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The playground committee, comprised of parents, elementary staff, school board members, and administration, is working with My Turn Playsystems. The playground set chosen is for kids ranging in age from 5-12.

The system includes three different slides, a poly-tube, spiral and straight.

Since climbing and balancing skills are essential for a growing child, the committee has chosen various ways to access the equipment including a boulder step. To help improve the children’s upper body strength a disc traverse will be a challenge as well as an access point to a deck.

Activity panels will include a tic-tac-toe board, a telescope from the upper deck, and a vertical rock climber.

Grandparents, Pam and Larry Gullickson made a $250 donation that the playground committee is challenging 20 grandparents, parents or community members to match.

Fundraisers being planned are a 3-on-3 basketball tournament during Powers Lake Days as well as other activities that weekend.

A gun raffle will be held in the fall with one of the guns donated by Cenex of Powers Lake. Cenex manager, Michael Cowan, has also volunteered to help with ground prep and removing existing equipment from the elementary playground to be reinstalled at the new location. More volunteers will be needed for that project.

Also, a group of enthusiastic fifth grade girls will be organizing a spare change drive once school is back in session. This is the same group of girls who worked to collect over $3,000 last year for the school’s building project.

To date, just over $10,500 has been raised. Several applications have been made for grants and donations from other sources.

A gofundme account has been set up online or donations can be sent to the Powers Lake School.

Contact Sue Gunderson for more information.

Lyann Olson
Wayne Olson and Ron Corey, representatives for North Star Township, inquired about closing a section line. The Railroad wants to close the 107 crossing.

Auditor, Jeanine Jensen stated a letter needs to be sent to the Board requesting the closing, and then a public hearing will need to be scheduled.

Olson also asked about weight limit enforcement. He suggested having more manpower during the months of March, April and May and the county to have their own scale instead of sharing time with Divide County.

Marla MacBeth brought two building permits for homes and three conditional use permits (2 years) for gravel pits for the board’s approval. All five permits were passed.

A resolution was approved by the board to transfer funds from the General Fund to the Road and Bridge Fund.
Chairman David Sellie signed an agreement with Eide-Bailly for audit services.

Auditor Jensen reported that health premiums will be going up $70 plus, which is a 14/15% increase. The county will need to budget more money for health insurance.

She has sent out appointment letters to members for the following boards: school reorganization, water, weed and zoning.

The commissioners approved a bingo permit for the Burke County Fair.

A motion was also made to change the Dec. 15 meeting date to Dec. 22.

The commissioners recessed until 1:00 p.m. when they held interviews for the tax assessor position.

The IBA Program aims to identify, monitor and protect a global network of IBAs for the conservation of the world’s birds and other biodiversity.

IBAs are identified according to scientific criteria, monitored and conserved through local projects. Since 1985, over 7,500 sites in nearly 170 countries have been identified as Important Bird Areas. Organized through BirdLife International, the National Audubon Society administers the program in the United
States, locally by Audubon Dakota. Throughout North Dakota 39 sites have been identified as IBAs, six of which are recognized for their global importance.

“Des Lacs and Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge have provided important habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife since being established in the 1930’s. The National Wildlife Refuge system includes 560 Refuges protecting over 150 million acres for wildlife conservation.

The Fish & Wildlife Service is honored to have Audubon Dakota and the National Audubon Society recognize Des Lacs and Lostwood as Important Bird Areas,” says Kory Richardson, Acting Project Leader

“It’s important to manage and maintain these habitat areas that are so critical for birds and wildlife,” said Audubon Dakota Conservation Programs Coordinator Ben Williams.

“This management allows for birds and wildlife to thrive and provides unique opportunities for residents, birders, and outdoorspeople to enjoy it as well.”


Happy Father’s Day to all you dads. I’m sure many of your dads are lovely fellas and all, but I’m particularly partial to mine.

Not just because he’s a member of the duo responsible for my existence, although that may bias me some, there are other reasons. Reasons that are many and multiplying as we meander through life as father and son.
Father and son.

I have a vivid memory of an official “Father-Son” gathering we took part in back when I was a wee lad and he was a young dad.

I was about 12, and all I knew going in was that it was billed as a “Father Son Banquet” and that title alone peaked my enthusiasm in attending this special supper.
I should have done a little more investigating into the exact agenda of the event before getting caught up in the jovial anticipation of attending such an exclusive gathering of us men type.

The event turned out to be a recruiting party for the priesthood. The atmosphere took a turn while we were shown a grainy black and white video of a day in the life of some boys in the seminary.

I got nervous, panicky, and bit nauseous. I suddenly felt there was a possibility that although I had come there with my dad I was going to be leaving in a bus full of boys bound for the priesthood.

As a twelve-year-old I didn’t know much, but I did know that I didn’t want to be a priest.

I wanted to play shortstop for the Yankees, jump a motorcycle like Evel Knievel, and live in the mountains with a pet squirrel like Grizzly Adams. Bears scare me so I downsized to a squirrel. Besides it takes less fabric to sew costumes for a squirrel than a grizzly bear. You have to consider such things when you’re going to be out in the middle of nowhere relying on varmints for entertainment.
Were all of our dads in cahoots with the priesthood recruiters?

How much did they stand to make for selling us out?

Would Mom notice if Dad came home alone?

How can people eat scalloped potatoes at a time like this?
The boys in the recruiting video all wore the same uniform and had Johnny Unitas haircuts. This too would be an issue.

My mother had traumatized me as a young child by dressing me and my brother in matching homemade outfits and I was beginning to dabble in the thrilling world of the mullet. Exciting times.

I am grateful to my father for so many things. Not handing myself and a Ziploc bag containing my toothbrush and a spare pair of underwear over to the priesthood recruiters is one such thing. Maybe two pair of underwear, I had a bed wetting issue.

Mostly I am grateful for the unyielding love and support he has selflessly given my siblings and myself day in and day out.

No matter the height of stupidity we ascend to, he is there to cushion our fall back to reality with kind words and perhaps some money for the damages.

Love you Dad.

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