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It happened to...
Jonathan Rosencrans of Powers Lake received the Presidential Scholarship from the University of North Dakota for the 2014-15 academic year.

Rosencrans, son of Brian and Lynn, graduated from Powers Lake High School and plans to attend UND in the fall.
In order to qualify for this scholarship, students must have a 3.65 GPA or above and score a 29-36 composite ACT score.

Needlework winners at the State Fair included: Accessories Blue Ribbon Winner, Jana Zander of Powers Lake, Purse.

Outdoor Tales


I must say that it sure is nice for the snow to be gone but the lack of warm days has everything on hold.

About the only fishing going on is at the channels around Devils Lake and even that is not going gangbusters.
The Red River was nearly perfect in terms of level before big rains thrust it back over flood stage.

No worry really, with no warm days to heat up the water, I suspect fishing would not be all that great anyway.
So what does one do that is in a holding pattern to the open water season? Well let me tell you. I have a lot of setup and preparation to do to my new boat so this just makes for time to do it. Good thing I would say.

Another thing is to get the yard work and other home projects done that tend to get left behind when fishing season starts.

Get the yards ready, the fertilizer down, and everything cleaned up as best I can, just so it does not have to be rushed another day to get it done. Even with that, it seems there is always a rush to get something done.

Lastly, you can noodle pike.What is noodling pike you may ask. Well, noodling is what some southerners do to catch catfish.

They work along rock or brush edges looking for catfish nests. They then reach in the hole so the catfish will bite them and they pull it out of the hole. Commonly called hand fishing in the south.

A few weeks back we were trying to decide whether to pike fish or ice fish. We found an area where a farmer was pumping water from a slough on one side of the road into Devils Lake. Where the water was flowing there were hundreds of pike gathered to try to run upstream but there was no way through of course.

We abandoned the ice fishing idea and pulled out the long rods for some pike action and we could see pike like crazy, but they just were not having it for some reason.

My buddy, Ken caught two but that was it.

I happened to look down at the rocks by my feet and noticed there were pike moving up to see if they could get through, but all they were getting was a wall of rocks.

I slowly got on my hands and knees next to the water and waited for another fish to make a move.

It only took about a minute and a small pike was moving through the shallow water to the brick wall of road.
I put my fingers into the water as to not spook him with a jolt of water. (Right when I did it, I couldn’t help but hope some other pike was not actually hungry and hit my fingers.)
As he rose to the surface to move though a hole between two rocks, I moved my hand over him just like you would with a spear through a ice hole and grabbed him behind the head on the gill plates.

I had just caught a pike with my bare hand, those grizzly bears ain’t got nothing on me.
I showed Ken and threw the fish back.
I gave it one more try but was too far behind the fish’s head and he was able to get away.

Bottom line is I noodled a pike.
The crazy things we will do in the outdoors to get a memory.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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