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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

I want to again remind you to be aware of phone scams that are going on around the area. If you receive a phone call from someone and they are asking you to wire them money to help them out, please research it before you head to the bank and give them the money. More than likely it is just a SCAM!

Again this past week, I received a phone call, this time from a County resident, telling me that they had been scammed. The caller on the other line appears to be a family member and they need help, so they ask their relative (who really is not a relative) on the other end of the phone to wire them money to get them out of jail. They usually start out the phone conversation by saying ĎHi Grandma or Hi Grandpaí, and then they ask if they know who this is that is calling. By you giving them a name, they say yes, and then proceed to tell you they are in trouble and need money.

What grandma and grandpa hasnít helped out their grandchildren or children before? They may sound like someone you know, but at that time you are just as scared for them and you make rational decisions. SO PLEASE be AWARE AND CAUTIOUS!

Before sending money, check out the situation. Tell them you will call them back, or ask for a phone number. The majority of the time they are going to just hang up on you, because you are suspicious. But whatever you do, donít wire them the money, because once you wire them the money, there is no way of getting it back.

If you get one of these phone calls, hang up on them! Donít fall for the scam. If you feel that it is a ligit call, check it out with another family member. Nothing is that urgent that they need the money at that very moment, and whatever you do, do not give them your bank account number, credit card number, or wire them money.

This weekend is the last holiday of the summer, so get out and enjoy it. Sounds like it could be a wet weekend though, as we are supposed to have rain.

Labor Day always seems to be one of the last camping weekends for many, now that school has started. Many of the weekends from now on are devoted to sporting events - football, volleyball, and basketball. Seems like the weekly calendar fills up fast, especially when you have someone playing football, someone in volleyball, and someone in 5th and 6th grade girlsí basketball. But then again, it is great to get back into a routine, and it is always fun to get out and support the teams.

Good luck to all the players and coaches during the fall seasons!

Farmers appear to be super busy trying to finish up their fall harvest. Nice to see that the weather is cooperating, and especially great to see that they have finally had a great year!

Not only are the farmers busy, but anyone who has a garden has been busy picking their fruits of labor and getting them canned or in the freezer to enjoy throughout the year. Iím sure we will see people cleaning out their gardens in the next week or two.

By Tom Fobbe
MySmallTown may lack in size,
but oh does it have heart.
Loyal to the local cause,
each person has a part.

Proud of our community,
we strive to keep it strong.
Blessed to say our home is HERE,
and glad that we belong.

As I close my column this week, I want to remind you that we have an early deadline for the Wednesday, September 9th issue. All ads and copy are due by NOON on Friday, September 4th. Have a safe Labor Day weekend!

I would like to extend a special birthday greeting to my cousin, Destin Murray in MO. He will celebrate his birthday next Wednesday, September 9th. Happy birthday Destin, I love you!

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