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Upon getting the blood moving, everyone is invited to a freewill continental breakfast sponsored by the women of the three churches in town. The breakfast will be served from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Graciously giving of their time and delicious food, you are invited to join them beginning at 8:00 a.m. at the Bowbells Memorial Hall as we welcome all our friends and neighbors, in friendly laid back fellowship.

Once you have a full tummy, get your lawn chair ready on Roosevelt Avenue for the parade starting at 10:30 a.m. Entries from area businesses and families are sure to delight all spectators.
If you are interested in being in the parade, call Michelle at 339-0065 to register today.

At 12:00 noon, the Women Helping Others and CHS SunPrairie Grain is sponsoring an appreciation meal consisting of hamburgers, salads and dessert at the Bowbells Memorial Hall for the Bowbells Fire Department and Ambulance Services.

For just $5.00 you can enjoy a lunch and support your emergency service providers. All proceeds donated.

Meet at the softball field at 2:00 p.m. to watch players from the men’s and women’s Bowbells teams compete in a just for fun Battle of the Sexes softball game.

From 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. Rolling Thunder Games will bring bouncy activities for the children in the park.

Dacotah Bank is also holding their annual free meal in the park from 5:00-6:00 p.m. serving up pulled pork, beans, chips and dessert.

Come and spend time with your neighbors and friends enjoying a meal while the children play.

Rounding up the evening’s festivities the local band, M & M Band from Donnybrook will provide music for the street dance on 1st Street, beginning at 8:00 p.m. until midnight. Black Gold Saloon will be hosting the beer gardens.

Also, don’t forget the city-wide rummage sales beginning at 8:00 a.m. and running throughout the day. To get your sale on the list contact Melissa at 310-0176 by Aug. 14.

Flyers of the sales can be picked up at the Farmers Union in Bowbells the day of the sales.

W.H.O ladies will also have a limited amount of Harvest Hoedown T-shirts on sale throughout the day; and Bowbells Firemen will be selling raffle tickets to win a Gator.

This fun packed day is possible by the great support of local sponsors.



Larry Skaare and Jim Erickson of Oasis Petroleum presented the board with a map showing the wells they plan on drilling. They stated the drilling will not interfere with road work and want a good relationship. They plan to return with a new map every quarter. They also requested, prior notice of road closures, if possible, due to weather, etc.
Burke-Divide was granted a Utility Occupancy (road bore) permit.

Ken Tetrault reported on dust control and he feels it’s very effective, showing a video as evidence.
The department has reclaimed three state gravel pits which need to be fenced and seeded for a year.

Three semi loads of hot mix was put on Main Street in Northgate after using the Asphalt Zipper to prepare the road.
The PVC pipe has been set in the parking lot for the generator which will be on the old coal auger site.

They have been busy mowing ditches, graveling roads, and riprapping.
Jeff Ebsch reported that modifications are needed on the paperwork for Burke County Road 1. The cost to concrete the pathway and curbing on the north side will be done later this week by Unlimited Concrete Construction for a cost of $22,581.

A preconstruction meeting for Burke County Road 7 was held with representatives from Central Specialties. Work will begin in about three weeks with a completion date of October, 2014.


Barry Jager reported he is visiting with Powers Lake and Bowbells Fire Departments and Portal Ambulance for Oil Impact Grants for EMS, closing date of Aug. 29.

Reverse 9-1-1 is up and running. Cell phone users need to download an app for it to work. You can download an application from either the Googleplay store on android devices or the App Store for I phone or I pad devices; type in Ping4alerts in the search engine.

A grant was received for full reimbursement on courthouse security. He is waiting for reimbursement on a radio grant.


Jensen reporting on the State Auditor’s Convention, discussing overtime, NDDOT in particular, as audits are being done. The Auditor and Commissioners need to be more diligent in keeping track of overtime in all departments.
The commissioners carried a motion to put 9-1-1 on the ballot to raise the cost to $1.50.

A letter of recommendation for Hazel Herman was presented for the Chairman’s signature. Hazel has been nominated by the State Treasurers’ Association for an Excellence in County Government Award.

The terms of a number of county board appointees have expired. Auditor will contact previous appointees to see if they will be willing to continue to serve. This includes the Water Management Board, Weed Board, Social Services Board, School Reorganization Board and Planning and Zoning Council.


Sheriff Cude requested an executive meeting.
“I would like to avoid a pony show. I would like to resolve this peacefully and try to come to a resolution,” stated Cude. “I want to work with you guys, and ask that it be respectful.”

According to the ND Century Code, an executive (closed) meeting can only be held for very specific purposes, the commissioners agreed to a special (open) meeting on Aug. 8.


Former Sheriff, Barry Jager met with County Commissioner Terry Nelson Tuesday following the commissioner meeting Monday, Aug. 4 where allegations were made that Sheriff Jager overspent the Sheriff Office travel budget leaving a balance of $1862.58 as of August 2014.

Former Sheriff Jager left office on May 23, the balance in the travel budget at this time was $22,680.04 or 41.24%.
The Burke County Sheriff Office also receives reimbursement from a Stonegarden Grant for fuel and mileage costs. The Stone Garden Grant is awarded to provide additional man hours in monitoring and patrolling the U.S. Border in support of the U.S. Border Patrol.

The reimbursement for fuel and mileage is approximately $1725.00 a month which is deposited into a Homeland Security/Stonegarden account. These monies are utilized for additional expenditures such as fuel costs, vehicles maintenance, etc.

The balance in the Homeland Security/Stonegarden account as of June, 2014 was $10,921.80.

With these figures in mind upon former Sheriff Jager’s departure, the Burke County Sheriff Office travel budget being $22,680.04 and the Homeland Security/Stonegarden account being $10,921.80, the totals that could be utilized for travel expenditures would be approximately $33,601.84.

Since June of 2014 to August of 2014, the Burke County Sheriff’s Office has expended $20,817.46 from its travel budget.

Petition for

A group of concerned Burke County residents have submitted a petition with over the 50 needed signatures to the Attorney General’s office to have Sheriff Michael Cude removed.

The law allows for the governor to remove certain officials if the official is guilty of misconduct, malfeasance, crime in office, neglect of duty or habitual substance abuse or gross incompetence.

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has 30 days to review the petition, investigate the case and make a recommendation to the governor.

The governor can dismiss the complaint or appoint a special commissioner to hold a hearing. He makes the final decision based on the hearing report.


My name is Josh and I have been cell phone free for three days.

I quit cold turkey, as quitters sometimes say to emphasis their iron will and strange disdain for tepid poultry.
I prefer cold turkey, especially during these dog days of summer when creating hot turkey would turn your home into a sweat lodge. Besides any turkey left to linger into August is most likely some sort of degenerate wayward bird not worth the gravy you lace it with.

The shunning of the smart alec phone is in no way a show of my iron will, although I am able to fully commit to things stranger and more difficult than unhinging myself from the tether that has tied me to the new world order of communication, connectivity, and Google for so long.

Without the all-knowing Google at my beck and call I have been forced to simply wonder and ponder how many different dogs played Lassie and other such questions that perpetually haunt humanity.

It has been a quiet three days with no intrusive pings, dings, or rattles vying for my immediate and constant attention.

The side effects of the iPhonectomy have been minimal thus far. Very little discomfort, no uncontrollable bowel issues or persistent longing for screen tapping.

There have been a few phantom vibrations in my pant’s pocket but my doctor has assured me they are unrelated to prolonged cell phone exposure…the nurse giggled…I blushed…so it goes.

The reason behind this cold turkey episode was that one of the perks of my job was that my employer supplied me with a cell phone so they could be sure to have access to me whenever and wherever my person may be at any given time.

That particular employer is no longer employing me as I have moved on to what I hope to be greener, lusher and much more intellectually stimulating pastures. As is, the nature of pasture’s cell phones are not standard issue. They spook the cattle.

No, I’m not going to work on a ranch, Wranglers make me talk funny and flip-flops create anxiety amongst hens which negatively affects their egg production.

Chadron State College was kind enough to bring me on board and hand me the keys to a classroom full of unsuspecting and highly impressionable college students. No cell phone required.

So far being off the iLeash has been quite pleasant and has stirred a yearning for the way things were prior to all the iClutter that has inundated our lives.

I admit that many of these devices bring quite a measure of convenience to our day-to-day lives but waiting for the next available customer service representative one more time may put me over the edge.

The only thing that keeps my dander down when I’m forced to call these gurus of the gadgetry is to mentally chant the mantra “I’m not them.” When I hang up it’s over for me but for them it’s the beginning of another problem solving fun fest with a shiny new knucklehead.
One after another…day in and day out.

Enjoy what’s left of the summer. In a few weeks your kids will be someone else’s problem.

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