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Students of the Month

The April student of the month for Bowbells School was Alison Carlberg in the elementary.

Alison is the daughter of Cory and April Carlberg.
Alison enjoys going to school to do school work. She loves to learn new things.

Alison stated, “Working hard is very important so I can get good grades.”

Alison reported that her friend, Josie and her mom are two people who work very hard at everything they do. These people are role models to Alison.

When Alison is not at school, she enjoys drawing pictures.
Alison was chosen for her ability to put forth effort and work hard at everything she attempts.

Zack Beard, son of John and Joy Beard, was chosen as the April student of the month for Bowbells High School.

Zack is a student who works very hard and puts forth effort to complete homework tasks.

Zack feels education is important because he enjoys learning.

His parents are his role models who demonstrate strong work ethics.

Zack is involved in basketball, student council and yearbook as extra-curricular activities.

Outside of school, you can find Zack working or hunting.

Student of the Month

Bradon Peterson has been selected as the Student of the Month for March at Burke Central School.
The freshman is involved in student council, football, basketball, track, band, choir, pep club, and is an honor student.

More than 775 undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to walk through Minot State University’s commencement exercises May 15 in the MSU Dome at 10 a.m.

For the convenience of individuals who are not able to attend, the commencement exercises will also be live streamed.

Graduating from this area are Kaylee Dockter, BA, biology, chemistry, Tracy Knutson, BSE, elementary education, and Brittney Peterson, BSE, special education, cum laude, all of Bowbells; Forrest Schiele of Flaxton, BS, accounting, finance; Kortney Arnold of Portal, BA, history, German; Rachel Huseby of Powers Lake, BSE, elementary education, summa cum laude.

Students graduating with honors from Minot State University earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.9 for summa cum laude, 3.75 for magna cum laude and 3.5 for cum laude.

On Friday, May 1 grades 4, 5 and 6 from Burke Central School went to New Town. They visited the Tribal Museum and the earth lodges.

Outdoor Tales


I have pretty much always been a CPR guy–Catch Photo Release bigger fish. Let them go and let them grow as some would say. For me it is more like let them go so someone else might have the opportunity to catch and enjoy them again.

For the record, in North Dakota it is legal to keep any size fish you want (except Red River Catfish) as long as you are within the limits. With that statement I must tell you this is more of a personal whine than an expose of law breaking. Some think it is right and nobody can do a thing about it. (Ok, there is the disclaimer of this column.)

This all started last week when I stopped at Cabelas to buy a Minnesota fishing license. Of course when you go into a Cabelas store you have to make a lap through the store and see if anything is new. I ran into a gentleman who I have known for some years but have never fished with.

We exchanged pleasantries and he said he had to get to Devils Lake as the big girls were running. I thought, oh that is always fun and it is a pretty nice day to stand on shore and catch some nice walleyes and pike.

Before I could even complete my thought, out came the phone with numerous photos of five to eight pound walleyes laying on a cleaning table. Again, this is not illegal but I always get a pit in my stomach at the grossness of such a sight.

“Nice visiting with you, I have to go. Gotta kill when the killing is good.”

I perked up at that one and he looked me in the eye and said when the big fish are running like this we have to get our killing in. In other words I will kill every big fish I can catch.

I am sorry, but I lost some respect for the man at this moment. It pains me to see the gross disregard for our awesome resources and protecting the opportunities for other anglers.

I am just so happy that for the most part the angling community has moved in the direction of CPR for larger fish. Keep some smaller fish for the table and let the larger fish go to grow up or for future opportunity. Of course there is the occasional trophy kept for mounting and the lifelong memory that goes with it and that is great.

This is by far more of a social position than anything but it is one place that I have always dug in my heels.

Since the day I started guiding I have had a no catfish over 24-inch rule even though the legal limit says one can be over.

I even have it in the contract and waiver. Simple reason to put it in was to protect the 15-20 year old trophy cats.

I always tell people when they ask about it (they don’t much) that it is my boat, my rules.

In conclusion, please, please I ask if you get into the trophy fish please enjoy the moment, take photos, make some memories and if you catch a personal best, mount it, but think of the others who want a shot at trophy fish as well.

Catch Photo Release and let the memory live on forever.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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