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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

It was nice to get out of the office early a couple of days this past week to watch the fastpitch softball team and the high school boysí baseball team play in their home contests.

The girlsí fastpitch softball team played at the Mohall Softball Complex against Westhope/ Newburg on Thursday, April 16th. They didnít fare so well, as they were defeated 19 to 1 in the varsity game that counted. KBMLS was without their #1 pitcher, Emily Abernathey, as she was injured in a junior varsity game at Watford City. She is having some elbow problems in her pitching arm. Iím sure the girls are hoping that her arm will start feeling better soon and she will be able to get back on the field and throw again -- they can certainly use her.

Hopefully the varsity team can get into the winning column. They were hoping for a successful season, but right now they are really struggling -- with their pitching, their hitting, and their fielding. Hang in their girls -- donít give up and keep working.

As for the baseball team -- they played DesLacs/Burlington at Lansford on Friday, April 17th. They were fun to watch. They are having a successful season so far, and I hope that can continue. They were fun to watch, so hopefully I will be able to make it to more games and watch them. They were missing a few players as they were off to Fargo for the Science Olympiad, so Iím sure those players will be a plus to their lineup. Good luck boys - keep up the good work! I did get to see a lot of them play this summer during the Legion season when my brother, Roger, coached them. Several of the players have gained a lot of confidence and it showed in their tight contest with the Lakers. MLS-G-KB won the game by a single run, 6 to 5, in the bottom of the 7th on a past ball at the plate with two outs. Good job guys!

Weather was nice for both games, but it did cool off quickly throughout the night. Despite the wind, it really wasnít that bad sitting out. Letís hope there is a lot more nice weather for people to get out and watch them play.

There was a big discussion at the Mohall City Council meeting on Monday about cats and dogs running at large in the City. The cat problem is a huge problem. Any dogs and cats residing within the City of Mohall are to be licensed, have their required shots, and when out and about in the City must be on a leash with their owners. Many people are letting their pets run, and that is in violation of the City Pet Ordinance. When people let their cats run at large, before we know it we have many stray cats running around. Please keep your cats and dogs in your own yards, and make sure when they are out they have their license on their collar. The only way to stop these animals from running at large is to catch them and then fine the owner when they are caught. As a pet owner, you are responsible for your pets -- that means feeding them, caring for them, and cleaning up after them. If you are responsible for feeding stray cats or dogs, you are adding to the problem, as these animals are going to keeping hanging around and will keep wandering around town.

Your help is needed in cutting down on the wandering cats and dogs. Please care for your pets and be a responsible pet owner.

My birthday wish this week goes out to my niece, Misty (Erickson) Mahany of Minot on the 24th. Happy birthday Misty -- enjoy your special day!

My SmallTowN
by Tom Fobbe
MySmallTown has helpful folks
who like to lend a hand.
Not a single job or task
is tackled undermanned.
Making a community
means getting something done.
Pitching in is vital Ďcause
small towns need everyone.

I would like to extend a big thanks to my right hand employee - Deb Bolton. Today is Administrative Professionals Day and I would like to thank her for all that she does. Thanks Deb!

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