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Subscribe to the Burke County Tribune, by calling 701-377-2626 or e-mailing to tribune@nccray.netMonday, October 20, 2014
Motor Events
Not Dampened
by Cold Weather

On Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 4 & 5, B & G Oilfield Services, Morgel Farms and Holter Welding hosted two days of motor events at the Burke County Fairgrounds.

Promoter for the events was Terri Morgel of Portal.

Saturday event winners were as follows:

Luke Quigley of Kenmare-Hornet Race;
Clay Houle of Dunseith-Demolition Derby;
Mad Dog-Carey Peltier of Dunseith;
Soccer Mom Enduro-Ciara Sorum of Crosby; and
Crowd Favorite was Michaela Bjergaard of Bowbells.

On Sunday the enduro had their largest driver participation yet; despite a high temp of 42 degrees, with 32 cars racing enduro the top 10 were as follows:

Peterson Makes
Titan History

1000 digs & 1000 assists
By Lyann Olson

Taylor Peterson, senior at Bowbells High School and the daughter of Loren and Janelle Peterson, broke the 1000th dig barrier at the Shiloh Christian Volleyball Tournament in Bismarck on Sept. 27 and collected her 1000th assist at the Northwest Conference Tournament this past weekend in Glenburn.

The talented young lady is the only Burke County Titan player since its inception to achieve 1000 in two volleyball categories.

Peterson is the fourth Burke County Titan volleyball player to reach the 1000th dig milestone. Previous players were Chasity Johnson, 2003; Jennifer Knutson, 2005; and Peterson’s sister, Brittney in 2009.

It’s no surprise to the fans who have been following the Titan team that Peterson collected 1000 digs. Peterson has been bumping a volleyball in local gyms since second grade when her sister, Brittney played varsity.

As the varsity warmed up, or in between matches at tournaments, Peterson and her close friend, Heidi Knutson, would be passing the ball back and forth whether it be bumping or setting as 7 and 6-year-olds.

Surge Program to Help
Repair Burke County Roads

At the Burke County Commissioners regular meeting Tuesday, Oct. 7, the commissioners discussed the Surge Program.
Chairman Allen Ryberg attended the ND Association of Oil & Gas Producing Counties meeting in Williston Sept. 17-18.

The Surge Program has $450 million for distribution with Mountrail, Divide, Williams, McKenzie and Dunn to receive $250 million, leaving $200 million for the other 12 counties.

Chairman Ryberg is projecting Burke County to receive approximately $10-$12 million.
With these funds, the commissioners discussed improving Burke County 2 from Northgate to Portal; Smishek Road (2½ miles); and Burke County 16.

Other roads needing repairs include County Road 8, 12 & 17, and the Woburn Road.
The commissioners hope to hear by next week (Oct. 14) the amount of distribution for Burke County.

Ryberg also reported that the railroad troubles seem to be resolved. The crossings north of Bowbells have been fixed and the closures on Burke County 2 have been better.


Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering reported that King’s Highway is complete; the courthouse parking lot just needs signage put up and will be done today (Oct. 7); and not a lot of change on County Road 1 information, still planning on construction for next year.

On County Road 17, the valley gutter is in and paving is done, but will need to fix a blow out later this week with the final ditch grading being done.

Kenny Tetrault, Road Foreman, discussed the generator. A spot has been determined and piping laid. The generator needs to have a building with a cement floor. Tetrault suggested pouring the cement, setting the generator on it, and building around it.

Ryberg was not in favor of pouring concrete at this time of year. It was agreed upon to wait until spring.
Tetrault has a position open with only one applicant.
His crew has started to rip-rap on County Road 16.
J&J Oilfield Service is crushing gravel for the county.

The FEMA sites, Burke County 6, 1 & 12, are being worked and Tetrault staying in contact with Barry Jager, Emergency Management Director.
The crew is about half done on their second cut of mowing.
Tetrault was also happy to report that the road restrictions during the recent rains were abided by.

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler

I am an inside my head type of person. I often have complete and satisfying conversations involving just me, myself and I. My inner monologues can be captivating. (Oh yes they can.)

It’s not a case of me being the most interesting person I know. Far from it. It’s more about how I process the universe. I have to mull things over in my head like a hundred times. Talk amongst myself. Then they start to make sense. Sort of.

Some would say this makes me an introvert, and I guess they’d be correct.

Trouble is, I live with mostly extroverts. (I suspect one child inherited the introvert gene from me, but he’ll be okay.) The rest of my family likes to surround themselves with music, TVs (note plural), Netflix, Snapchat, Reddit, live feeds and video streams 24/7. For my sensory junkies all this stimulation creates entertainment, news and communication. For me it creates distraction.

And we haven’t even touched on face-to-face verbal communication. When they speak to me, they expect me to listen (rightly so, I suppose). But if I’m having an inside my head moment, I may not hear them at all. “What? Could you say that again? I was thinking about something.”

I used to believe this was pretty pathetic – the fact that I had a tendency to tune out my own kids and husband. But I did a little research on the “I” word and discovered I may be an introvert, but I’m not the only one.

Researchers estimate that between 25 to 50 percent of people are introverts. That means there are others out there – like me – ignoring their kids while they have full-fledged debates inside their own brains. It’s comforting to know I am not alone (even though I’d probably rather be). At least that’s what I tell myself.

Psychologist Carl Jung popularized the concept of introvert nearly 100 years ago. An introvert is more aware of her inner world, while an extrovert gains awareness and energy from the surrounding environment. There is scientific evidence to back Jung’s theories. Brain scans show that introverts process information differently than extroverts.

We talk to ourselves. Extroverts talk to each other.
But it’s not simply an either/or issue; most people are a combination of the two – me included. Shades of gray (matter).

Being an introvert is not what most people might think. Despite the need to be by ourselves occasionally, introverts are not antisocial. We like people. I love people, especially the extroverts who live with me. There are just instances when, “Mama needs a little alone time,” (to listen to the voices inside her head).

Extroverts thrive on high levels of external stimulation. I do not, which explains why I hardly ever touch the remote control – unless it is to turn off the TV. Extroverts love parties, crowds, small talk and working the room. This summer, my family had the opportunity to march in a couple of parades. My husband, the extrovert, waved and smiled and talked to people. Lots of people. I walked the route, feeling as comfortable as an introvert in a parade.

It’s not all bad. Introverts and extroverts compliment each other – which might explain why so many marriages are made up of one of each. Opposites attract.

And while introverts might be perceived as shy or withdrawn or standoffish, we are also known as thoughtful and introspective. We pay attention to detail, are good at reading other people and are perhaps less likely than extroverts to put our foot in our mouth. (Although I can’t personally vouch for that one, unfortunately.)

So the next time you’re streaming video, talking on the phone while chatting with three friends and you glance across the room and notice someone sitting alone, looking content, deep in thought, without a smart device in sight, realize you might be experiencing a rare sighting of the elusive introvert – a person living a quiet life in a noisy world.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright and author. You can read more and follow her column on the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

(651) 264-1979 


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A special worship service of the newly aligned North Prairie Parish, comprised of the Bowbells UMC, Mohall UMC and Sherwood UMC will be held Sunday, Oct. 22 at the Mohall United Methodist Church.

They will share in a time of fellowship with a potluck at 5:30 p.m. and a combined worship will begin at 6:45 p.m.
District Superintendent Keith Nelson will be present to give his blessing to this new parish. The worship will include a blessing on the ministry of Pastor Marilyn Moeller and Pastor Eugene Moeller, who are new to this parish, and have just completed a six year Course of Study from St. Paul School of Theology, located in Kansas City.

All are welcome at the meal and worship service.
Cake and ice cream will be served in celebration of the pastors’ completion of Course of Study this past July.


The Portal Masonic Lodge #84 will hold their semi-annual fall pancake breakfast on Sunday, Oct. 19 in the Portal Community Center.

The breakfast will run from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with proceeds for college scholarships for local seniors.

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