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So why sit on the sidelines and be just a consumer when you can take an active role in a co-op?

Solve a problem. Participate. Join.
Take ownership!

Appreciation events scheduled for Co-op Month include a pancake and sausage breakfast, Thursday, Oct. 15 (sponsored by NCC & BDEC). The breakfast will be from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the Senior Citizens Center in Powers Lake.

Kids ages Pre-K to Grade 6 can participate in a coloring contest. Coloring sheets can be obtained from their school or at the NCC Business Office in Ray. Individual and classroom prizes will be awarded.

“It is crucial to the overall health of North Dakotans that they get the flu vaccine each and every year,” Wrigley said. “My family and I believe it is important to protect ourselves during the flu season and that is why we choose to be vaccinated.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone age six months and older be vaccinated against the flu, especially the following people at high risk for complications:

*All children ages 6 months through 4 years

*All adults 50 and older

*Residents of long-term care facilities

People of any age who have long-term health problems, such as:

-Heart disease

-Lung disease

-Kidney disease




-Weakened immune systems due to HIV/AIDS and cancer treatments

-Breathing problems due to neuromuscular disorders

-Pregnant women

-American Indians/Alaska Natives

-People who are morbidly obese

People who could spread the disease to those at high risk – such as health-care workers, out-of-home caregivers, parents and caregivers of infants younger than 6 months and household contacts – also should be vaccinated.

Vaccination clinics are being planned by local public health units across the state and vaccinations available from many doctors and pharmacists.

Several school located influenza vaccination clinics will be held throughout the state as well. Residents are encouraged to contact their local public health unit, doctor or pharmacist for information about vaccine availability in their area.

REMEMBER: A flu vaccine can protect not only you, but everyone around you.


Happy Fall y’all. It seemed that the heat of summer extended its reach further along the calendar than normal this year. Then again, considering my family and the influence that the village of Lignite has on a person, I’m quite confident I’ve never possessed a sound judgment of “normal” so I’ll just assume this sort of thing happens on occasion.

What I do know is the parts of my person that have been relegated to a swampy existence since the arrival of the summer swelter are reviling in the cool fall breeze. Growing up in the southern suburbs of Saskatchewan does not effectively acclimate one to extended periods of swelter, and when there is unceasing swelter, it generally prompts bouts of swelter induced anger. (I just wanted to see how many times I could squeeze “swelter” into one sentence).

You ever get stuck on or struck by a word? You’ve heard it, seen it, or said it countless times and then one day for no particular reason it just sounds odd?

Odd, and sometimes downright funny, and you find yourself saying it out loud, over and over, and laughing, over and over? No? Me neither, just checking.

How about “gulag” or “mollycoddle”?

Incidentally, there’s quite a chasm (another fun word) between gulag and mollycoddle.

I say “show hall” from time to time and people seem to find that odd and/or entertaining. Hoity-toity big city folk are a strange bunch.

Speaking of odd and/or entertaining, I had the opportunity to visit with Jason Hysjulien, who along with his wife, Marsha, took over ownership of the 109 Club in Lignite a few months back. Here’s what I learned.

History of 109 ownership?

“Oldest building in Lignite, built in 1911. It was originally a pool hall, barber shop, and living quarters.

Went through a few hands in the past 100 or so years, but most recently; Ray Moritz from 1951-1967; Evelyn Byrud, 1967-1983 (incidentally, she gave the name 109 based on a horrible bowling score, for years one could win a drink at bowling alley for rolling a 109); and Laurie and Maureen Chrest, 1983-2015.”

What motivated you to become owners?

“Autonomy. I love to BS, but not a big drinker. Like to see people having a good time. In any small town this is where everyone congregates. Marsha has worked for years in this business and now we have a chance to do for ourselves.”

Any changes in store for the 109 or sticking with the tried and true?

“Same name, everyone knows this as the 109. Same service. Same clean restrooms. Maureen and Laurie ran such a great place for so many years we just basically don’t want to screw it up. Changes? Live music on demand.

Not a big hunter. These head mounts really creep me out! People may see a gradual evolution as this place takes on a look more reflective of our tastes and interests.”

Was this something you had been pondering for a while?

“Yes, for years. Quite frankly the ever reaching arm of Big Brother gave me much pause and trepidation concerning this endeavor. The days of letting Swede Edwards drive home at 25 mph are over. I’m working on a flop house.”

Anything else you would like to add?

“I have always loved how this bar, and it has a reputation for being hard to leave. When I lived in Lignite and had somewhere to be and needed off-sale, I would sometimes drive to Kenmare as it would take less time than trying to get out of this place as there was always someone buying you a round. It always has been, and will continue to be, the kind of place where you want to take a date, or your family. Good crowd, good times, no riffraff.”
“No riffraff”?

That’s all up to interpretation.

Enjoy the lovely, cool fall breeze before things turn ugly and frigid (sorta like that date you took to the crop judging finals in high school).

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