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Judges comments included “Great stage picture at start! Excellent stage business as couples interact. Characters defined well - Nice energy. Good background acting.”

Cast members included Sabrina Kremer (Laura); Gandrud (John); Brook Blom (Clown); Taylor Peterson (Jennifer, always a bridesmaid); Heidi Knutson (Mary, d.i.v.o.r.c.e.’d); Pace (Kristen, cat lover); Taryn Schmit (art therapist); Lexi Mahlum (Pat, business woman; Alfredo Preciado (Francois, romantic); Dylan Benge (Sean, ex-obsessed); Nolan Beeter (Brad, movie lover); Avery, DeMint (Neil, salesman); and Austin Deckert (Zap, hipster).
Stage Crew includes Zack Beard, Haley Allen and Lakin Peterson.

Toni Jensen, first year drama coach shared, “Our performance at regional contest was a strong one. The cast pulled the audience in, got laughs at every scene, and enticed the crowd until the very end.” Jensen is assisted by Amy Nelson.

Comments about each actor included T. Peterson, “great confidence.”
Grandrud, “great timing.”
Preciado, “funny!”
Kremer, “great nervous confidence.”
Knutson, “Yeah for the howl!”
Benge, “Awesome. Such a natural actor.”
Schmit, “Character got stronger as you went.”
DeMint, “Good!”
Mahlum, “Good! Totally believed you were preoccupied by your work.”
Pace, “Funny!”
Blom, “You did great Mom things.”
Beeter, “Great Roar!”

An encore performance is slated for Saturday, Nov. 22, 7:00 p.m. in the Bowbells School gym.
Burke County is set to perform at the University of Jamestown at 8:00 a.m., Monday, Nov. 24.

“It was a good season,” said Coach Christenson. “Our record was 15 wins and 6 losses not counting tournament play (NW & Watford City). I am blessed with an excellent assistant coach, Kayla Jensen, who helped me push these girls to improve. I also have a great group of players who work well together and who want to be competitive. Kayla and our players have given me many special memories this year.”

Next season won’t come soon enough for the Ranchers as they will return all their players and they are hungry for a Region 8 Title.


All-Tournament Team included Taylor Peterson, Lakin Peterson, Burke County; Sydney Titus, Kinzi Grubb, Powers Lake; Kennedy Chrest, Beca Wallstrum, Kenmare; Brenna Hill, Sidnee Nelson, Ray.

Region 8 Senior Athlete was awarded to Brianna Holland, setter for Stanley.

Mona Christenson of Powers Lake was honored as Region 8 Coach of the Year.

District 16 dominated the regionals with all four teams placing: Ray-first, Powers Lake-second, Kenmare-third, Burke County-fourth.



I was at the grocery store the other day leisurely strolling through the aisles, reading labels on this and that as I searched for the various items I had come for.
I knew where the items could generally be found in the store but I was in no particular hurry to gather them up and haul them out to my car in the brisk weather that has found us.

As I sauntered about I could hear the familiar sound of parental-child interactions occurring in and around each of the aisles I perused.

Each interaction had its own tone and unique flavor but all possessed the common element of a kid trying to get their parent or parents to buy them something.
By “trying,” I mean shamelessly begging as if their entire existence were dependent on them having whatever the item of desire was at that particular time and place.

The time, place and item didn’t seem to matter much to the little beggers as I heard the same wee negotiators spinning their hard luck yarns in various aisles throughout the store for various items.

To the casual observer these interactions are always interesting and amusing to various degrees. Especially to us casual observers who have been on the receiving end of a little one’s pleas for a fifty pound bag of candy and a toy that’ll be lost or broken before you get home.

To the casual observer that has never been in the trenches with the fruit of their loins the entire scene may seem ridiculous.
“Just tell them no. How hard is it? No, end of story…that’s what I would do.”
That’s what you would do?

Lay down the law…conversation over. How quaint.
Why didn’t the parents think of that?

The casual observers who have been beaten down and berated a time or two by those they gave life to are very aware that the parents have most likely already said, “No” to the child 364,215 times in the last five minutes.

Also, we understand this confrontation has probably been brewing all day long and what we are witnessing is that boiling over point.

The point where the parent has had enough and the kid knows he is walking that fine line between the parent cracking and giving in to the incessant begging or cracking and leaving a full cart in the aisle.

As a parent on the ropes I’ve cracked and fallen both directions a time or two.

Some days you’re just not up to the battle and give in to the little fascist but other days you hold the line like a champ and go home with only the items you intended to buy.
Now that our kids are older these battles are behind us…that war is over…and like many old veterans, I miss the fight.

When you’re in your 20s and 30s, earhole deep in the thick of making a go at life, raising kids, and still growing up yourself, you could never fathom that one day you would only be ankle deep and wishing you could jump back in.
A parent in the trenches doesn’t care to hear, “You’ll miss this someday” from an old veteran of the parent-child wars that has spent the last hour leisurely comparing carbohydrate levels in various brands of ketchup.

A parent in the trenches only hears those relentless little voices begging, pleading, and prodding.
They’ll miss it someday…not today…but someday.

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