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Friday, Aug. 14, a four person best-ball golf tournament is a family event with all ages welcome. Kreklau emphasized, “The tournament is for everyone. We want this weekend to be a family affair.”

To register for the golf tournament, contact any committee member. Cost is $50/team and will be held at the Columbus Golf Course starting at 11:00 a.m.

Northwest Communications Cooperative is sponsoring a barbecue picnic (must be registered) on Main Street in Lignite. That evening a street dance will feature “Rift” from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Saturday, Aug. 15 will host several activities including fire station tours, softball, scavenger hunt, kids’ games, class gatherings, car show, and “Rift” will close out the night with a street dance.

A 5K run/walk will be held in the morning with a $25 entry fee. Please pre-register by July 15 to receive a t-shirt.

Two meals will be provided with registration on Saturday. The lunch will be served by Dollars for Scholars. The evening meal will include a program.
The place and time is still being looked into for a farewell breakfast for Sunday, Aug. 16.


The committee welcomes anyone and everyone with a connection to Burke Central School to register for the entertaining weekend.

All former employees, teachers, students are welcome. Even if your child(ren) attended Burke Central, you are invited.

Adult registration is set at $50 and children $25. This fee covers the cost of the Friday picnic, two meals on Saturday, and a goodie bag.

To cut costs, the committee chose to use social media to spread the word. The Burke Central All-School Reunion has a facebook page to register for the reunion. Registration forms are also available at local businesses or by contacting a committee member.

The committee is relying on one or two people from each class to take charge and notify their class- mates about the reunion. Please help spread the word.

If you have any questions about the registration, please call Julie Kreklau at 596-3886.

Come celebrate the past, present and future!!

People who are not currently energy assistance program clients may also qualify. A three- person household earning up to $43,430 per year may qualify if their assets meet program limits. For information on qualifying incomes, visit services/financialhelp/energyassist.html.

Individuals should contact their county social service office to apply for the program before September 30, 2015. Contact information is online at www.

The two North Dakota state agencies have historically worked together in partnership with county social service offices to address the heating and cooling needs of low-income individuals.

LIHEAP is a federally-funded program that primarily helps qualifying households pay for heating needs. This past heating season, the program served around 12,370 households in the state. Last summer, 114 house- holds participated in the cooling assistance program.


I just spent four days in St. Louis at our National Athletic Trainers’ Association yearly convention with about 10,000 other certified athletic trainers from around the globe. My travel companion and roommate for this excursion, and most every conference I’ve attended over the past 18 years, was my good friend and fellow athletic trainer, Paul.

The conference moves from city to city each year so Paul and I have had the opportunity to visit several major cities and explore a small slice of each along the way. All this big city exploring is interesting and enjoyable but generally leaves us with the same thought at the conclusion of each conference, “Thank God I don’t live here!”

Rapid City is big enough and interesting enough for this small town boy. Enough of enough isenough and those big cities are too much.
Too much cement, too many people, too much traffic, and from what Paul tells me, too much stink.

As one who lacks a sense of smell, I always forget that a subway train full of people who have been simmering in the balmy Missouri humidity may just have a certain odor about them. A bou- quet that I’m sure I contributed to as well.

Paul claims that New Orleans still holds the top spot for “Most Odorous City” but proclaimed St. Louis rolled in at a decidedly “stanky” second.

The fact that Paul is a cattle rancher, athletic trainer, and the father of four, leads me to trust that he knows stink, and is quite adept at “ranking” it (bad pun intended).

Even without access to the stink factor, I’m still quite grateful I don’t call one of these concrete and steel hives home.

I like people watching, but I like the luxury of being able to do it passively, without worry, rather than as an active necessity to avoid being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I’ve never really felt unsafe in a big city, but that may be out of sheer stupidity rather than the reality of the areas we’ve stumbled into...and thankfully out of.

My homecoming to Rapid City was made even more enjoyable when my entire family came to the airport to meet, greet, and shuttle me home.

Sierra was home from Bozeman for a few days to remedy an acute case of homesickness (I think we cured it), Jackson pulled himself away from his teenage duties of hair care and texting, and my wife arrived with plans to try and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights before we headed home from the airport.

Sitting at an approach along the highway, outside of the reaches of the light pollution from Rapid City, all four of us looked towards the northern horizon, searching for a glimmer of the Northern Lights. Although they didn’t show themselves, the night was clear and the stars and fire flies danced to the sound of crickets and a slight prairie breeze.

The crickets and prairie breeze were pleasant, but the sound that filled my heart with happiness was the sound of my children in the back seat visiting, laughing, and of course arguing...always arguing.

Our family together.

No pull from all the directions life takes us...just together.

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