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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

Summer is officially over, as students, faculty, and staff at both Glenburn and Mohall Lansford Sherwood started classes again today, Wednesday, August 26th. For some it is a happy time, while others are sad that it is already time to be back in the classrooms. But it is time to get back into a normal routine again, so good luck to everyone -- have a great school year!

Farmers have been busy, busy, busy in the fields this past week. They had a few slow mornings due to the moisture, but were back out in the field by midafternoon and continued through the night hours. Things did come to a hault on Saturday as our area received rain throughout most of the day. Depending on what Sunday brought, Iím sure it will be midafternoon Monday or later before they get back into the fields.

Reports so far have been that the crops are looking good, so letís continue to hope and pray that they have a good harvest season.

The MLS Mavericks opened up their 2015 football season here in Mohall on Friday night, August 21st. They hosted the Towner/Granville/Upham Titans. This was a non-conference game as the two teams are no longer in the same region. It was nice to see a good crowd out supporting the teams and the weather cooperated, as it was a nice night for football. MLS did lose the game 18 to 28, but it is still early in the season. At least by having a game the teams can see where they need to work to improve. MLS has some great athletes again this year, but they still have areas to work on -- offense can use some help on blocking for their runners and their quarterback, and the defense needs to be more aggressive with their hitting and tackling. But it all takes time, especially when you have new people learning new positions.

Good luck guys -- keep believing in yourselves -- you can do it!

Some of the volleyball teams in this area will tip off their season this Saturday, August 29th when they play in the Bottineau Early Bird Tournament. Among the teams participating is the MLS Lady Mavericks. Good luck to Coach Adams and her team!

I would like to send a happy birthday wish to my Aunt Raylene Erickson in Delano, MN on Thursday, August 27th; and a happy anniversary to my cousins, Beverly (Erickson) and John Gallis on the 27th, and Lori (Erickson) and Larry Burns on September 1st, all are of Delano, MN. Love and best wishes to all of you. Enjoy your special day!

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