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Powers Lake School
Third Quarter Honor Roll

SENIORS: (High Honors) Alexis Edwards, Cooper Folmer; (Honors) Logan Eckert.

JUNIORS: (High Honors) Vanessa Aguirre, Daniel Bolen, Kinzi Grubb, Kylie Gunderson, Cassandra Lee; (Honors) Tristen Slemin.

SOPHOMORES: (High Honors) Elise Carlson, Delaney Clark, Tate Enget, Allison Grote, Brianna Honrud, Grace Hove, Justin VanBerkom; (Honors) Logan Klitzke.

FRESHMEN: (High Honors) Selah Cowan, Harley Eckert, Zachary Lindstrom, Sadie Maruskie, Jessica Rosencrans, Sydney Titus; (Honors) Isiah Annis, Keilani Rystedt.

8TH GRADE: (High Honors)Mikayla Avery, Kaylee Bolen, Eli Carlson, Terek Enget, Hanna Grubb, Aiden Nordloef, Kyle VanBerkom; (Honors) Mattie Byrd, Samuel Edwards.

7TH GRADE: (High Honors) Madison Fraunfelter, Chloe Gunderson, Maddisen Heiling, Wyatt Puckett (Honors) Isaac Nordloef.

Powers Lake Musicians Take in the Sites of Chicago
Thirty-seven students and five chaperones boarded a charter bus on Friday, April 10 to begin their 17 hour trip to Chicago.

After driving through the night the group arrived at “The Castle” where they enjoyed a noon meal in a Medieval setting while they watched stallions perform intricate maneuvers, and knights joust for the honor of their King and Queen.

After checking into their motel, the evening was spent watching an NBA basketball game of the Chicago Bulls vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. It was the Bulls’ last regular season game before heading to playoffs.

Sunday was a full day spent visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, the Shedd Aquarium and the band performing at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

After having pizza at Lou Malnati’s, the group enjoyed a fabulous performance of the “Million Dollar Quartet” at the Apollo Theater. The musical was based on a jam session that was recorded with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins.

The last day of the trip began with taking a picture in front of “The Bean” in downtown Chicago.

A highlight of the weekend was the choir’s performance at the Jesse Brown Veterans Clinic and hospital. Patients enjoyed a variety of music including a couple of patriotic tunes and the “Star Spangled Banner.”

The afternoon was spent on a boat cruise onto Lake Michigan followed by a tour of the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower.

Some students were brave enough to step out on “The Ledge,” which is a glass box that extends 4.3 feet out the side of the 103rd floor of the building.
Bright and early Tuesday morning the group began their trek back home.

The students and teachers truly appreciate their families and community members for allowing them the opportunity to go on this trip.

Kremer Awarded
$1000 NCC Scholarship

Northwest Communications Cooperative has announced winners for the 2015 Arthur S. Johnson and Kenneth Lund, Jr. scholarships. Each recipient will receive $1,000 from NCC.

Winners of the 2015 Arthur S. Johnson scholarship are Kelsey Guttormson of Tioga; Celina Nielsen of Tioga; Sabrina Kremer of Bowbells; and Kari Sabe of Crosby.

Sabrina Kremer, daughter of Joe and Melissa Kremer of Bowbells, is a senior at Bowbells High School. She has participated in speech, drama, band, choir, dance, Luther League, and yearbook.

Sabrina’s leadership roles include dance teacher (two years), treasurer for Luther League, and class treasurer for all four years of high school.

She has received numerous awards including Regional and State stars at music contests, finalist in State Speech, Honor Roll all years of high school, President’s Award for Educational Excellence, State Star at State Drama, and multiple school academic awards.

Sabrina was admitted with distinction to North Dakota State University where she be attending in the fall of 2015 majoring in Retail Merchandising.

2014 Kenneth Lund Jr. Scholarship Winners are Colton Moe of Ray and Jarret Obenchain of Crosby.

(Due to no qualified applications for the 2015 Kenneth Lund Jr. Scholarships, the scholarships went to Arthur S. Johnson Scholarship applicants.)

All District Players Announced
The All-District 16 Girls Basketball Team was released with county players, Lakin Peterson, Burke Central; Taylor Peterson, Bowbells; Brianna Honrud and Sydney Titus, Powers Lake.

Also named to the team were Marissa Veach and Sidnee Nelson, Ray; Brianna Holland, Veronica Enander and Lacey Meiers, Stanley; Hannah Jacobs, Alli McCoy and Andrea Haugland, Divide County.

Lakin Peterson, senior at Burke Central, averaged 18 ppg, 14 rpg, tallied 51 steals, 59 blocks. She hit 41% of field goals attempted and 54% of her freethrows. Peterson has been named to the All District Team every year starting as a freshman.

Taylor Peterson, senior at Bowbells, averaged 7 ppg, 3 apg, 3 spg and 4 rpg. She converted 23% of her field goals, 57% freethrows and 37% from the three-point line.

“Lakin and Taylor capped off their season years with these awards. Their hard work and dedication really paid dividends by receiving this recognition. Every game and every practice they worked hard to not only improve their abilities but to help their teammates grow as well. These two, along with Haley Allen, really helped guide this team to an 11 win season. Their leadership on and off the floor will be missed next year.

I want to congratulate both of these young ladies for tremendous senior year and a great career as Titans,” commented Titan Head Coach Aaron Haggin.
Brianna Honrud, sophomore at Powers Lake School, averaged 19.3 points/game, 7 rebounds and 4.1 steals. This is Honrud’s third year named to the All-District Team.
Sydney Titus, freshman at Powers Lake School, averaged 7.2 points/game, 5 rebounds and 1.2 steals.

The All-District 16 Boys Basketball Team was also released. Named to the team from Burke County were Logan Klitzke of Powers Lake and Josh Kihle of Columbus.

Klitzke, a sophomore guard for the Ranchers, averaged 13.4 points per game, 7.8 rebounds and 3.9 steals.
Kihle, a freshman at Burke Central School, recorded 251 points; shooting percentage 53%; free-throw percentage 68%; 205 rebounds; 28 assists; and 27 steals.

Outdoor Tales


I have pretty much always been a CPR guy–Catch Photo Release bigger fish. Let them go and let them grow as some would say. For me it is more like let them go so someone else might have the opportunity to catch and enjoy them again.

For the record, in North Dakota it is legal to keep any size fish you want (except Red River Catfish) as long as you are within the limits. With that statement I must tell you this is more of a personal whine than an expose of law breaking. Some think it is right and nobody can do a thing about it. (Ok, there is the disclaimer of this column.)

This all started last week when I stopped at Cabelas to buy a Minnesota fishing license. Of course when you go into a Cabelas store you have to make a lap through the store and see if anything is new. I ran into a gentleman who I have known for some years but have never fished with.

We exchanged pleasantries and he said he had to get to Devils Lake as the big girls were running. I thought, oh that is always fun and it is a pretty nice day to stand on shore and catch some nice walleyes and pike.

Before I could even complete my thought, out came the phone with numerous photos of five to eight pound walleyes laying on a cleaning table. Again, this is not illegal but I always get a pit in my stomach at the grossness of such a sight.

“Nice visiting with you, I have to go. Gotta kill when the killing is good.”

I perked up at that one and he looked me in the eye and said when the big fish are running like this we have to get our killing in. In other words I will kill every big fish I can catch.

I am sorry, but I lost some respect for the man at this moment. It pains me to see the gross disregard for our awesome resources and protecting the opportunities for other anglers.

I am just so happy that for the most part the angling community has moved in the direction of CPR for larger fish. Keep some smaller fish for the table and let the larger fish go to grow up or for future opportunity. Of course there is the occasional trophy kept for mounting and the lifelong memory that goes with it and that is great.

This is by far more of a social position than anything but it is one place that I have always dug in my heels.

Since the day I started guiding I have had a no catfish over 24-inch rule even though the legal limit says one can be over.

I even have it in the contract and waiver. Simple reason to put it in was to protect the 15-20 year old trophy cats.

I always tell people when they ask about it (they don’t much) that it is my boat, my rules.

In conclusion, please, please I ask if you get into the trophy fish please enjoy the moment, take photos, make some memories and if you catch a personal best, mount it, but think of the others who want a shot at trophy fish as well.

Catch Photo Release and let the memory live on forever.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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