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Subscribe to the Burke County Tribune, by calling 701-377-2626 or e-mailing to tribune@nccray.netSaturday, February 13, 2016
Unofficial Results Show
Flaxton Councilmen

The unofficial votes from the City of Flaxton recall election are in. The votes will be canvassed on Monday, Feb. 8 and will become official at that time (too late for print).

City Auditor, Amy Ones released the following unofficial votes:

Casey Ragle: 17 (re-elected)

Gary Cron: 15 (re-elected)

David Rubbert: 11

Ronnie Nelson: 4

Harold Hatton: 3

Don Rudland: 2

Jeff Kalmbach: 1

Pat Negaard: 1

Stan Anderson: 1

Randy Nelson: 1

Thirty-one residents cast their ballots on Tuesday, Feb. 2.

A special recall election took place as some citizens were very displeased with the three city council members, Gary Cron, Tammy Halverson and Casey Ragle for a decision they made to move forward on a water depot project.

A petition to initiate a recall of council members, Cron and Ragle was submitted in September of last year and officially certified on October 22 by the Flaxton City Auditor, Amy Ones.

Council member Tammy Halverson was not included in the petition as her seat is up for re-election in 2016. North Dakota Century Code states that any council member up for re-election within six months cannot be considered for recall.

The petition cited the reason for the recall was the continued pursuit of a commercial water depot construction project.

County Fire Departments Receive Grants
from Farm Credit

Farm Credit organizations in western North Dakota announced more than $430,000 in grants to local communities through the Rural Community Grant Fund.

The grants provide much-needed resources for non-profits focused on improving the lives of area residents. With these funds, individuals with developmental disabilities at the ABLE group home in Dickinson will have a new elevator.

At-risk youth in Minot and Sentinel Butte will benefit from grants to Home on the Range and the Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch. The women’s shelter in Beulah will be able to care for more people in crisis situations. And firefighters Powers Lake, Bowbells and Portal will have access to the equipment they need to keep their communities safe.

“The communities in western North Dakota continue to be challenged as they deal with the ups and downs of oil exploration. I am proud of the support these communities have given us this year and I’m pleased to be able to give back with the intentions of helping them make a difference,” says Claude Sem, CEO, Farm Credit Services of North Dakota.

More Discussion
on County Road
Weight Limits

The Burke County Commissioners met Tuesday, Feb. 2 in regular session with Commissioners Debbie Kuryn and Allen Ryberg present. Commissioner David Sellie was absent.

The main topics of discussion were county road weight limits and a projected 4.05% reduction to all State General Fund Appropriations.


Ken Tetrault, road foreman, met with the board to go over road weight limits. The county needs to follow the state mandate of 105,500 lbs. He reported that Renville County has gone to all 105,500 and Mountrail, all but 35 miles will be at 105,500.

Chairman Kuryn reported that States Attorney, Amber Feisel looked over the information and she stated the county has to have more roads at 105,500 than 80,000.

The county has a number of roads that cannot withstand this weight load. Tetrault stated all of County Road 5, 10 & 17 need to stay at 80,000 lbs. Tetrault stated that the crew will be tarring and chipping Burke County 17 this spring, but “it is just a band-aid to prolong the blowouts.” Ryberg agreed that County 17 needs to stay at 80,000 lbs.

Kuryn asked if the foreman could “restrict part of the roads.” After going over a map of county roads, portions of 4, 7 and 13 will need to remain at 80,000 lbs.

An option Tetrault presented to the board was to reduce the speed limit for trucks to 35 mph.

Tetrault went over changes he made to the motor grader specifications for a March bid opening.
The newly purchased plow truck is still in Minot, waiting on the Nuss Truck and Equipment to pay the bill. Kuryn asked for an itemized bill from Dakota Fluid Power to give to the states attorney.

The road crew is tarring King’s Highway and should be done by the end of this week.

Tetrault will be working with Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering to finish mapping the grid system for Upper Great Plains.
He has been in contact with individuals about leasing three tractors.

Antonio Conti and Tim Arens of Ackerman Etvold, representatives of the full-service engineering and architectural consulting firm, distributed brochures to the commissioners. The company is working for area counties and some Burke County entities and as Conti stated, “We are here to give your county another option.”

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler

Last column I touched on a few etiquette blunders common to Facebook. As I wrote, the list of questionable situations continued to grow. There are multiple ways to faux pas on FB and as such last week’s column has morphed into a twofer.

There are certain rules – or perhaps better put, norms – Facey users follow. The first of them being: if you take a selfie, you post the selfie. Most people are excellent at remembering to take selfies. Unfortunately I am not most people. I am afflicted with selfie amnesia. I go to restaurants, sporting events and even family get-togethers and completely forget my selfie duties. When I get home and want to report on my adventures, I’m selfie-less and without a photo to accompany my prose. It’s a wonder anyone likes any of my posts.

We all have lots of friends on Facebook – more than in real life. All it takes to be a Facey friend is the click of a mouse. A real live friendship requires time and effort. I couldn’t possibly have 572 real live friends, but I manage that number on social media with ease. Here’s the conundrum: What happens when one of your FB friends (who isn’t a real friend) is at the grocery store on aisle four at the same time as you? Do you say hello, or do you pretend not to notice them even though you liked their family selfie at the sushi bar less than 24 hours earlier? I don’t pretend to possess the answers. I just ask the pertinent questions.

Similarly as charming (not to mention awkward), what do you do when you get a friend request from someone you know in real life but aren’t friends with, nor are you interested in becoming friends? Say the loud and obnoxious guy from work wants to be your FB friend. If you ignore or deny his request, he’ll corner you in the break room and create a confrontation you’d rather avoid. If you accept, you’ll be bombarded by his selfies, memes and political comments on your newsfeed.

Facebook is known for its Like button. People assess the success of their post based on the number of likes it gets. But what do you do when a person makes a sad post ¬– about losing their job, crashing their car, a pending divorce, their dog dying or some other depressing news? Some people hit the Like button, I assume to show support for the crisis. I have a hard time with this because it seems I am liking the catastrophe. I could comment, and sometimes do, but we all know commenting requires quadruple the energy of liking. Some people have voiced a need for a Dislike button, which seems reasonable for dire news situations. Mr. Zuckerberg should consider it.

Another situation that makes me squirm is when someone refers to a monumental and life-changing event – either happy or sad – and I have no idea what they are talking about: “I can’t believe this happened to me again.

I have the worst luck in the world! Life sucks.” Or, equally excruciating: “I’m on cloud nine! I finally got it! Best day ever!” How do you respond when you are unsure about what you are liking or commenting on? Sometimes another person who is also in the dark posts a comment asking about what is happening. I’m thankful for their candor. I scroll through all the comments looking for the answer from the original poster, but it’s hardly ever there. If curiosity gets the best of me, I go to their FB page and scroll through recent items to see if I can figure out what the heck is going on in their life. I mostly come up empty, so it’s basically a waste of time – kind of like scrolling uncontrollably.

There’s a Facebook faux pas none of us can relate to.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright and author. Don’t miss a slice; follow the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

(651) 264-1979 


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In celebration of National FFA Week, Powers Lake FFA is hosting a Pie Social on Wednesday, Feb. 24 at the Senior Center.
Coffee and pie will be served. The FFA appreciates the community for their support of Powers Lake FFA throughout the year.


The ELCA Bethlehem Lutheran Church Women will have their annual Lenten Breakfast on Saturday, Feb. 13. The breakfast will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the church in Bowbells.

The theme is”A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine.” They welcome all women to join them, wear something red, and enjoy a morning of fun and laughter.


Plan a date night for Friday, Feb. 19 and the Bowbells Women Helping Others will babysit for free.
Space is limited for free babysitting at KIDS Learning Center, Bowbells from 5:30-10:00 p.m.
Call Toni 339-1861 by Feb. 12. Supper not provided, but snacks will be.

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