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Region 8

The two county teams (Powers Lake and Burke County) squared off again. Just one week prior, the Ranchers were 3-2 victors over the Titans in the District 16 Tourney.

Powers Lake handled the Titans, 3-0 with set scores of 25-21, 25-14 and 25-23, earning their way into the Region 8 Championship match.


Kills: Titus 11, Honrud 9, Clark 5, Gunderson 2, Hove 2, Maruskie 2.
Assists: Maruskie 25, Hove 3.
Aces: Gunderson 3, Maruskie 2, Clark 1, Honrud 1, Hove 1, Grote 1.
Blocks: Titus 2, Gunderson 1, Hove 1, Maruskie 1.
Digs: Grubb 17, Honrud 13, Clark 12, Hove 7, Maruskie 7, Grote 5, Titus 1.


Kills: L. Peterson 15, Knutson 6, Blom 6, Allen 2.
Assists: T. Peterson 23.
Aces: Blom 1.
Blocks: L. Peterson 2.
Digs: Knutson 17, T. Peterson 17, Blom 14, L. Peterson 12, Allen 12, Heinrich 7.
Serving: T. Peterson, Allen, Knutson, Heinrich-100%; L. Peterson-88%; Blom-87%.

Students of the Month

The October high school student of the month at Bowbells Public School was Kaylee Knutson.
Knutson was chosen by her teachers for showing overall good character. All six character traits were used in determining this month’s student of the month.
“Kaylee is a very hard and independent worker. She takes initiative in her education. She is very polite and easy to work with,” stated Mrs. Jeanne Johnson, Kaylee’s accounting teacher.
Knutson feels education is important because it opens up many different parts of life that will come and introduces her to things she will need later in life.
Knutson commented, “I think having good character means taking responsibility for your actions and being polite and using manners.”
She sees her mother as a role model who demonstrates good character.
Kaylee is the daughter of Kermit and Deanna Knutson. She is involved in speech, yearbook and softball. When she is not at school, Kaylee enjoys hunting, drawing and listening to music.

Nevaeh Arteaga, daughter of Isreal and Leann Arteaga, is the elementary student of the month.
Neveah recently moved here from New Mexico. She likes the extra-curricular activities that are available at our school such as band and sports. She did not have this opportunity in New Mexico.
When Arteaga is not working on homework, she likes to play volleyball, soccer or throw around a football. She occasionally plays Minecraft.
School is very important to Arteaga because it helps build good character and gives you knowledge for the future.
Nevaeh’s parents and grandparents have been instrumental role models in her life who have shaped her good character.
Arteaga sees someone with good character as paying attention in class and being respectful.
Mrs. Deb Melby, Nevaeh’s teacher expressed, “Nevaeh is very kind, helpful, considerate, cooperative, and a very hard worker. She takes others into consideration with any decision she makes.”

All Tourney to Lakin Peterson, Taylor Peterson, Sydney Titus and Kinzi Grubb.

Outdoor Tales


I write about ice fishing every winter, but this winter seems earlier with this recent cold snap.
All over the internet last week was “I can’t wait” or “bring on the cold.”
One thing is for sure, with this early cold the small ponds and lakes will have fishable ice soon if they do not already.

I must admit that ice fishing is not my favorite way to fish. I do enjoy it, but I don’t schedule my entire week around walking or driving on the ice. (This year I might schedule to do some guiding however.)

To kick off another ice season, I plan to make the trip to the big ice show in St. Paul in a few weeks.
This show is the premier place to see what is new and learn how to use it. I don’t go for the new gadgets as much as I do to see the people.

Anybody who is anybody in ice fishing will be at the show working for their sponsors.
Over the years I have become friends with many of these guys and it is just a great opportunity to see everyone.

The dawn of ice fishing does seem to come with the desire for retail therapy for many people, myself included. It seems there is always the next great thing or new gadgets for ice fishing.
I have already been indulging myself in some of this retail therapy.

Mostly buying up more jigs that worked well last season and that became hard to get by mid-winter. I should add here that the red Northland UV Buckshot Rattle Spoon was just deadly for walleyes last winter.

My big winter purchase for this upcoming season was a new ice auger. My old one works just fine, but I needed to get something that weighs less. My shoulders seem to be wearing out with age and the old 37 pound Jiffy just tears the shoulders up after a few holes. I moved to a new auger that is smaller and lighter so hopefully the shoulders will hold up better this winter.

There seems to be a long ice season ahead of us this year and for those who enjoy the ice it will be another great year.
If you have never tried ice fishing give it a shot this year.

If you like ice fishing, take someone who has never been out before. Help them make a memory.

With my new profession, don’t be surprised if you run into me on the some Burke County area lakes this winter. There are adventures to be had and fish to be caught.

This winter get outside and make some memories.


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