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Kat Perkins visits the MLS-Mohall School

Students and faculty members from MLS-Mohall and MLS-Sherwood elementary classes gathered in the Donald M. Kolbo Auditorium at the MLS-Mohall School to hear Kat Perkins. Following her performance to the elementary students, Kat spoke to the high school students and staff.

Kat has now gone solo and is making herself very well known. She has also partnered up with Edu Tech and has been traveling throughout schools in North Dakota to discuss social media with students and to share her musical talents.

The first leg of her tour covered 18 cities in 13 days, reaching out to more than 12,620 students. Her final leg this year was from January through May and lasted 14 days, which included a stop in Mohall, as well as in Westhope, and Minot. Each school got to choose among four different focuses for the presentation: Finding Your Passion, Going After Your Dreams, Bullying/Manners, and Making a Positive Impact in the World.

Kat made her appearance in Mohall on Tuesday, May 12th from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. She spoke the first hour to all the MLS-Mohall and MLS-Sherwood elementary students, and then concluded the final hour talking to the MLS-Mohall High School students.

She spoke to the students about her struggles and triumphs while growing up in North Dakota and how she perseveres as she pursues her dreams. She challenged the students to go for their dreams. She told them “Dream It, Do It.” She reminded the students that they always need to be kind and to be fearless. Her performance concluded with her singing her newly released single, “Fearless”.

Kat’s performance at the MLS-Mohall School was made possible through funding from the MLS School, Mohall Fire Department Gaming Fund, and the Mohall City Sales Tax Fund.

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