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the Bowbells Student Body showed their support for a former student, Ashley (Hansen) Seykora, who is currently unable to work while she receives treatment to fight her battle with stage 4 melanoma. A member of the class of 2002, Ashley moved to Bismarck after her fourth grade year in Bowbells.

Powers Lake attended Tech Day at Minot State University: Brianna Honrud, Logan Eckert (1st in Business Law); Kinzi Grubb, Kylie Gunderson, Alexis Edwards (2nd in Accounting), Cooper Follmer, Allison Grote and Daniel Bolen.

Powers Lake FFA Attends Leadership Conferences
Students from FFA chapters across North Dakota attended the 212° and 360° Leadership Conferences. These conferences are an activity of the National FFA Organization made possible by title sponsor Syngenta and with additional support from Crop Production Services as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

Jordon S., Logan E., Austin M., Austin M., Justin V., Matthew H., members of the Powers Lake FFA Chapter attended the event January 10-11.

212° - the temperature at which water boils – focuses on taking students to the boiling point of leadership. At 211° water is extremely hot, but just one more degree gets us to the next level.

The two-day 212° Leadership Conference is focused on student development and helps FFA members become aware of their passions and virtues. FFA members attended sessions on discovering their passions, making positive decisions, setting SMART goals and taking steps towards self-improvement.

360° takes students full circle in terms of chapter leadership.

The two-day 360° conference is focused on the importance of vision and how to become a visionary leader. Students spent their time in sessions understanding the importance of vision, conducting a chapter needs assessment, crafting a vision plan for their local FFA chapter and developing a strategy to implement their vision.

This school year, more than 7,500 students across the nation will participate in a 212o or 360o Leadership Conference.

Harley E. participated in 101, which was run by the North Dakota state FFA officers.

Amber Hoheisel has been hired by Darla Peterson as an agent for Bowbells Insurance, Inc. She has been licensed to sell property and casualty insurance and will be working on getting licensed to sell life and health insurance.

Amber is a University of Mary graduate and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Respiratory Therapy. She was born and raised in Mott, ND and currently resides in Bowbells with her husband, Branden and their dog, Cooper.

She was formerly employed by Dacotah Bank in Bowbells as a Personal Banker for the last three years and is looking forward to serving the community in a new way.

Outdoor Tales


It has been a rough stretch in the outdoor adventures category the past few weeks. Between cold, sick kid and no desire to ice fish alone, I got nothing. With that, I promised you way back last fall that I would share some of the adventures from our July fly-in to Reindeer Lake in Saskatchewan.

This was one of those trips of a lifetime that hopefully will happen again sooner rather than later.

The idea to go on this trip was first contrived while catfishing in Canada in 2005. We made plans to go in 2007 or 2008 after we had a couple years to put some money away to make the trip. Well, as you may have already figured out, last year was 2014.

Turns out that kids and life can get in the way of things but that is another discussion.

Our journey began on July 4th for our 900 plus mile drive to Reindeer Lake in search of secluded lake trout fishing.

We arrived at the air service about noon on the 6th to catch the plane to our outpost camp. We were greeted with a delay because the air service was flying fire fighters into the bush after a lightning storm to prevent forest fires.

We finally got our flight the next morning. When we landed we took the quickest way to the water we could in search of the lakers.

Having never been to the lake before we expected the first day to be a recon mission. The boat I was in managed a couple quick trout to get dinner taken care of then we split up in search of more fish after that.

My boat headed to a rock cliff in search of deep water. (Steep cliff usually mean deeper water.) We found deep water but not any trout as we drifted through the hole with jigs and blade baits.

It seemed maybe some trolling to move faster and cover more water to find fish was in order.

We changed out our gear and off we went.

Maybe ten minutes into the troll my buddy, Brad caught a lake trout that managed to wrap itself up in the net enough to teach me some new adjectives.

While he was dealing with the net, I dropped a jig as we slowly drifted from about 30 feet to the depths of a big hole.

Within seconds I had a hit and a miss, and another and yet another before I finally hooked up with my first trout.

When I said “fish on,” Brad happened to look up from his mess with his eye catching the depth finder and “oh my God” was what I heard.

We had hit paydirt. We were in 55-60 feet of water with over six feet of fish on the screen of the depth finder.

For the next four hours we drifted over that school catching trout by the dozen. While having all this fun the other boat came looking for us and got in on the action too.

These were not huge lake trout but respectable and good eating size fish. For a first timer it was amazing to experience fish like this.

We got into them like that two more times that week before bad weather and wind would not let us get our 14-foot boats out to that part of the lake.

What we experienced here is what one would expect going to a private outpost lake in Northern Canada.

We learned a ton and of course made some mistakes which will be remembered so they don’t happen again, but any way you cut it, a great experience with great friends.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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