay, Okay, I know that I keep repeating myself; we really need YOU to volunteer for your communitiesí ambulance service. Just think autumn is now upon us, which means winter is coming!!!!

What does winter mean to you? Cold weather, snow, lots of snow, colds and flu, slippery roads and sidewalks, and all other winter happenings that have us wishing we were anywhere but here? Yeah! Me too!

Just think about those times you are returning home from work, or a ballgame, or maybe you are out with friends and family having fun when BAM!!!, your vehicle hits an icy patch, and your car spins out of control and you hit the ditch, rolling your car or maybe you hit another car. You realize that you are hurt, and those with you are probably hurt, and the people in the other car are hurt. You call 911 only to be told it will be at least an hour before the ambulance can get there to help. The reason? There is no one available to answer the ambulance call in your community, because they are short-staffed, and no one is responding. Scary? Yes it is, but it is also a real possibility. As of right now we have five ambulances available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Sounds good, right? But Mohall Ambulance Service, with substations in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood is short-staffed.

The personnel that staff these ambulances are dedicated to being able to help their communities. They are all very well trained and give a lot of their time being on call in case there is a community member in need. And if you ask any one of these ambulance members, they like what they are doing for their communities. But letís face it, these members also have families and jobs and they are not always available to take the call.

If your child has an asthma attack and you are out of medicine, your first instinct is to call the ambulance to get your child help. Most times we are there as soon as possible, but there are times that we may not get there as quickly as possible. Maybe we have to rely on another ambulance to get to town (Mohall to Tolley). Maybe the staff in Tolley does not have enough people to respond and transport your child at that time. Scary? Hopefully this scenario will never happen in your community; but the reality is that it could.

All community members can be volunteers for their ambulance. There will be an EMR class available in Mohall in November for all who are interested. I know that if I had a family member in distress, I would want help coming! WE NEED YOU!!! Maybe you can help by driving, there is training available for that. We as an ambulance service are willing to do all we can to get more dedicated volunteers.

Please call Mohall Ambulance Service at (701) 756-6183 if you can help. You can also talk with any member of the ambulance service in Mohall, Tolley, Lansford or Sherwood.

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