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We at Mohall Ambulance Service would like to introduce you to your dedicated pre-hospital providers, who give so much of their HEARTS and family time to care for all of our loved ones.

Most of you are familiar with Mohall Ambulance Service, as we are stationed right here in Mohall. We have two part-time employees who are in the office from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. They are Diane Witteman and Shelley Iverson. They take on the responsibilities of every day duties, keeping the office work to a minimum, and also respond to all ambulance calls during that period of time. But what a lot of you donít realize is that we depend on many more people within the service to respond with them. These are the dedicated people who leave work, or give up their plans to respond to the calls, and give the best care possible to someone who is having a very bad day! Mohall Ambulance Service has two EMT-Is, five EMTs, and four EMRs, who also serve as drivers on active coverage. We also have two EMTs, two EMRs, and drivers on extra coverage. There is also five people taking the EMR course in Mohall. Mohall Ambulance responds to Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood calls when the tones for the respective ambulance sound, aiding that crew if needed. Mohall Ambulance also responds with the Mohall Fire Department on all fire calls.

We also have dedicated people that take call Monday through Sunday from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. 365 days a year. These wonderful people also give up their weekends to take call for our communities. So if you know someone on the ambulance service, thank them, they deserve it!

We also are very fortunate to have very dedicated people in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood, our Substations. We have personnel stationed in each of the communities to make sure the ambulances are stocked, cleaned, and most importantly, to respond to calls in their communities. They also respond when needed to any ambulance call that may need their help! In Tolley, Justine Hanson is our EMT. In Lansford, Sarita Allen, EMT, and in Sherwood, Tiffany Klokstad, EMT. Once again they have great backup for their calls, responding for their communities needs.

Tolley Ambulance has always been part of Mohall Ambulance, with the certification of two EMTs in 1997, and then when Kenmare Ambulance Service donated an ambulance to Tolley in 2003, they were able to respond and transport patients to the hospital. They have always been supported by Mohall Ambulance Service and their crew, knowing they would respond to give aid if needed. Presently, Tolley has two EMT-Is, one EMT, one EMR, and four drivers. The Tolley Ambulance is able to respond to calls within the Tolley area and also Mouse River Park, also aiding Mohall and Sherwood ambulances when requested. They also respond with the Tolley Fire Department on all fire calls. Thank an ambulance member whenever possible!

Lansford Ambulance joined Mohall Ambulance in 2010. They now have five EMTs, three drivers, and one EMR student. Lansford is very dedicated to serving their community, becoming part of Mohall to ensure they would have ambulance coverage. The arrangement with Lansford has been beneficial to both Lansford and Mohall, enabling personnel to get their needed training, and with the aid of Mohall Ambulance answering all their calls. Kudos to the Lansford community. Lansford Ambulance also responds with Lansford Fire Department on all fire calls.

Sherwood Ambulance joined Mohall Ambulance in 2013. With the addition of Sherwood as a substation of Mohall Ambulance, Renville County is very well covered in giving the people who live here great medical care and transport. Sherwood Ambulance has three EMTs, two EMRs, and several drivers. With the dedication of the Sherwood Ambulance crew, the community of Sherwood and surrounding areas, the aid of Mohall and Tolley Ambulances, the people of Sherwood know their needs will be taken care of. The Sherwood crew are dedicated to getting their training that is needed and helping their community when the need arises. The Sherwood Ambulance also responds with the Sherwood Fire Department on all calls. Thank them when you see them!

We are fortunate in our communities to have these services and dedicated people, but we can always use more people. (You didnít really think you werenít gonna get by without me nagging did you?) There is presently an EMR course running in Mohall. A great big thank you to these five people who want to become a part of an organization that helps soooo many people in our communities!

Just think what having these dedicated people in your communities means to the citizens. THANK YOU TO ALL OUR EMTs, EMRs, DRIVERS, AND STUDENTS!!

Thank you also to the citizens of these communities and surrounding areas for supporting your ambulances with donations and help for anything and everything when called on. Without your support we wouldnít have these services!!

I know from a personal standpoint, that I am very proud and grateful to be a part of the Mohall Ambulance with substations in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood!


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