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Subscribe to the Burke County Tribune, by calling 701-377-2626 or e-mailing to tribune@nccray.netSunday, May 03, 2015
Burke County Speakers
Earn State Speech Awards

On Saturday, April 25, the Burke County Speech team competed in the Class B State Speech tournament in Bismarck.

Lexi Mahlum, Bowbells sophomore, received second in Speech to Persuade. Her persuade was about getting vaccinated and why it’s so important.

One judge gave Mahlum a “one” in the final round. Mahlum spoke immediately after a person who shared the same topic (vaccinations) and a judge commented, “It’s difficult to go after another speaker with the same topic. You handled it well - great work.”

Bowbells seniors, Colton Gandrud placed third in Radio Broadcasting and Sabrina Kremer, placed third in Speech to Inform.

Gandrud’s commentary in radio broadcasting was about lowering the drinking age. He felt that if people can join the military and vote at 18, why should drinking be any different?

Commissioners hold
preconstruction meetings

By Lyann Olson
The Burke County Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, April 22 with all board members present.
The morning session consisted mostly of preconstruction roadway meetings for Burke County #16 & #16A and Burke County #7.

Mayo Construction and subcontractor, Farden Construction representatives were present for the first meeting at 10:15. Paul Sandy and Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering were also present. Sandy went over all the requirements and permits needed.

Construction of Burke County 16 & 16A is to begin around June 1 with paving to start the end of September. A detour will be needed when installing the box culvert.
The commissioners approved the signing of the agreement with Mayo Construction.

Next on the agenda was the preconstruction meeting for Burke County 7. Appearing before the board were representatives from Knife River Corporation. Requirements and permits were gone through.

The preliminary schedule has a start date of May 11 when the crusher arrives with paving to begin tentatively on July 7. The project should be wrapped up by the end of July.
The board approved the signing of the contract with Knife River Corporation.

Commissioner Ryberg stressed to both companies the need to spray the gravel pits for leafy spurge prior to use.

Burn Ban Information
for County Residents

The Burke County Commission declared a fire emergency on April 22, 2015 for Burke County in response to dry conditions, unseasonably high temperatures and high winds.

The order is in effect through October 1, 2015.

The order bans burning in any area designated as “High,” “Very High,” or “Extreme,” and/or when a Red Flag Warning has been issued.

• The order also prohibits controlled burns.
• Burning may be allowed in designated areas with a “Low” or “Moderate” Fire Danger Rating if approved by the local fire response authority that has jurisdiction over the area.


To verify what North Dakota Fire Danger Rating is for each day please go to or contact your local Emergency Management Office at (701) 377-4911 or your local Fire Chief.

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler

My youngest is sick and lying on the couch – because that is what you do on sick days. I didn’t question him this morning when he told me he wasn’t feeling well. I could tell it was the truth.

Other days, I might request a list of symptoms and put a palm to his forehead, but not today. Moms know from one quick look about these things. Like when a child is really sick and when he simply needs a sick day.
There is a difference.

We all have “I need a day” days. Sick days when we aren’t necessarily bed-ridden and fever laden. Me included. Today though, my baby, who is no longer a baby, is really sick.
On these days, I like to spend time with them, if possible.

I’ve dubbed it empathy illness. Whenever someone in the house is sick, I lie low and keep him or her company, sometimes for just a small part of the day. Even if we don’t talk. It’s time together, and that is something.

Today, though, I am busy. My tasks more than fill my plate and there isn’t anything I can put off until tomorrow. So I sit at the computer and type. He is in the next room watching a movie. Resting. No complaints.
The couch next to him is empty.

I make him lunch and serve it on the tray we use when we are sick. Eating on the couch is reserved for those times when coming to the kitchen table isn’t practical – for those times when we are really sick, not just in need of a sick day.

I refill his juice cup. Put ice in to make it nice and cold – so it soothes his sore throat. And I keep working. I am having success and making headway on my tasks. It is looking as though I may get everything done by the end of the day.

And, in a literal flash, the power goes out. Completely. We are without Internet, TV – even a hard line. I can’t run the dishwasher or a throw in a load of laundry. My work on the computer isn’t lost but is inaccessible without power.

I don’t even have a printed draft I can sit and review. I’m a little irritated at the interruption.

My son on the couch, for his own part, is concerned, but not with what concerns me. What’s happening, he wonders. The lights and TV turned off. It looks dark over at the neighbor’s house. Is the power out all over town?

I wander over to where he is sitting in the quiet, with the TV uncustomarily dark and blank. I join him on the empty couch, realizing I may as well enjoy this forced break.
After a time he asks, “How long has it been?”
“About 10 minutes,” I answer.
“Seems longer.”

The silence hangs heavy for a few moments and then the discussion begins. He wonders aloud if we are too reliant on technology. This, my child who I fear has been plugged in since the day he was born. The guy who carries a device with him as he gets dressed in the morning – is concerned.

He wonders what we would do if the power went out indefinitely. Does our reliance make us vulnerable? How many batteries would it take to power up the TV? Thoughtful thoughts. We talk. And I realize this little break in my day, sitting with my youngest – who happens to be home sick – is exactly what my busy schedule needed. Just what we needed. Together.

Because amidst the noise and chaos and technology that permeates our lives, what we have – when it comes down to it – is each other. And, although we aren’t cognizant of this on an every-moment or even everyday basis, it’s nice to know my young, plugged-in, social-media-savvy, app-laden son can understand the concept when needed. And it is even nicer that in quiet times he can talk to his mom.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright and author. She welcomes having readers follow her column on the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

(651) 264-1979 


Do you have a news tip or story idea? Call 1-800-377-2610 or 701-377-2626


Join a Youth
Group in Lignite

Christ Lutheran Church in Lignite invites all area youth, grades 7-12, interested in joining a youth group to come to the church on Wednesday, May 6. Please join them for tacos at the church at 6:00 p.m. They encourage parents to attend with their children.


Save the date: Harvest Hoedown will be celebrated in Bowbells on Saturday, Aug.1.

Mark your calendars because you don’t want to miss this event. More details to come!

If you are interested in being a part of the W.H.O. (Women Helping Others), the meetings are the first Wednesday of the month in the back room of the Dacotah Bank in Bowbells and join the WHO group on Facebook.


The annual meatball dinner is set for Sunday, May 3 starting at 12:30 p.m.
The dinner will be served at the Bethel Lutheran Church in Battleview.


The Relay for Life Team Carebears is holding a product fair in Bowbells on Wednesday, May 6 as a fundraiser. The Carebears will have a bake sale, sell lumineers and serve supper.

Tables are available for $20. Call Sara, 339-0328 or Teri, 596-3809.

The fair will run from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Bowbells City Hall.


North Dakota law requires that you take and pass a Hunter Education Course
* if you were born after December 31, 1961 and/or
* if you will be 12 and plan to buy a hunting license.
Classes will be held at the Bowbells City Hall, starting Friday, April 24 at 6:30 p.m. Meeting dates are April 24, 27-30, and May 1.
You must be 11 years old to take the class. For more information call Mark, 339-0528 or Darris, 377-2133 .


The date has been set for the Old Fashioned Musical Sunday in Flaxton. The musical will be presented on Sunday, April 26 at 2:00 p.m. in the Flaxton Memorial Hall.

Entertainment will include Country Sunshine (Arlo Moberg, Marilyn Albertson, Jim Heglund), The Peterson Family, along with some local talent.

This is a fundraiser for the restoration and preservation of the Memorial Hall. Pie, ice cream and coffee will be served following the program with a freewill offering.

Come spend a fun afternoon of music and visiting.

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