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Flamingos to Arrive in
Surrounding Communities

Fundraiser for Burke Central Junior Class
Have you heard? The Burke Central Junior Class will be flocking the surrounding communities.

The Junior Class is raising money by transporting flocks of flamingos in Columbus, Portal, Flaxton and Lignite.

If a flock shows up in your yard, you can thank a friend for paying to have them put there. If you really don’t want them to stay their full visit, you can pay to have them removed early.

If you want to designate where they move to, there will be an order form on your door to explain how that works.
To flock a friend there is a $10-$30 donation based on the number of flamingos. The flamingos will visit for around a week.

Don’t worry, the Junior Class will be moving the flamingos, so there is no work for you.
Be on the lookout for flyers with more information, or contact Amy Casteel at Burke Central, 933-2821.

This is meant to be fun and entertaining. The Junior Class asks that you please respect the flamingos as they visit around the communities.

The fundraiser will run this fall until the ground is frozen or there is too much snow to work around and will continue again in the spring.

The class hopes you have as much fun with this fundraiser as they will and appreciates your support.
Happy Flocking!

The battle of the two county teams converged in Powers Lake Thursday evening, Oct. 9. Just a month prior, Sept. 9, the Burke County Titans controlled the Powers Lake Ranchers 3-0 (25-23, 25-18, 25-16) in Bowbells.

The Ranchers were ready to redeem themselves from the earlier district loss and with the return of outside hitter, Brianna Honrud, who was out with a foot injury in the first meeting, were up for the task.

The first set saw several ties from 14-14 all the way to 23-23. The Titans inched ahead 24-23 after a Brook Blom block. Blom ended the set with a kill set up by Taylor Peterson. Titans won set one, 25-23.

The Ranchers dominated the second set. Powers Lake took an early 3-10 lead and never looked back. The Ranchers led 10-20, going up three more points behind two kills by Honrud and an ace serve by Kylie Gunderson. Lakin Peterson (BC) put the ball back in the Titans hands with a kill, but the next BC offensive attack was wide. Sadie Maruskie served for Powers Lake 24-11, but an aggressive Blom answered for BC with a kill. The Ranchers claimed the next point with a powerful block by freshman, Sydney Titus. Powers Lake won 25-12.

Once again the Titans found themselves down early, 2-8, calling a timeout. Burke County rebounded tying the set at 13. The Titans surged ahead 21-18. Leading 24-22, BC served out of bounds. The Ranchers served, and T. Peterson set up middle hitter, L. Peterson perfectly for a solid kill, hitting open floor for the third set victory, 25-23, Titans.

The Ranchers pressed ahead of BC 6-1. The Titans, used to coming from behind, edged to 11-12 behind four consecutive ace serves by Heidi Knutson. With Powers Lake leading 21-18, Grace Hove knocked in an ace serve. The Titans responded with a Knutson kill and another ace serve, narrowing the gap to 22-20. Another L. Peterson kill and a Rancher hitting error tied the game at 22.
A Titan attack was off the mark, with Delaney Clark (PL) up to serve, sparking the Rancher offensive with two consecutive kills (Gunderson and Honrud) set up by Maruskie for a 25-22 Rancher victory, sending the match into a fifth set.

The Ranchers handed the Titans a 3-2 district loss, controlling the fifth set, 15-9.


Kills: Sydney Titus 15, Brianna Honrud 12, Kylie Gunderson 5, Delaney Clark 4, Sadie Maruskie 3, Kinzi Grubb 1.
Assists: Maruskie 23.

Clark 4, Grace Hove 3, Gunderson, Honrud, Maruskie, Grubb and Allison Grote each with 1.

BLOCKS: Titus 3, Gunderson 3, Hove 1 and Maruskie 1.

DIGS: Honrud 18, Grubb 12, Maruskie 10, Clark 9, Grote 4, Hove 3, Gunderson 1, Titus 1.


Kills: Lakin Peterson 16, Brook Blom 12, Haley Allen 3, Heidi Knutson 2 and Reese Heinrich 1.

Assists: Taylor Peterson 25, Heinrich 3, L. Peterson 1, Allen 1.

Aces: Knutson 7, T. Peterson 3, L. Peterson 3, Blom 1.

BLOCKS: L. Peterson 3, Blom 1.

DIGS: T. Peterson 27, Blom 18, Knutson 17, Heinrich 15, L. Peterson 10, Allen 9.

SERVING: Allen, 13/13; T. Peterson 18/19; L. Peterson 17/19; Heinrich 7/8; Knutson 17/21; Blom 5/10.


Powers Lake won the junior varsity match 2-0, with scores of 25-15, 25-17.

Titans Stats:

Kills: Mariah Smart 3, Lexi Mahlum 3, Disa Koppelsloen 2, Haley Beeter 1, Taryn Schmit 1.

Assists: Mahlum 7.

Aces: Sarah Nelson 3, Madison Deckert 2, Schmit 1, Mahlum 1.

DIGS: Schmit 3, Mahlum 2, Deckert, Beeter, Aleyah Fettig, Koppelsloen, S. Nelson and Kiah Nelson, all with 1.

SERVING: Anna Pace 2/2; Haley Beeter 3/3.

Hess Donation Provides Funding for
STEM Equipment at Powers Lake School

Hess Corporation (NYSE: HES) presented $15,000 to the Powers Lake School for the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education program to provide equipment to engage students with ‘hands on’ labs and robotics.

“This contribution will allow the Powers Lake students grades 3-12 to benefit from the introduction of robotics, which will increase their analytical skills and problem solving while thinking creatively and actively participating in the learning experience,” said Marlyn Vatne, Powers Lake Superintendent. “Teaching our students to inquire, reason and analyze will provide backgrounds needed to be assets in all fields of employment.”

“We have committed to growing the STEM educational programs in the schools in Hess’s operational areas,” said Steve McNally, Hess General Manager, North Dakota. “This funding augments our work with the Succeed 2020 initiative which aims to ensure the successful transition from school to college and future careers for all North Dakota students.”

The Succeed 2020 initiative provides North Dakota’s eight regional education associations (REAs) responsibility for implementing this initiative, working in collaboration with a wide range of partners and receiving technical support from FHI 360, a U.S.-based nonprofit development organization that manages the Succeed 2020 program.

Health and wellness are fundamental to the Hess culture and integral to its business.
Hess is proud to invest in high impact programs, especially in the areas of education, health, and community development.

Powers Lake FFA participated in the District Leadership Conference in Stanley Oct. 2.

Those in attendance were (front) Allison, Keilani, Harley, Selah; (middle) Dylan, Skye, Delaney, Tate, Grace, Jessica; (back) Austin, Sydney, Brianna, Sadie, Zachery, Daniel, Tristan.

The Powers lake FFA did a lot of events. The advanced parliamentary procedure team earned a bronze;

Freshman parliamentary procedure teams all received golds; Jessica earned a silver in the creed; Delaney had a bronze in Extemporaneous speaking and both quiz teams earned a bronze;

and Grace placed second in Demonstration speech. They advance to state in June. - Reporter, Tate Enget

Outdoor Tales


Fall has come, gone and charged in again with a vengeance this year. Farmers seem to be hating life as the harvest just seems to drag on and on. From an outdoors perspective it has been a great fall with a few headaches mixed in, mostly wind.

From everything I have been seeing and hearing, the hunting season has been fruitful for most. I know many who have been getting great limits of Canada Geese with good bags of ducks and upland game. It sounds like if you put in the effort you will be rewarded.

I chose not to hunt this year. (I’m sure you are shocked.) I guided right up until the catfish turned off and since have been trying to fish for myself whenever I can; mostly enjoying Devils Lake and the walleyes that call the Red River home.

This past week was the first week of “real” walleye fishing in the river for this year. The conditions are perfect right now and there are lots of fish to be caught. The only downfall is I am not all that experienced at catching them and don’t have very many spots to fish.

But like anything else it takes time in the field or on the water to learn so here I am on my new adventure.
While I find it intimidating it is also a good challenge to keep the angling skills sharp.

River fishing is always an adventure when you are fishing with minnows or night crawlers as you never know what is on the end of the line when you set the hook.

In three outings last week we landed seven species of fish with a jig and a minnow, fishing in only four different spots.

We caught walleyes, sauger, goldeyes, carp, white bass, sheephead and stonecat. It is safe to say that the action was good just not always the fish we were targeting.

I mentioned earlier that the wind has been just amazing this fall (more like awful but let’s be positive) and that has really put a damper on Devils Lake fishing.

Some of the days would have been fine with a couple of buddies but it was just Braden and me and I just could not fathom the idea of trying to launch and load a boat in wave conditions with a four-year-old looking on. It just seemed like a bad idea at the time.

Wind on the lake dictates the plan, no problem when you have a river nearby. We just go there instead.
Unless it is a stiff upstream wind you are pretty unaffected by it and can enjoy a day of fishing without getting blown away. I guess there are some advantages to fishing in a hole lined with trees.

There is still a lot of fall left (I hope) so make sure you get out and enjoy it in some way. Whether it is a walk down the street, a day of chasing walleyes, or a day in the field hunting, enjoy it somehow before the snow flies and we all get trapped inside.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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