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All District 16
Volleyball Players Named

District 16 has released the District 16 All District team this past week.

All District recognizes the efforts of the girls throughout the season. This year’s team members are Heidi Knutson of Burke County; Alli McCoy of Divide County; Kylee Nelson and Mckayla Neubauer of Kenmare; Kinzi Grubb, Kylie Gunderson and Sadie Maruskie of Powers Lake; Haden Slikker, Maari Dolan and Marissa Veach of Ray; and Savanah Meyer and Lacey Meiers of Stanley.

Burke County

Heidi Knutson, senior outside hitter, was an 88% server this year with 52 aces. She had 52 kills, 144 digs and successfully handled 180 of 205 serves received.

Divide County

Sophomore middle hitter, Alli McCoy had 173 kills, 5 assists, 90 digs and 83 blocks. She was a 74% server with 53 aces.

Powers Lake

Senior middle hitter, Kylie Gunderson has three years of varsity experience. She served 85% this year with 30 aces. She had 183 kills and 273 good attacks. Her kill percentage was 25% and attack percentage was 89%. She had 53 blocks and 31 digs.

Sophomore setter, Sadie Maruskie has three years of varsity experience. She served 99% this year with 49 aces. She had 76 kills and 249 good attacks. Her kill percentage was 12% and attack percentage was 91%. She had 645 assists, 1,138 good sets and 16 blocks.

Kinzi Grubb, senior libero, had a 94% serving percentage with 38 aces. She had 88 kills, 339 digs and a serve receive ratio of 2.075. This is Grubb’s third year on the All-District Team.


Senior middle hitter, Haden Slikker had 257 kills, 350 digs and 33 blocks. She was a 91% server with 68 aces.

Junior middle hitter, Marissa Veach had 299 kills, 304 digs and 41 blocks. She was a 97% server with 33 aces.

Junior outside hitter, Maari Dolan had 204 kills and 462 digs. She was a 91% server with 49 aces.


Senior middle hitter, Lacey Meiers had 174 kills, 19 assists, 490 digs, 38 solo blocks and 6 assisted blocks. She was a 92% server with 17 aces, and successfully handled 333 of 366 serves received.

Senior outside hitter, Savanah Meyer had 164 kills, 30 assists, 398 digs, 5 solo and 4 assisted blocks. She was a 94% server with 6 aces, and successfully handled 253 of 277 serves received.


Statistic lines for the Kenmare players were not available at press time.

The Clarence P. and Irene E. Olson Educational Scholarship Fund has awarded 16 scholarships to college students from North Central North Dakota.

In high school and college, these students have excelled in the qualities that make the good citizens.

Recipients for the 2015-16 academic year includes Kayla Peterson and Douglas Winzenburg, both of Bowbells.

Outdoor Tales


WOW has the weather been amazing this fall. Normally, I am going through my ice gear and the boat is just a past memory of the open water season, but not this year. This year has been just amazing weather to be outdoors.

By the title I am sure you are wondering what is going on now. Well a couple weeks ago was a winding road of outdoor emotion. There was no wrong answer and the outcome was nothing less than success.

The weather was amazing, in the mid to high 50s. Around Nov. 10 in North Dakota is just flat out amazing.

Braden and I had to return my walleye boat to the lake after getting some work done on it before putting it away for the winter.

The shop had already winterized the boat for me and I was planning to just put it in the garage for its long rest, have a nice fire and enjoy the weekend at the cabin.

This was until the weather was 58 degrees.
We got to the lake and built a fire. (The boy loves fires as you know.) We watched our fire for a bit and I was thinking we really should go fishing and take advantage of this. Instead, we cut and split piles of wood to get prepared for next year’s fires. We also cleaned the gutters to ensure the snow melt will get off the roof with no problems in the spring.

When the jobs were complete we sat back with a cold drink and I thought we really should go fishing.

Well, the boat is winterized, I don’t have gas in it, I don’t have bait and there is only three hours of daylight left. (This is the excuse part of the story.)
We ended up just playing in the yard and watching the fire for the rest of the day.

I felt bad all night for not going fishing in such nice weather while at the lake. I even dreamed about it and felt guilty for all the excuses I made to myself as to why we didn’t go fishing. We did have a lovely time in front of the fire too.

When I got up the next morning I knew it was supposed to be more of the same weather and when I walked into the living room I was greeted with, “Hi, Daddy, can we go fishing today? I want to eat fish.” Well then, YEP we are going fishing.

I packed up a cooler, rods and reels. I hooked up the boat and got everything ready to go to town for gas and bait. Of course, I had to get engine treatments and other things ready to re-winterize the boat when we were done at the end of the day.

Let me tell you, it was totally worth it.
A day in November with no wind and bright warm sun shining.

Best of all I was in the boat with the kid and he was excited to be there.
We proceeded to catch almost a limit of walleyes and a couple pike to make up a few meals and just enjoyed the day.

We took advantage of the wonderful weather that was presented to us and had some success.
All you can ask for in bonus fishing on a wonderful day in November.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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