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The Substance Abuse Lead for the N.D. Department of Human Services’ Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Pamela Sagness has been awarded the Patriot Award for her support of the National Guard and Reserve.

According to the Dept. of Defense Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve Office (ESGR), the award “reflects the efforts made to support citizen warriors through a wide-range of measures including flexible schedules, time off prior to and after deployment, caring for families, and granting leaves of absence if needed.”

“I feel honored to be recognized,” Pamela Sagness said. “Supporting our military service members, veterans, families, and survivors is important. It is great to work for an agency that supports its employees.”

Sagness was nominated by a colleague, Captain Patrick Joyce. Joyce is the Commander of the 132nd Quartermaster Company and also works full-time as a substance abuse prevention specialist for the department.

“Without hesitance, Pam is supportive of my role as a commanding officer and makes sure I am able to attend training and events to advance my Guard career,” Joyce said. “Additionally in our department, Pam supports our involvement with ND Cares, a coalition dedicated to creating an accessible, seamless system of support for veterans, service members, families, and survivors in North Dakota.”

The N.D. Department of Human Services signed a Department of Defense Statement of Support for the Guard and Reserve pledging to support employees who also serve their country in the National Guard and Reserve, and promoting personnel practices, which make that possible.

Outdoor Tales


Everyone at some point in their life has to make a life changing altering decision. Some of these include what college to attend (or drop out of), sometimes who to marry, or of course, whether to change careers.

Last time we visited I had a couple surprises but it was just too early to reveal them. Now however the time has come to let you in on the secret.

Last week, I turned in my notice to WDAZ Television to leave after nearly 16 years. The time had come to make a change.

I was very excited to turn in my resignation but apprehensive to leave behind my friends/co-workers. So with that a new beginning is in progress.
I’m sure you are asking, what are you going to do?

Well, number one I am taking a stab at the fishing game. The guiding business is spectacular this year and getting busier by the day. Just that in itself will be a full time job over the next couple months.

I am also in negotiations with two potentially huge sponsors. I am very lucky that over the past seven years the catfish business has grown as much as it has and is working out so well.

Once that slows down I have about four years of house projects that have been ignored and need attention before winter. Not the most glamorous thing I can think to do but needs to get done and out of the way so it can be ignored for another three or four years.

I also have two other business plans I want to pursue down the way.

One is an outdoor TV show and the other is an advertising and consulting firm specializing in small business and social media.

This firm is already set up legally and visiting with potential clients so that one will be in action by early 2015 I’m sure. (So if you need advertising services or social media management; call me.)

And now the other big one.

I am probably jumping the gun on this a bit but telling you all will be the fire I need to finish the project.

Over the past ten years I have been lucky enough to share my thoughts and feelings of fishing and the outdoors with you. You have been watching Braden grow up in the outdoors with me over the last four years.

I have gone through the ten years of columns from the Burke County Tribune and picked out my favorite ones and have started to re-edit them and add some commentary on thoughts of the time.

These stories are being compiled into a book which appears will be titled, “We Don’t Flush the Grass.”
It will be a look at growing up and thoughts from the outdoors from my perspective.

Some stories will be serious, some will be funny, and others will just be random thoughts.

The plan is to have it ready for release by November 1 so it is available for Christmas. I will let you all know for sure.

So with that you are all up to speed on the life and times of Brad. I will be out on the water, in the yard, or looking at a computer screen over the next couple months.

Hopefully there will be time to make a memory or two along the way.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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