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On Tuesday, July 1st, 2014 Mohall Ambulance invited the SIM ND training truck to come to Mohall. Parked at Tracy’s Market lot, the training aroused curiosity in town. This is the second time the truck has been here to help Mohall Ambulance Service with substations in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood substations’ personnel with their pre-hospital skills.

Under the leadership of ND STAR (the UND School of Medicine’s human patient center) SIM ND brings highly trained medical educators to all reaches of the state. The ND Department of Health provides oversight for SIM ND, which is an unique program to deliver standardized education to every pre-hospital and hospital emergency care team in the state. A collaboration with the state’s largest health systems provides the nurses, paramedics, EMTs, and EMRs the ability to deliver the emergency care education.

In a world of massive open online courses, Tweets, and other remote communications, the human touch is rarely there.

Learners will experience the low frequency-high mortality encounters, the critically ill and injured patients in a safe setting, allowing for repeated practice with feedback. Health care professionals who must keep their skills honed still need that face-to-face, hands-on contact with expert trainers focused on their needs. The tools for teaching are high fidelity computerized mannequins that talk, breathe, have heartbeats, and can react to medications and other actions of the learners. They can die, and be revived; over and over again. Their goal is to improve emergency care skills of our providers.

These trucks—one each in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks and Minot—are revolutionizing how health care training is presented at North Dakota’s rural health care facilities.

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