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1st, Nate Brandt of Stanley;
2nd, Brandyn Ganskop of Flaxton;
3rd, Nick Lund of Crosby;
4th, Brand Parks of Mohall;
5th, Marcus Bjergaard of Bowbells;
6th, Coltin Glearee of Minot;
7th, Tom Morgel of Portal;
8th, Jacob Behles of Garrison;
9th, Alvin Larson of Flaxton;
10th, Taylor Wenstad of Minot.

Crowd favorite was won by #65 Tom Morgel of Portal.

During intermission twelve youngsters took over the track with their power wheels, each completing one lap and all receiving trophies.

IMCA Modified driver, Steve Pfeifer showed what a modified would do on the ¼ track.
The hosts are very thankful of Steven’s generosity and look forward to having him again.

Raffle winners were as follows:
CZ Upland 12 gauge over and under-Ryan Billadeau of Dickinson;
Henry Silver Eagle 22 lever rifle-Ronald Brandy of Stanley;
Ruger 357 Double Action Revolver-DeAnna Heinze of Surrey;
Ruger American 270 w/redfield scope-David Fugere of Dunseith;
Hamak 16 drawer toolbox- Chad Desjariais of Belcourt;
Montezuma tool box-Ricky Smith of Portal; and
North County Mercantile Gift Certificate-Kathy Folske of Bowbells.

The younger Peterson was usually found on the opposite side of the net, digging up balls while her sister practiced spiking, pushing and serving.

Peterson started her varsity career as an eighth grader, a defensive specialist, playing the back row. She tallied 117 digs that season.

As a freshmen in 2011, Peterson moved to the setter position in a 6-2 format and led the Titans with 166 digs.
In Peterson’s sophomore year, she totaled 272 digs and last year collected 254 digs.

The senior setter also cleared the 1000th assist mark. She accumulated her assists as follows: 2010-2; 2011-208; 2012-216; 2013-280.

Two former Titan players have reached 1000 assists, Kelsey Fagerland in 2003 and Leda Raudales in 2008.

“Taylor is always positive,” stated Titan Coach, Amanda Patch. “I’ve never seen her give up in a game. She gives her all and always pumps up her team. She is a great team player.”

Peterson has been named to the All-District 16 Volleyball Team both her sophomore and junior year.


No one appeared for or against weather modification.
The commissioners approved a motion to establish temporary weather modification not to exceed four years.

They also designated the Burke County Water Management to serve as the temporary modification authority. Ryberg recommended the county send Barry Jager as a representative as he is the Emergency Management director.


The budget hearing was held at 10:30 a.m. with no one appearing before the commissioners. The 2015 budget was approved as printed in the Burke County Tribune, Sept. 24.


The Commissioners and Jeannie Jensen, Auditor went over the real estate the county has acquired by Tax Deed for non-payment of taxes to be sold at public auction.
The first property discussed was the EZ Snowmobile Riders Club building and lot northeast of Bowbells. The commissioners must set a price at fair market value. The county is asking $3000.

The county is asking $10,000 for the old hardware store on Main Street in Bowbells.
The third property is the lot next to the old hardware store on the corner. Asking price is $3000.

Property, Lot 7-9, Block 27, has a little duplex on Main Street, across from the Bowbells City Park. Commissioners set the price at $5000.
The price for two vacant lots with water and sewer in Columbus, Block 17, was set at $2200.

In Lignite, the Clingman Oilfield Solutions property with a small house on 2½ lots will be $15,000.


Deputy Jeremy Grohs, representing the Sheriff’s Office, reported that one dog is being housed in Crosby, but not being utilized, and Chief Deputy Nick Throntveit has the second one. Chief Deputy Throntveit wants to wait until after the election to make a decision on what to do with the dogs.

Deputy Grohs addressed the board on where things are at with the office now that the audit is complete. They did find payments, checks for road and truck permits dating back to Aug. 6.
Criminal case file information has now been forwarded to the appropriate channels.

Training certifications for three officers had not been sent to the State. The officers will have to redo the training for the office to get the accreditation for it.
Unpaid bills amounting to approximately $3500, dating back to June were discovered. Deputies, Throntveidt and Grohs found numerous unnecessary expenditures such as gold plated, brass collar pins that can’t be returned as they were personalized at a cost of $32 a piece, for a cost of almost $400.

The office vehicles were “a complete mess,” stated Deputy Grohs, finding garbage and food in them. All vehicles needed maintenance (oil changes, tires rotated).

A complete, detailed inventory is going to be done. The office is clean, going back to daily logs. “Accountability is getting back in place,” stated Deputy Grohs.
The Sheriff’s Office has hired another deputy (Oct. 6) from Rolette County with nine years of experience. He is trained and qualified.


Our daughter, Sierra, returned home for a visit this weekend. Her first time back from college, and the first we’ve seen of her, since we parted ways in Bozeman back in August.

The first we’ve seen of her in person anyway.
There have been numerous sightings of her via Facebook. Pictures of her hiking…pictures of her mountain biking…pictures of her white water rafting…pictures of her rock climbing. In essence, a pictorial montage of the poor girl trying to mask her homesickness.

To the casual observer the massive smile on that mask is fairly effective in portraying someone thoroughly enjoying college life, but a father is not a casual observer.

A father sees right through that massive smile. A father sees a girl desperately missing home. A father doesn’t see sweat and river water he sees sorrowful tears. A father…ah who am I trying to kid, the girl is having the time of her life…and she has good grades.

As long as those two can coincide I have no problems.
The life of college students is such a grueling affair who can blame them for letting off a little steam now and then with all that the Big Sky state has to offer.

It’s a good thing I went to college in Aberdeen, SD where the two biggest distractions from studying were watching it snow and shoveling snow.

I managed to squeeze a little fun out of my time in college (a little more than some, a little less than someone…I’m sure) but good grades and good times did not coexist in a congenial manner for me.

Fortunately for Sierra a relatively even split of genetics has made it possible for her to balance the two ends of this college equation.

A relentless drive for academic success from me and an eye for all things fun, funny, and frivolous from her mother (historical accuracy is always at the mercy of the writer).

That’s why my wife stalked and wooed me 20 years ago in college. She needed someone serious and studious to balance out her penchant for partying so her children had half a chance of being productive citizens and resist the urge to become pixy dust spreaders on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

Hard to believe it’s been 20 years since she set her diabolical plan into action.

Dawn and I went back to our old alma mater a few weeks ago for homecoming. She had an alumni gathering for the track and cross-country team to attend and I went along as her arm candy…as usual.

It was fun to see some familiar faces who shared our time and place at Northern State.

Twenty years of living had exerted itself to varying degrees on all of us. Some more fortunate than others.
Some hadn’t changed much at all and some you had to squint and use your imagination a little more extensively to see who you saw 20 years ago.

I have a good imagination but it does have its limits.
It was enjoyable to visit and catch up with all the goings on in some of their lives…some not so much.

Some were able to jar your memory right quick on why you were never really chums 20 years ago.
If only our appearance was as resilient to the passage of time as our personality.

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