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The Burke County Titans hosted Divide County in a District 16 battle Tuesday, Feb. 4 in Lignite.

The Titans jumped out early hot from the outside with four three-pointers (Bradon Peterson 2, Cole Nelson 1 and Jonathan Blue 1). The Titans marched to a 22-12 lead after one quarter.

Blue added another five points in the second and brothers, Josh and Jay Baumann; Matthew Hinds and Josh Kihle all put points on the board in the second for a 37-18 halftime lead.

Hinds went to work in the third quarter, tallying 8 of his 17 points. Kihle added 4, giving the Titans a 49-25 lead heading into the final stanza.
The Titans held off the Maroons for a 62-47 victory.

Scoring for BC were Hinds 17, Kihle 13, Peterson 10, Blue 10, C. Nelson 5, Jay Baumann 4, Josh Baumann 3.

Kihle and Hinds each nabbed 11 rebounds and 3 blocks. Blue and Jay Baumann grabbed 4 boards.

Peterson and Kihle each made 4 assists. Kihle also led the team with 4 steals, Blue and Peterson each had 3.


The Powers Lake Ranchers hosted North Shore-Plaza in nondistrict action Thursday, Feb. 4.

Powers Lake had a one point advantage after one quarter, 13-12 with Aiden Nordloef, Logan Klitzke, Terek and Tate Enget each contributing to the Ranchers’ score.

Powers Lake fell behind in the second with a 21-27 halftime score.

The Ranchers put up 27 points in the third quarter behind a total team effort (Tate Enget 4, Klitzke 7, Justin VanBerkom 3, Matthew Hager 3, Kyle VanBeriom 2, Nordloef 8). With the offensive blast, Powers Lake pushed ahead 48-39 after three quarters.

Despite poor freethrow shooting, 2/11, the Ranchers held off the Wildcats for a 58-55 victory.

Scoring were Nordloef 17, Klitzke 15, Tate Enget 8, Terek Enget 7, Hager 5, J. VanBerkom 3, K. VanBerkom 3.

As you may know we have been put in the unfortunate situation of having to consider the future of our football co-op.

The North Dakota High School Activities Association (NDHSAA) puts together two-year football plans and they have just announced their plan for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years.

In order to determine the plan NDSHAA takes male enrollment for grades 7-10 (as these will be the 9-12 graders when the plan begins) and applies some weighting factors for economically disadvantaged students. Once they have total enrollments they break the schools down into various classes (AAA, AA, A, or 9 man).

In the new plan (beginning fall of 2017), Stanley/Powers Lake will be the smallest AA team with nine other teams from across the state.

The other teams in class AA will be Jamestown, Devils Lake, St. Mary’s (Bismarck), Shanley (Fargo), Watford City, Turtle Mountain (Belcourt), Wahpeton, Valley City, and Dickinson Trinity.

Some of our concerns with the new football plan include the long distances we will have to travel for our games as well as safety concerns for our students. There are also serious concerns about our sub-varsity programs (junior high and junior varsity). When we are in class AA it becomes extremely difficult to find games for our junior high and JV student-athletes.

We all agree the co-op has been a success, with two state championships and numerous playoff appearances in only 14 seasons. We held a co-op meeting on Thursday, Jan. 28 where board members, school administration and coaches gathered to talk about different options regarding the future of our co-op.

One option being considered is dissolution of the Stanley/Powers Lake co-op. If this option is followed Powers Lake would look to create a new co-op or join another existing co-op and Stanley would go back down to class A and play on their own.

There is a time factor on this decision as NDHSAA is requiring that schools let them know by June 1, 2016 if there are going to be any changes to existing co-ops.

At the January 28th co-op meeting both schools expressed the desire to have public input on this matter since it was felt the co-op has been good for the Powers Lake and Stanley schools and communities.

Another joint meeting between both boards and administration has been tentatively set for the beginning of March so both Stanley and Powers Lake can continue to explore as many options as possible. At that meeting we will try to determine how best to receive public input. Options for public input being considered may include one or all of the following options: public forum, social media, and/or online surveys.

All agreed this is an unfortunate situation and that had it not been for the new football plan we would not be looking at potentially disbanding our co-op.

It is important to note this decision will only affect the football co-op and will take effect during the 2017-2018 school year. The other co-ops (track and speech) would not be affected by this decision.

(back) Princess Kassidy Marschner, Princess Brook Blom and Queen Reese Heinrich; (front) Aniyah Wafford and Rhypp Ragle.

The Burke County Titans hosted two teams last week, Tioga on Monday, Feb. 1 and Divide County, Tuesday, Feb. 2. The Titans went 1-1 with a 46-32 victory over Tioga and falling 30-67 to Divide County.

The Titans led at all quarter stops against the Pirates, 9-2, 16-9, 26-21. The Pirates made it interesting, tying the game at 26 with 7:11 to go, but the Titans scored 20 points to close out the game, 46-32.

Titan scorers were Sara Nelson 10, Lexi Mahlum 5, Heidi Knutson 12, Mia Blom 2, Brynlee Ganskop 2, Morgan Heinrich 6, Kayleen Kihle 7 and Aleta Gamble 2.

“Tonight was one of our best games defensively all year,” stated Titan Coach Aaron Haggin. “The girls came out of the gates ready to play defense. We got into a little foul trouble early, but we never quit fighting. We shot a season best 76% from the freethrow line, making 19 out of 25. The girls played hard as a team and when Tioga tied the game at 27 with about five minutes left they stepped up their defense and outscored Tioga 19-5 in the final minutes. It felt great to get our first district win of the season and the girls definetly earned it tonight.”

vs. Divide Co.

Divide County led at all quarter stops 16-9, 39-15, 47-21, 67-30.
Scoring were Nelson 2, Mahlum 2, Knutson 4, Blom 4, Lexi Kreklau 2, M. Heinrich 3, Kihle 5, Reese Heinrich 6 and Gamble 2.


The Powers Lake Ranchers hosted North Shore-Plaza in nondistrict action Thursday, Feb. 4. The Ranchers led at all quarter stops, 16-6, 26-11, 40-17, 47-27.

Brianna Honrud led Powers Lake with 20 points. Also scoring were Grace Hove 7, Sydney Titus 7, Jessica Rosencrans 5, Sadie Maruskie 3, Keilani Rystedt 3, Madison Fraunfelter 1 and Kinzi Grubb 1.

Outdoor Tales


We had something pretty crazy (at least for me) happen last weekend. Myself, Braden and my buddy Brad had a guy’s weekend in the outdoors and there was no fishing or even fishing gear with. This is far cry from normal for us.

How this came about was the weather forecast was for some above normal heat and looked pretty decent all around. I was supposed to go to see the Sioux play Colorado College in hockey on Saturday. Saturday was also Brad’s birthday and he was planning to head up to his family getaway in northern Minnesota.

We were talking and he said he was going to take the new snowmobile that we picked up a few weeks back and give it a good run. He said we could join him if we wished and do some sledding and other outdoor activities. Well with nice weather, you never ask Braden twice if he wants to go to “Brad’s Cabin” and this new snowmobile was sitting right next to mine on my trailer.

I opted out of the hockey game and the plan was hatched. This would be a good time to get Braden on a snowmobile and get mine off the trailer for the first time in two years.

We arrived up north around noon, turned on the heat and had a quick lunch. We headed out to get the sleds unloaded and started. Mine started well but after nearly two years would it run right?

I took off across the field to find out, not realizing I left a five-year-old behind thinking he was forgotten.

I was not gone but five minutes so no harm done I guess. We then headed for a trails system in the woods of northern Minnesota. We stopped for photos at the US/Canada marker on the border and a giant rock in the middle of the forest along our travels. About 25 miles on the first trail ride and Braden was asking for more.

After a quick snack we hooked up a sled to my snowmobile so Braden could experience his first real sled ride. (I think every kid needs to get to the country and have a real sled ride.)

We went around the yard, through a field, over the road and into a grass field eventually making a track so to speak. He thought it was a hoot but in the deeper snow has not figured out the leaning thing to stay on the sled.

The day must have been successful because we had a boy asking to go to bed at 8 p.m. on a Saturday.

Sunday we got up and had a nice breakfast.

Before the coffee was gone a certain five-year-old had his clothes on and was outside waiting for us to get out there so we could go for another snowmobile ride. We put on another 20 miles in the woods while stopping at the big rock again.

We arrived back at the cabin, hooked up the sled and ran another few miles with him in the sled.

All in all it was a great guy’s weekend in the woods doing guy stuff and we didn’t even fish once or even think about it.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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