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At that time, over 600 children enjoyed entertainment by the volunteers and the meal, especially being served cake, “a tremendous treat for them,” said Fraunfelter.

The group is kicking off the fundraising with a Movie Night on Saturday, Sept. 6 in the church yard, to be aired at 9:00 p.m.

The movie, “Heaven is for Real,” will be shown on a 12 foot inflatable screen. The event is freewill.

According to their website, Heart for Uganda was founded by Alissa Cooper Sande, who resigned from her elementary teaching position in 2008 to fulfill her childhood dream of rescuing children in Africa.

Their primary purpose for existence is to carry the hope and love of Jesus to the despairing in Uganda and empower them to create a better future for themselves. “We endeavor to do this by rescuing the orphaned and vulnerable children, providing educational and medical services to the community, encouraging spiritual development through church and discipleship programs, offering employment opportunities, and inspiring children and adults by our words and actions.”

Heart for Uganda is headquartered in Clarion County, PA and partners with God’s Care Ministries in Kyenjojo, Uganda.
Gunderson has a Facebook page with pictures and updated speaking engagements, Cait’s 81 days in Uganda.

Tami Chrest, Social Services, explained that the State decides their budget guidelines and is not negotiable. She will be updating the computers for her staff.

Bonnie Bohnsack, Clerk of Court/Recorder, requested an additional $2500 to run two offices.

Ken Tetrault, road foreman, requested a $20,000 increase in fuel as they are running more equipment and hauling the county’s own gravel; put in to purchase a Bobcat and trailer, a packer, and mower tractor. He’s looking into leasing a mower tractor if at all possible. He mentioned motor grader tires as its own line items; to replace a set of tires is $10,000.

Barry Jager, 911/emergency management/grant writer requested a $3000 salary increase, which would cover all three departments.

Zeke Isakson, veterans service officer, had no changes.

Other Business
Road Foreman

Cornerstone requested an approach permit on Burke County #2 and a bore road permit for water and gas line which were both approved by the commission.

Ken Tetrault reported Oasis constructed an approach on Burke County #10 without applying for a permit. There are now three approaches within a very short distance. The company will need to remove the existing approach.
“They need to follow the same rules like everybody else,” stated Commissioner Terry Nelson.

The parking lot is ready for paving as the cement work has been completed by the shop and sheriff’s office. The parking lot will have more spaces, and will need to discuss curb stops at the next meeting.

Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering reported on the parking lot, stating hopefully the lot will be ready after Labor Day.

Work for Lakeview Township has been completed with 825 feet of fabric laid and gravel brought in and also working on another project for them.

Chip sealing will be done on Burke County 7 & 16, and the entrance into Columbus from the railroad south. “I’m not sure if we can save it or not,” stated Tetrault, during discussion on the road into Columbus.


Jeanine Jensen has registered everyone for the Association of Counties Conference, Oct. 12-14.
The county car’s ignition is under recall and she recommended the car not be used by employees until it is fixed. She has received notice that there are no parts to fix the problem at this time.

Jensen read a letter from the Mayor of Portal City in regards to the building on 26 Main Street. It is a health and safety issue and needs to be removed. Tetrault will screw plywood to the doors to deny access to the building. A meeting will be set up with the Portal Council to discuss what to do. An estimate is needed for cost of removal and a place needs to be found to haul the remains.

Planning & Zoning

Marla MacBeth reported on two buildings permits, one for a new house in Garness Township and a garage in Battleview Township. Sandbergs Redi Mix has requested a conditional use permit to open a gravel pit in Foothills Township. All three were approved.

Gary Tande has resigned from the board. MacBeth is looking for someone who is interested in the process and willing to be on the board. She will report back to the commissioners next meeting with a list of names.

States Attorney

Amber Fiesel, states attorney, read the updated employee handbook on personal driver’s license which replaced the July 7th policy. Jensen also asked to add “permanent summer hours.”

The commissioners also discussed weather modification authority which the commissioners were in favor of “giving it a try.”


About six Augusts ago our family started doing a “See Ya Later Summer” meal where we go out to eat and mourn the passing of yet another summer.

We look back fondly as our Coppertone comrades’ jaunty steps gradually slow to a gasping shuffle.
Summer moves amongst the wilted flowers and discarded popsicle sticks refusing to look back and acknowledge the slow steady advance of its old nemesis, Fall.

Our “See Ya Later Summer” meal used to be pizza at a picnic table by the kids’ favorite playground but the kids don’t have much use for playgrounds anymore so we upgraded to one of those “sit down” type restaurants this year…so it goes.
The agenda for the “See Ya Later Summer” meal doesn’t vary much from year-to-year.

I ask what the fondest memory of the past summer was, what they enjoyed most…so forth and so on. They are teenagers so usually I have to settle for the usual teenage response to such parental proddings, “I don’t know.”

This year I made a more future focused addition to the agenda and asked them what they hoped to accomplish between this “See Ya Later Summer” meal and the next.
This elicited the same thoughtful response of, “I don’t know.”

Sierra eventually offered up that she hopes to successfully complete her freshman year of college (good idea) and Jackson said, sarcastically I hope, “get loaded and have a good time.” One for two isn’t bad.

The answers they give aren’t as important to me as getting them to simply think about the questions. At least it makes me feel better to “think” I’ve made them reflect on the past and ponder the future.

Change is the natural order of things when you have children. They’re never content to just stay kids.
They grow up…I grow old…beats the alternative I assume.
Last week we did our yearly measurements of the kids and Jackson managed to grow up about an 1/8 inch taller than his father.

We stood back to back and when my wife announced the results Jackson turned, chest bumped me, and exclaimed, “New alpha male, Pops!”

I returned a chest bump of my own and applied a quick choke hold to demonstrate the fact that alpha male status has little to do with height…then I went to lift weights to prepare for the young pup’s next attack.

Like fall’s inevitable advance on summer, the boy is gaining on me and seems pretty happy about the entire turn of events. A little too happy for my taste.

After I reviewed the stats my wife recorded regarding our height, I came to the conclusion that he didn’t catch me, we sort of met going in opposite directions.

I claimed to be 5’10” when I went to college back in 1991 and scaled that back to a more realistic 5’9” after a particularly detestable woman working at the Department of Motor Vehicle snidely questioned my claim of 5’10”.

I know better than to mess with DMV so I decided to forgo any mention of her facial hair and left an inch shorter than when I entered.

But now it appears somewhere along the way I’ve misplaced another inch as my wife listed me closer to 5’8” in the alpha male showdown with Junior.

I know people shrink as they age but I had always assumed that applied to “other” people.

I’ll be in my hammock if you need me…if I’m still tall enough to get in it.

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