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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

Homecoming week is over at MLS, and what a nice week it was. Not only was it a fun filled week, but the weather was spectacular. We did have a couple days of cool, wet weather, but that was on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. By Thursday when the girls held their Homecoming Volleyball match, it was nice again. And as for the parade and football game, we couldn’t have asked for any nicer weather. Yes, it was a bit windy during the day, but all in all it was nice to be outside for the parade and it was nice to be sitting in the bleachers and watching the game without being chilled. Plus throw in the fact that both the girls and the boys won their Homecoming contests. Congratulations to all of them!

Also, congratulations to the MLS Homecoming King and Queen, Tanner Driscoll and Morgan Raap, as well as the other candidates.

It was a busy week, but I think everyone enjoyed it. Thanks to the MLS Student Council for a job well done on this year’s Homecoming activities.
Fall arrived on Wednesday, September 23rd. It was a cool fall day, along with wet and windy weather. Earlier we started seeing signs of fall with the leaves on the trees changing color, but the damp wet weather really helped to bring out those fall colors. Those beautiful colored leaves are now starting to make their way to the ground, which will mean raking and bagging them. To bad they can’t hang around on the trees a bit longer, it makes for one of those picture perfect scenes. If you want to see all the fall colors, make a trip down to the Refuge. It is gorgeous down there, especially when you start to drive down into the Refuge. Even a drive out into the country can be relaxing and breath taking.

Fall is here, so get out and enjoy it!
My birthday wishes this week go out to my cousin, Dustin Renders of Sidney, MT on the 2nd of October; to my great-niece, Daisy Reyes in Savage, MN on the 4th and to my nephew, Jon Schultz of Shakopee, MN on the 5th. Also a Happy Anniversary to my cousins, Rodger and Mary Erickson of Delano, MN on the 4th. Love and best wishes to all of you. Enjoy your special day!


By Tom Fobbe

MySmallTown is twice as nice
as any other town.
Smiles here are commonplace,
you’ll scarcely find a frown.

Three or four times better than
most any other place.
Here you’ll find a friendlier,
respectful, happy face.

MySmallTown has friendly folks
who smile when they say “hi”.
Here they wave a hearty “hey”
as they go driving by.

Greetings glad are frequent had
in this small town of mine.
That’s why we inhabitants
find living here divine.

© 2010 Renville County Farmer
  All Rights Reserved.